NBA 2K20 – How to Adjust Quarter Lengths in MyCareer

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Adjusting the Quarter Lengths in MyCareer

Adjusting the quarter length for NBA 2K20’s MyCareer is somewhat counterintuitive.

Most players will try and adjust this setting from the game’s main menu, the same hub where you can choose Play Now, MyCareer, MyLeague, 2KTV, or Features. They would go to Features, then Settings, and then adjust the quarter length.

They would then enter MyCareer mode, only to find that the quarter length is stil the default 5 minutes. That’s because when you change the quarter length in the main menu, you’re only changing it for Play Now. You have to adjust the quarter length when you’re in MyCareer mode for it to count.

You also have to make sure that you’ve completed the first half of MyCareer’s story. You cannot adjust the college game or the tryouts. But once you get to the NBA and you’re playing regulation games on the calendar, you can start customizing things. Once you’re far enough along, go to the MyCareer menu (you can hit the Options button to bring it up if you’re in Neighborhood) and go to Settings.

NBA 2K20 - How to Adjust Quarter Lengths in MyCareer

You can adjust the MyCareer quarter length here.

NBA 2K20 - How to Adjust Quarter Lengths in MyCareer

This is especially crucial at the beginning of MyCareer, when you’re coming off the bench and get few to no minutes per game. Consider increasing all the way up to 12 minutes per quarter; once you reaching the starting lineup, you can scale it back according to your preference.

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