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Hero Siege - Beginner Guide

Written by Chesmu   /   Sep 22, 2019    

A complete walkthrough and Introduction of game's mechanisms, UI, NPCs, and simply all you need as a Newbie, to start mastering the game.

Playing Online


To play online you have to create a PAS account. You will need an email, username and password.

Making a Character

Choose a Class / Hero

Click on a hero to read their special talent at top of the screen, write a name, choose if you want to play Hardcore or Seasonal or Non-season and click Enter to start your game.


  • Hardcore: Character will remain dead if it dies and you will need to create another character to continue playing. 
  • Seasonal: Go with game's latest updates and receive rewards at end of each season if you were ranked. After each season a lot of things about the game changes and you can't carry any progress from previous season to the next one (this is the most popluar and recomended game mode). 
  • Non-season: After end of each season, your character doesn't get deleted, instead it becomes a non-season character that you can play anytime to either test stuff, earn achievements or pass time. 


After clicking on the character you made, you can see the "Shop" button on purple. This is where you customize your character's Hat, Skin, Minion, HUD, Name Color, Companion, and Season Reward.

Lobbies and Servers

  • You can't join rooms that use P2P connection (don't have "PAS" icon behind room name).
  • You choose the difficulty of the game when creating the lobby. You are forced to play Normal difficulty first, Nightmare, Hell and then Inferno. Joining a difficulty that you didn't unlock yet is not possible.
  • Choose if you want to connect through the 6510 (P2P) port and play with zero ping (recomended for solo), or through official PAS servers (recomended for group plays).
  • At top-center of the screen you can choose the region. It doesn't affect much and isn't mandatory or premanet to change it. It makes it easy to find other people.

Rules and Notes

There are "General" , "Trade" , and "Guild" chat tabs. Try using each one for their purpose.

Account sharing is not allowed, so keep your account close to your chest.

Cheating for any reason is not allowed. Taking cheated items or currency can also get you banned.

Real life tradng is not allowed. Rubies (rec crystals in-game), and sometimes in-game gold and items are the trading currency used.

To report players for cheating, other reasons, right click on their name and click "Inspect" and note their "ID". Visit official HS discord to do report.

In-Game, UI

River of Inoya

This is the first stage of the game, which is the tutorial. Read sings while progressing through the river to learn how to attack, jump, collect loot and manage your inventory.

Town of Inoya

This is the main tower and camp of the game.

Acts and Zones

You can select the next map to play using the portal in the middle of town. Simply walk to the blinking blue light circle at middle, and click F.


The final act that is locked it a DLC that called "Wrath of Mevius" that you can purchase. If you completed lastest map you could, exit the room and make another one selecting the higher difficulty.


Those that are not mentioned here are probably useless.

Dr.Tinker Dink

Later (at inferno difficulty) you will have access to Wormhole Portal which are unlimited!? ladder maps with increasing difficulties that determine your rank at leaderboard. This NPC is the guy for that! give him a Wormhole key and he will open the portal for you.


You have a chance to receive specific loots from specific bosses, giving all 4 of them to this NPC will take you to a special map:

  • Gurag's Heart: by killing Gurag at King's Garden
  • Death's Sigil: by killing Greap Reaper at The Glacial Trail
  • Anibus Ankh: by killing Anibus at The Pyramid Level 2
  • Damien's Eye: by killing Damien at The Devil's Breach

Magister Kujala

You can buy Mystery Chests from him for 900 rubies each. They have a chance to unlock a hat or drop: Wormhole key, Runes, Relics, Items, Gems, Keys, and Rubies.

Torstein Neel

AKA Vendor / Blacksmith is your shopkeeper NPC. Using this NPC you can:

  • Sell Items
  • Clear Item Sockets
  • Craft Wormhole Keys
  • Merge Legendary Powders to Mythic
  • Craft Keys
  • Craft Items
  • Upgrade Gems

Gar Nor

You can lock your EXP bar from progressing here. Also test how much damage you deal. To test your damage, Speak with NPC and click "Test Damage Per Second" and you will see numbers floating above him; let him finish counting and do your best to that dummy target untill the countdown above it is finished. You will see your DPS above the dummy when it's calculated.

Special Dungeons

There some special dungeons at some maps. When you find them you need to get closer to their enterance and click F to enter. There can be only one of these at each map and they don't spawn more than one at once. And they only have a chance to spawn, meaning you will not find them all the time.


Relics can be accessed by pressing ESC.


Ability Casting Controlls

You can map all your active skills to a single button; for example "Space" button from [Option's -> Controlls] or you can have any of them in separate buttons, depensing on your playing style.

Mentioned controlls: Skill 1, 2, 3, 4.

Too Many Items?

While in-game, (hosted or joined a lobby) go to Options, In-game, and select the minimum rarity of items that you want to see dropped from killed mobs. If you select "Satanic" for example, you will no longer see lower quality items dropped.


  • This option is simply a UI filter and doesn't affect item drop chances.
  • There is a DLC to purchase that increases your Stash and Inventory capacity.


These are meanings of some short terms that are used often in this game:

  • PAS: Panic Art Studios (The game's developers)
  • HS: Hero Siege
  • P2P: Peer to Peer
  • WTS: Want to Sell
  • WTB: Want to Buy
  • WTT: Want to Trade
  • C/O: Current Offer
  • B/O: Buyout
  • TP: Town Portal
  • Town: Maps that include no mobs, these are camps that provide stash and NPC.
  • Zone: Every Map/Level with mobs is called a Zone.
  • Act: Every 6 Maps together called an Act (A Town, 4 Zones and final Zone with boss).

Game:   Hero Siege
Written by Chesmu.