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Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones - A Compendium of Known Artifacts and Their Effects

Written by The Mogician   /   Sep 29, 2019    

A Compendium for the Artifacts within the game and their respective effects! If your character is not an expert of the occult, this should help you! Even if your character is an expert of the occult, this will also save your precious resting time from doing occult research!

Stygian Guides:

Artifacts & Effects

Danforth's Compass
Power: Increased World Map speed;
Malediction: Lower Sanity gain from resting.

Blood of St. Mercurius
Power: Makes wearer immune to bleeding;
Malediction: Deals bleeding damage if anyone in the party doesn't pray during rest

Abdul's Severed Hand
Power: Grants the wearer increased subterfuge;
Malediction: Steals cigs from inventory once every few minutes.

Cilice of Eliphaz
Power: Increased natural sanity regeneration rate;
Malediction: The wearer receives a constant bleeding state, the state can only be removed by stop wearing the trinket.

Crystal Glasses of Xanthri
Power: Increased occult research;
Malediction: Accumulates ANGST every time the glasses is worn.

Eyes of Argus
Power: Increased reaction and grants a bonus to the keep watch activity during camping;
Malediction: Increased ANGST accumulation.

Lucky Pouch of Al-Khalid
Power: Increased trading value;
Malediction: Decreased stealth value and reaction.

Pendulum of Ms. Montford
Power: Increase Psychology by 1;
Malediction: Decreases max health.

Talisman of Pazuzu
Power: Wearer receives less aggro and their unarmed attacks decrease the target's physique for a short period;
Malediction: Increases ANGST accumulation.

Papa Twilight's Top Hat
Power: Grants the wearer increased supernatural defense; Malediction: Decreases the wearer's mental resistance.

Face of Rahu
Power: Grants the wearer increased stealth and physical defense;
Malediction: The wearer loses a small amount of sanity each time the mask is worn.

Bleeding Badge of the Marshall
Power: Firearms +1;
Malediction: More likely to receive the Bleeding status.

Sleepers' Cave Dust
Power: Better resting bonus;
Malediction: Cannot select "Keep Watch" during camping.

Officer Feraud's Lucky Pendant
Power: Increases melee by 1;
Malediction: More susceptible to getting knocked down.

Venus of Willendorf
Power: Increases maximum health;
Malediction: Grants defect "Cycle of the Moon" (unknown effect)

Bertollini's Prized Tuxedo
Power: Increases Agility by 1;
Malediction: Unknown

Sabre of Colonel Grant
Power: Increased Critical Chance;
Malediction: Unknown (seems to grant you psychopathy if you kill enemies with the sword)

Leprechaun's Bounty:
Power: Grants the wearer luck;
Malediction: The character receives leprechaun's curse upon removing trinket (effect known).

Knife of the Ripper
Power: High damage bonus;
Malediction: Unknown

Eyes of Aglaea
Power: Increase Presence by 2
Malediction: The character draws more enemy attention. Cannot be unequipped.

Sherman's Gold medal
Power: Increase Athletics by 1
Malediction: Wearer of the medal becomes more likely to develop Paranoia condition for each time the artefact is worn.

Mwangi's Beating heart
Power: Increases Physique by 1
Malediction: The character receives ANGST by killing enemies.

Conscious of Vedas
Power: Increase Will by 2
Malediction: The owner of this artefact cannot gain sanity from belief system related actions. Cannot be unequipped.

Crawfords Notes on the Occult
Power: Increase Occult by 1
Malediction: Decreases maximum Sanity

Wolverin's Wrath
Power: Increases melee damage dealth as the wearer's health detiorates
Malediction: Increases Mania possibility if kept in the inventory

Black Halberd of Blackwyn's
Power: increase Occult by 1
Melediction: Unknown (Fiery temper?)

Brand of Taru
Power: Increases Agility by 2
Malediction: Grants the defect "Arrogance". Cannot be unequiped.

Power Leech
Power: Increase spellcraft.
Malediction: Decreased maximum health. If sanity drops below a certain point, both positive and negative effects will be amplified.

Crystalised Rose
Power: Unknown
Malediction: Unknown

St. Vinsent's Waxen Hands
Power: Increases natural Health Regeneration Rate.
Malediction: Decreases Trading Value.

Finger of Punishment
Power: 10% Crit Damage.
Malediction: +20% Damage from bleed.

Written by The Mogician.