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Octopath Traveler - Collector Achievement Guide

Written by marcv666   /   Sep 23, 2019    
Octopath Traveler - Collector Achievement Guide

This short guide will help you get your Collector achievement.

How to Get Collector Achievement


In order to get the Collector achievement you'll need to get every items of the game. This includes all kinds of usable item, equipment and more. You will even have to get all Valuable items and as for the Knowledge section I don't think it is required but since I'm not sure about that I will include all info about those as well.

What you need to do:

  • Visit every shop and buy every item available if you don't already have it.
  • Buy / Steal from every NPCs, many items are exclusive to Buy/Steal, so visit everyone in the real and get everything you can.
  • Challenge/Provoke some NPCs. Challenge and Provoke would be very time consuming to do on everyone and since there's only a handful of them exclusive this way my listing below will have notes about those.
  • Steal enemies or Loot them. Once again there are only a few of them available that way, so expect to see a note for those in my listing.
  • You'll need to complete all Chapters from all your characters and some Side-Quest as some items are only available after completing those.


There are 2 missables for this specific achievement, be sure you don't miss them else you'll need to restart your game:

  1. Obsidian Garb: During Primrose chapter 3, steal the Obsidian Officer to get it. Upon defeat you'll have a 30% additional chance to get the armor. You can get up to 4 if you're lucky.
  2. Original Tome (Valuables): After defeating Lucia (Cyrus chapter 4) you'll need to scrutinize 3 pieces of Knowledge:
  • Trial of the Twelve, Volume VII (right bookshelf)
  • Forbidden Gold (left bookshelf)
  • From the Far Reaches of Hell (book at Lucia's body)

Be sure you get "From the Far Reaches of Hell" last else the Original Tome won't appear in your inventory. I would guess this is a bug but I know for sure this one is required.


It is not required to keep all item in inventory. You can sell anything you want for as long you held it at one time it will count, however it is way easier to keep track of everything if you hold onto all your items in order to compare with my checklist.

Sidequests tips, because most Valuables items are linked to those:

  • If you need help with sidequests there are many places to go but I like using the following web page because they are categorized by town, so it's easy to check your quest log what you are missing as you just need to count how many quest from 3 town and compare to your log (by region):

  • Each Regions (Coastlands, Highlands, Sunlands etc.) will host a NPCs with a sidequests that has 3 parts. Part 1 will always be on Tier 1 town and the following part 2 and 3 will be on the same region but upgrading to the next town. So for example, before doing Sir Miles, Servant of the Flame (III), you'll have to do part 1 and 2 and on my listing you know that part 3 is the Frostlands (Northreach) and because of that you can expect to see him on part 1 in Flamegrace and part 2 in Stillsnow...

There are only 3 exceptions to this point:

  • Zeph and Mercedes (I) (II): Part 1 in Clearbrook, Part 2 in Atlasdam.
  • In search of Father (I) (II): Part 1 in Noblecourt, Part 2 in Moonstruck Coast.
  • Daughter of the Dark God (I) (II): Part 1 in Bolderfall, Part 2 in Saintsbridge.

Written by marcv666.