GreedFall – Demonical Cult Walkthrough

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Demonical Cult

The Theleme has asked you, with the support of Petrus, to investigate a suspected demonic cult located in the woods near their capital. They believe this cult is the source of the malichor, though you are not as convinced. Investigate the area to hopefully get a step closer to finding a Cure for Malichor.

Finding the Village

To access the village, you will first need travel to the singing waters.

GreedFall - Demonical Cult Walkthrough

Once you arrive in The Singing Waters, travel to the designated travel point on your map to then travel to the village.

GreedFall - Demonical Cult Walkthrough

The area you will be traveling to is called The Black Lands.

Meeting Sister Esptesia

Once you reach The Black Lands, you will run into Sister Esptesia, a follower of Theleme who has been here studying the village. She says that for no reason, the village became violent and has shut her out.

She Requests that you go and investigate the clan, see if they are more open to your presence there.

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