I Love You, Colonel Sanders! – How To Help KFC Stocks

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! Guides:

Most Important Step

You go to your local KFC Restaurant either by yourself or with a bunch of you friends that worship Colonel Sanders avoid those who don’t, upon arriving take either or the drive thru or go into the store; It’s better if you were to go inside so you can smell the succulent odor that is KFC’s food. Be cautious of what you order remember that you want to be inside the restaurant as long as you can to pay your respects towards Sanders San. Personally i’d go with 10 Macaroni bowls for my first order and 20 small size cups for my second order, just to be polite get a third order of 30 smashed potatoes and tell them you’ll be back again to order the same thing tomorrow to show politeness and manners.

Upon receiving glorious food of the heavens commence the sacred prayer, before saying these holy words you must be on your knees, hands on your legs, with closed eyes and say these words very faintly,

“It’s finger licking good…”

You can do this prayer as many times as you like, but preferably 60 times. Once you have finished your prayer you are good to go and enjoy one of the best food plates ever served by mankind, remember be safe and enjoy your finger licking good week.

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