Destiny 2 – Every Public Event (Heroic)

The first one I’m gonna start off with a public event that a lot of kindergaurdians dont know how to make heroic is… Taken Blight.

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Taken Blights

You’ll notice a BIG floating blight appear that is immune at first…

  • Step into the Shielded blights on the ground and receive a buff called “blight receding” which lasts about 5 seconds. REMEMBER, do not destroy these smaller blights you get the buff from.
  • While the buff is active, you can damage the giant blight in the sky. Step in and out to regain the buff.
  • After enough damage, it’ll spawn the Blightmaker.

Pretty simple dps boss. no extra mechanics.

Note: this Public Event can be found on EDZ, IO, and the Dreaming City.

Warsat Down

Dont forget to scan it to begin the event.

  • Stand next to the Warsat.
  • Throughout capturing, You will notice 3 Shriekers surrounding you nearby. You need to kill all 3 by Killing 3 waves of 2 Wizards. Killing all 3 three shriekers nets you the Heroic Version an Ogre Boss Spawns. On Mars, He’s weak against the Valkarie.

Note: This Public Event can be found on Mars and the Moon with slight variations from each other.

Spider Tank aka Walker

Every time you destroy a leg, the Walker aka Spider Tank’s critical spot opens which will spit out three orbs.

  • Don’t Kill the Walker Just Yet!

  • Pick up those orbs and deposit them at the shielded blast cannons.

  • Do this for all 3 shielded Blast Cannons; 6 Orbs, 6 Deposits.

And Remember… Don’t destroy the Spider Tank until you’ve done this.

Congrats! You’ve made it Heroic! Oh, but suprise! You thought you just killed the first spider tank….

Note: This Public Event can be found on EDZ, Titan, and the Moon.

Cabal Drill

Somewhere around 30% completion, a red thrasher (ship) will spawn. Shoot it down. Thats it. Now Kill the Brute of a Cabal.

⁠Injection Rig

There are Three sets of vents that open up. You can see all of them at the very beginning. When Open, they glow orange. Every time you kill a yellow bar psion, you get the “evacuate” notice & take damage inside the shield. At this time, you can shoot the vents & destroy them. I recommend using a powerful shotgun if you dont have Wardcliff Coil (or try using Telesto at any time) to destroy the vents fast enough since You only get 3 chances at “destroying” all vents. You can destroy 2 vents or have your whole fireteam take them out at the same time.

Vex Construction

From the main conflux, you can see 3 subtle digital threads connecting to a plate on the ground that will spawn when you are near. Stand inside all 3 plates until they’re at 100% in turn each one disappears. Have 2 or more people standing on a plate speeds up progress of plates slightly. It should turn heroic once all 3 plates are complete.

Ether Resupply

Damage the giant servitor until 3 smaller servitors shield it at the same time. Destroy all the small servitors within about 20 seconds which will make the Boss “enrage” aka its heroic time baby!

⁠Glimmer Extraction

A few seconds into each relocation (including the initial spot), a little glimmer drill thing will spawn nearby.

Destroy 3 of them (one each relocation including initial) before killing all four enemies. If you miss one or two, they will spawn at the next relocation, giving you a narrow window to catch up. Btw, a big captain will spawn to stop you from capturing your precious glimmer pile. Kill it.

Witches Ritual

You’ll notice a portal and Two Shielded Purple Crystals at its top sides. And There are 2 plates. One to the left & one to the right.

  • When at least one person is on each plate, the shields protecting the crystals at the top of the portal on either side goes down & you can break the crystals.

That’s all you need to do. Break Purple Crystals. Easy.

Now, Get ready for a Big Hive Boss to Spawn during the Heroic.

Note: These Publics Events are found on The Rig, Titan and Glacial Drift, Mars.

Vex Crossroads on Mercury

This DLC expansion was meh at best but I digress… Defeat the yellow-bar near the portals which will drop charges. slam the charges into the glowing side of the portal, Then go for a quick trip to an island via vex ring launcher. Kill the Major there. Dont Leave just yet. Crystals will appear in the sky nearby. Shoot the crystals & follow the steps up, destroying the additional crystals to spawn more steps. Jump up to the top, grab the regional chest, and stand on the plate in the center. After a few seconds, the heroic will trigger.


You must Freeze the boss and Capture Him. To do this, the answer is to shoot the vents off his Cryo-Pod that he came out of. Specifically the one that are steaming. You must Freeze the boss and Capture Him. To do this, the answer is to shoot the vents off his Cryo-Pod that he came out of. Specifically the one that are steaming.

