Gold Express – Guide to Extracting

In this guide I will show you the basics of extracting.

Extracting the Data Cube

When playing as an Extractor you will need a data cube in order to upload it to a console.
Data cubes are located inside the (yellow) consoles found around the map.

Gold Express - Guide to Extracting

Uploading the Data Cube

After you’ve aquired a data cube you can then upload it into the (blue) console. this will then activate it. You will need 7 cubes activated in order to escape the watcher.

Gold Express - Guide to Extracting

Extractor Abilities

Each extractor has his/her own abilities which act like perks that benefit you in certain situations. You will learn to use these as you play.

Escaping the Watcher

After all 7 data cubes have been activated you can escape through teleporting onto the fly truck.

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