FlatOut 4: Total Insanity – Stunt Mode Minigames (Gold Scores)

Struggling with the Stunt Mode minigames? No more! Here’s a short and comprehensive showcase of the gold requirements including some tips and a video showcase on each one of them.


Hello and welcome to my guide for the Stunt Mode Minigames in Flatout 4: Total Insanity.

In the following paragraphs, I am going to list the different Stunts with the required gold score, possible tips to take into account when doing that stunt and a video that showcases how to beat the score.


The Gold requirement for this Stunt is 400 points.

The yellow patches on the ground signal the area on which the driver will bounce off. The flat green areas are areas on which the driver will slide without losing much speed. The grass will slow down the driver significantly and should be avoided.

The easiest way of doing this stunt is going for the number 12 first as this is straight ahead. An angle of around 45-50 should take you onto the middle yellow patch, make corrections in the air as you see fit. Hitting the yellow patch should help you jump towards the 12. Ideally, you will land on the green strip towards the 12, use corrections if necessary to slide directly towards the pole. Hitting the pole will usually result in a clear score.

The easiest highscoring goal for your 2nd shot is number 10. To do this, you will have to drive towards the right and release the driver with an angle of about 45, just like in the previous stunt. Correct in the air as you see fit and use your bump to make your driver go a little bit further if you feel like you are coming short. Number 10 will most likely result in a direct hit, getting you an extra 15 points for the Eagle Bonus.

The 3rd target is number 9. This is another high scoring, yet fairly simple number to hit. To reach this, you will have to drive towards the left and release the driver at an angle of about 40 to 45. Again, make corrections in the air as you see fit, you will want to hit the yellow patch on the left fairly far in the beginning of it. The jump will take you relatively high, make sure you correct in the air so it takes you straight towards the pole. Hitting the pole directly will once again result in a clear score on number 9.

If you managed to hit the previous 3 numbers as described, the 4th one is at this point mostly just to finish it off. Choose a number of your liking and it will easily take you over 400. If you want to go for a score as high as possible, number 11 will be your choice. For this, you’ll have to go slightly towards the right and aim for the long green stripe leading towards the 11.

Since number 11 is a very inconsistent target to hit, you will instead go for an easy score such as number 3 if you are merely interested in getting the gold score done. This simply requires driving to the left and releasing the driver at an angle of around 35. Then, fly directly towards number 3, resulting in a direct hit and an extra 15 points, getting you comfortably over 400.

Total Destruction

The Gold requirement for the Total Destruction Stunt is 12,000 points.

To achieve this, your first hit is the most important one. The easiest way to do so is to aim slightly towards the left and release the driver at an angle of about 35 while driving down the ramp. You want to aim for the tower on the left with the blue board on top of it. Pushing over that tower will result in hitting the red barrel behind it.

Hitting the red barrel should cause a chain reaction. Your goal is to get all red barrels apart from the far right one behind the little wall. A good first shot should get you above 10,000 points already, making the other 2 shots about finishing the job.

Your 2nd shot should aim towards the far right tower and the barrel in front of it. The tower itself will give sufficient points and hitting the barrel will cause another chain reaction on the surrounding blocks.

The 3rd shot will at this point be all about what is remaining on the map. Try to aim for any remaining towers and hope for a good chain reaction, if possible.

High Jump

The Gold requirement for the High Jump Stunt is 100 meters in a single jump.

Your first step is the driving section. Here you’ll have to try and get through clean, make sure you don’t get too much movement from side to side.

After you’re through the slalom part, drive to about the middle of the yellow area and start pressing the release button. Get up to an angle of about 65 and release the driver. Immediately after releasing the driver press the button again to instantly add to the jump. Make sure you keep pressing the upward button in order to increase the jump height. Corrections to the side or down are not necessary at this point.

Getting this on at least one of the three attempts will easily result in beating the Gold requirement.

Cup Pong

The Gold requirement for the Cup Pong Stunt is 600 points.

To do this, you will want to first drive close to the edge and release the driver at an angle of about 45. This gives you the Arc Launch multiplier, which multiplies your score by 1.2.

After the succesful launch you want to fly straight down and land pretty much on the white middle line, a few meters before the ramp starts going up. Bouncing off the ground gives you a bonus score of 75 points.

After bouncing off the ground, you want to aim for the far middle cup, make corrections mid-air as you see fit and use the bump if necessary.

Cups are not closed after hitting them, repeat those steps 3 times to get a perfect score and easily beat the Gold requirement. The far middle one is the easiest one and allows you to fulfill your 3 goals: Arc Launch, Bounce Bonus and hitting the cup.


The Gold requirement for the Baseball Stunt is 556 points in a single round.

This will be one of hardest Stuns you’ll come across so it’s good that you need only a single good try rather than a full round.

Your goal is to drive slightly towards the right and release the driver at an angle of about 25. Make correction mid-air as you see fit so that you end up hitting the cross on the T on the right of the bat.

Right after hitting the bat, use the bump and hope the hit takes you over the fence. You also want to constantly aim upwards in order to increase the jump distance. The game will give you the tip about landing in the goals but doing so will not actually result in a good enough score. You will need to cross the fence and score a Home Run.

The reasons behind this are the 150 bonus points and the distance points you need for the Gold score.