Ether Ritual

You’ll Notice 3 destroyed servitors around the central main destoyed servitor. Each Time You Kill a Yellow bar Scorn, Ether-like spirits spawn from the outer servitors which will make their way to the central servitor. All you have to do is make sure you shoot all the ether spirits and dont: I repeat, do not let one reach the center. Doing this will make it heroic!

Rift Generator in Dreaming City

Keep the generator’s core integrity above 50 percent (recommended).

There will be Scorn Abominations out in the distance.

Orbs/charges will drop from the abominations after they are killed.

Bring These orbs and deposit them into the generator to keep it charged.

Now, Where you saw these abominations, Look Out for Black Globs in the distance or Blights. One to the left, middle, and right.

It doesn’t take a lot of damage to destroy these.

Once You’ve destroyed all the blights, Taken Wizards will spawn around the generator which will try to destroy the generator. Kill them to make it heroic and you will get teleported to a taken realm where you fight the boss.

Note: This Public event can only be found in Dreaming City.

Summary (Photo)

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  1. I would like to add that for the vex crossroads you are unlikely to solo activate the crystals unless you have a machine gun that can output enough continued damage. If you want to make this heroic, keep a look out for other guardians shooting crystals.

  2. I’m playing about three days or so, and still have to learn a bunch of stuff. Thank you for this guide, it is simple enough for a kinderguardian (amazing word!) like me to understand. I helped make Taken Blight heroic!

  3. About the Injection Rig:
    When shooting at the vents, you can stand in a sweet spot where your body is out of the shield and your gun is still inside. Shoot vents without dying, basically! 😀

  4. good guide how do we get this pinned on discussions page?

    only thing i would add with the witches ritual; you need to be right in the centre in my experience to drop the crystal shield. just staying inside the huge circle doesnt cut it.
    and if the planet the ritual is on is the flashpoint, then you will get two bosses. only one will be needed for the completion heroic but the other is a bonus.

    on io if you do a public event during flashpoint, hang around after for some time and dependign which map area either a cabal yellow bar and escorts, or a huge vex minotaur and escort drop in to ‘cleanse the corruption’ and both are very tough fights. extra challenge and fun.

  5. Awesome guide hopefully we can get the blueberries to stop breaking them, I will point out tho that with the taken blights its actually better to destroy the first 2 spawns then destroy the blight itself on round 3, this was proven to be more efficient by Datto and his crew a while back and it still holds true to this day, you spend a lot less ammo on the final spawn as the blight only has a third of its health leaving you more for the boss and yes he did test with doing no damage at all to it during the first two spawns 😀

  6. I like this guide. I knew how to make most of the events heroic, but being someone who mostly plays solo, I couldn’t accomplish any of them except for the Fallen ones (arsenal and glimmer drill) simply because my aim and ability to react sucks ass.

    I confess, I didn’t know how to pull off Heroic on the Taken Blight one, but it also wasn’t really very clear as to how to do it, either.

    And there were crystals on the Witches’ Ritual? Huh. I must not have seen those. I thought that triggering the Heroic just required killing the Witches themselves and then staying on the plates. Still, this guide covers information that I admittedly missed. Which is good! It’s good preparation to be able to pull it off consistently.

  7. Personally I’m already a veteran player, but I appreciate the work that went into the guide with the screenshots for easy reference. I’ve linked it to a few of my New Light friends.

    Thanks for the guide!

  8. Soloing:
    Easy heroic:
    Cabal Drill (Just one needs sufficiently powerful weapon – many Fusion Rifles will suffice)
    Witches ritual
    Taken Blight
    Warsat down (Fusion rifle recommended)

    Medium Difficulty (aka some preparations advised)
    Ether Resupply (High damage heavy and energy strongly recommended)
    The Arsenal Walker (lots of running and dodging)
    Cryo-pod (damaging ground and later lots of enemies)
    Ether Ritual (fast firing gun required – machine gun is excellent for this)
    Vex Crossroads (at least two fast firing and/or autoreloading weapons to destroy all crystals in time)
    Glimmer Extraction
    Injection rig (so far never got it right solo, should be still doable)

    Very hard/nearly impossible
    Vex Construction (It might be doable on Nessus in Exodus Black (it is possible to cover two approaches out of single place, but it is hard to know if one solos since third plate is out of radar range)
    Rift Generator (later too many enemies from different directions)

  9. Correction for Vex Crossroads:
    After heroic version is triggered Vex Boss gets shield that has to be taken down by killing yellow-bar and dropping charge on gate.

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