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Challenges give racers an extra list of things to accomplish in Mario Kart Tour beyond unlocking all of the characters, karts and gliders. Some challenges in the game are easy and others are quite challenging.

The more challenging ones aren’t around for too long fortunately because they’re exclusive to specific tours that take place within Mario Kart Tour.


In Mario Kart Tour, there are three types of challenges: Tour Challenges, Gold Challenges and Standard Challenges.

Tour and Gold Challenges are exclusive to whatever tour is taking place in the game while Standard Challenges have no time limit attached to them.

Tour Challenges

The first tour of Mario Kart Tour is the New York Tour and it brought Tour Challenges 1 and Tour Challenges 2 into the game. Tour Challenges 2 isn’t yet available, but this set of challenges will drive in five days.

You can check the status of the game’s challenges, including how much time is left for them to leave or arrive, by going to the selecting the Challenge button in the game’s main menu.

Tour Challenges 1 consists of the following challenges:

  • Land 3 hits with Red Shells
  • Land 10 hit with Bananas
  • Do 100 Jump Boosts
  • Get 1st place 3 times in a row in races 100cc or above
  • Activate Frenzy mode 5 times
  • Collect 30 coins in a single race
  • Land 3 hits with Green Shells in a single race using a driver wearing a shell
  • Take out 3 pipes
  • Earn a score of 6,000 or higher using a driver with a mustache

Gold Challenges

Gold Challenges are attached to whatever the current tour in Mario Kart Tour is at any given time. At the game’s launch, that tour is the New York Tour and the Gold Challenges represent nine challenges that are more difficult to complete than any of the other challenges in Mario Kart Tour.

These are the nine Gold Challenges:

  • Get 1st place in a 150cc or higher race 3 times
  • Do 10 Rocket Starts
  • Land 5 hits with Super Horns
  • Do 20 Jump Boosts in a single race
  • Land 3 hits with Bob-ombs in a single race using a driver wearing gloves
  • Take out 5 Sidesteppers
  • Perform a total of 3 jump Boosts by bouncing off hot-air balloons
  • Earn a score of 7,000 or higher using a driver with horns
  • Land 3 hits with Bowser’s Shell

Standard Challenges

Unlike Tour Challenges and Gold Challenges, Standard Challenges do not rotate in or out. Instead, additional Standard Challenges are added to Mario Kart Tour.

At the game’s launch, there are currently two sets of Standard Challenges consisting of nine challenges each: Standard Challenges 1-1 and Standard Challenges 2-1.

The challenges within those sets are as follows:

  • Standard Challenges 1-1
  • Use 1 point-boost ticket
  • Use 1 item ticket
  • Complete Coin Rush 1 time
  • Make 3 friends
  • Get 1 item from the Daily Selects section of the shop
  • Raise 1 driver, kart, or glider to skill level 2
  • Raise 1 kart’s points to 300 or more
  • Raise 2 glider’s points to 300 or more

  • Standard Challenges 2-1
  • Collect 10 different drivers
  • Collect 10 different karts or gliders
  • Get 1st place in a race 100 times
  • Land 100 hits with Green Shells
  • Land 30 hits with Bob-ombs
  • Land 200 hits with Bananas
  • Cause opponents to crash 300 times
  • Reach player level 10
  • Reach tier 5

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