Underrail – How to Solve Music Puzzle (Expedition DLC)

Music Puzzle Guide

If you’re like me, the guides were no help on this one. They dragged the explanations of what numbers meant what too much and didn’t spend enough time explaining the method used. Not to mention, the presentation of this puzzle in game is absolutely awful if you don’t have a degree in music. I’m not a musician, nor do I think like one. I didn’t just want to use a calculator for this since it seemed too much like cheating. Alas, 3 hours and much wasted sleep time later I have created this image that explains my method and provides a handy way for you to, with just MS Paint and your finger, solve this puzzle.

Underrail - How to Solve Music Puzzle (Expedition DLC)

First, fill in your row IDs and shifts as specified, then simply follow along the handy graph with your finger to determine which notes correspond to which letters. An example is provided in the image for you to test your knowledge on.

A piece of paper or open notepad file is recommended just to avoid going insane. Match key 1 to line 2, key 2 to line 2, etc. Some lines will spell out a number, some will contain it in a word or as a standalone. Enter the numbers in the same order as the line and blam, you have 5 free XP and a cool gun.

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