Rings of Fire

The Gold requirement for the Rings of Fire Stunt is 1,400 points in a single round.

The first step is to get a clean path through the initial rings. It only takes slight cornering, make sure you don’t lose too much speed.

Once you passed the intial rings, release the driver at an angle of around 30-35. Try to pass the circles as close to their middle as possible while making necessary corrections mid-air. You want to release the driver slightly towards the right and then make corrections towards the left in order to follow the path of the rings. If necessary, use the bump.

At the end of the stunt, make sure you hit the boxes which results in an extra 100 points. The score of 1,400 points should now easily be beaten.


The Gold requirement for the Soccer Stunt is 300 points.

The important part here is watching the keeper. Make sure you aim for a goal that is on the opposite side of the keeper.

Aim for the inside of the goal for the most points. Mid-air corrections will be very important in this Stunt.

Bottom left goal: The bottom left goal can be reached easily by releasing the driver towards the left at an angle of around 35. Make corrections mid-air in order to direct the driver towards the goal. When going the right way, simply correct downwards and crash into the ground at the goal.

Top left goal: Once again, drive slightly towards the left and release the driver at an angle of around 35. This time however, make corrections towards the top by holding the up button. If necessary, use the bump to elevate the driver further in order to precisely hit the goal.

Bottom right goal: On the right side, the same basic rules apply. The ramp already aims towards the right side of the goal so drive straight down. Release the driver around 35 again and make slight corrections to the right in order to fly past the dummy. Then correct your path directly towards the goal and aim downwards to hit the ground at the goal.

Top right goal: Drive straight down again and release the driver once again at around 35. This time use the corrections to aim up and if necessary, use the bump to get you towards the goal. Side to side corrections should not be necessary if you drove down the ramp properly.

Long Jump

The Gold requirement for the Long Jump Stunt is 350 meters in a single round.

Your first step will be to drive through a few obstacles. I suggest you to take the left path and come out aiming slightly towards the right.

Release the driver at an angle of around 30 and immediately use the bump to increase the jump. Aim for the row of 3 fans and use the right fan to boost your jump. This will result in a high speed forward that you will use to slide up to the wall at the end of the map. Once again, as always when you aim to get as far or high as possible, use the corrections to aim upward.

The distance that you slide will add to your points so make sure you don’t hit the walls at the side.


The Gold requirement for the Curling Stunt is 275 points.

Your first step is to drive through the ramp. Make sure you don’t drive up too far the sides or else the car might flip (included in the video).

Once through, release the driver at an angle around 50. Use mid-air corrections to land relatively close to the start and use the sliding to get towards the middle of the board.

Your first attempt should aim slightly towards the top left of the red circle in the middle because you want to make sure there is enough space left for two more rounds to place close to the middle.

The second attempt will then use the same initial setup but you want to instead slide towards the top right.

The third attempt uses the same initial setup but now you aim for the middle and try to land slightly in front of the two previous attempts in oder to not push them out of the way.

The main takeaway is to go for the back first and do the front later as you will only push away the front one otherwise. The main strategy is to place a circle around the middle.

Finnish Pins

The Gold requirement for the Finnish Pins Stunt is 25 points.

Your first attempt will aim at one of the two front row pins. You want to knock down as many as possible, giving you a good score to start with. When knocking down more than a single pin, you earn the number of pins as score.

The second attempt will be exactly the same, try to knock down as many pins as possible while trying to also separate the pins a bit.

For the third attempt, you’ll have to check the points remaining for 25. Check to see if you can hit a pin with that number. If only a single pin is knocked down, you will receive the number of the pin as score. If impossible, try to knock down the appropriate number of pins.

It is important to keep in mind that knocking down single pins can give you more control over the score as you will receive that precise score.


The Gold requirement for the Billiards Stunt is 300 points.

This is one of the hardest stuns in the game as it requires a good full round. It may take several tries.

The first round is all about hitting the single top ball and causing a large chain reaction. Do so by driving straight down and releasing the driver at an angle of around 20. Use mid-air corrections to hit the front ball. Your goal is to get at least one, ideally at least two balls to drop. There is not much you can do beyond aiming for the top ball. Coming in slightly from the side has worked well for me but I doubt it is required.

Now it becomes interesting, take the following facts into account:

  • Red balls give the highest score. Followed by blue and yellow.
  • Hitting a ball with another ball and getting it to drop doubles the score you receive, chain reactions are your friend.
  • Ignore the black ball.
  • Be aware of balls close to the pocket, hitting them straight on often results in hitting too hard and the ball will just shoot back onto the table. Be careful about how powerful you hit balls close to pockets.

Then, take a look at the table and look for balls that are appropriate to hit. Take aim and hope for the best.

Stone Skipping

The Gold requirement for the Stone Skipping Stunt is 1,000 points.

The first step is to drive down the ramp. You then want to drive over the ramp and release the driver mid-air. Despite the game telling you to keep a very low angle, I suggest you to release the driver at an angle of around 35-40. Make mid-air corrections upward to increase your jump distance.

The timing of the bumps will be the important part about this stunt. You will want to hit the bump button right when the driver is already about to dip into the water. Do so everytime you hit the water and the bumps will take you towards the end and possibly over the water area.


Thanks for reading this guide on the Stunt Minigames in Flatout 4. If this helped you achieve the Gold Scores, I would much appreciate a like.

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