Destiny 2 – How to Acquire: Year 2 Pinnacle Weapons

This guide will give you instructions on how to acquire all the Pinnacle weapons that were released during year 2 (Forasken).

Destiny 2 Guides:

Luna’s Howl (Remembrance – Shaxx)

  • Shock and Denial: Complete 10 Competitive Crucible matches.
  • Pain and Guilt: 150 Hand Cannon kills in Competitive Crucible.
  • Anger and Bargaining: 200 solar kills in Competitive Crucible.
  • Depression and Loneliness: Complete 3 matches in Rumble Crucible.
  • The Upward Turn: 100 precision Hand Cannon kills in Competitive Crucible.
  • Reconstruction: Reach Fabled Glory rank.

Not Forgotten (Keepsake – Shaxx)

  • Hope: 300 kills with Luna’s Howl in Competitive Crucible.
  • Always Faithful: Reach Legend Glory rank.

Redrix’s Broadsword (Forging the Broadsword – Shaxx)

  • Orientation: 200 pulse rifle final blows in the Crucible.
  • Shape of Things To Come: Reach Heroic Valor rank.
  • The Candidate: Rapidly defeat 75 opponents in group of two or more in the Crucible.
  • Dead is Dead: 150 precision pulse rifle kills in the Crucible.
  • Further Instructions: 50 kills each with Arc, Solar, and Void kills in the Crucible.
  • This Place Is Death: Complete 25 matches each of Quickplay, Competitive, and Rumble.
  • The Constant: Complete 20 Crucible bounties.
  • The Beginning of the End: Reset Valor rank five times in one season.

The Mountaintop (The Ascent – Shaxx)

  • First of Many: Reach Brave Glory rank.
  • The Third Wave: Complete “In Pursuit of Honor” triumph.
  • 750 grenade launcher final blows in the Crucible.
  • 75 opponents rapidly defeated in the Crucible.
  • 50 “Calculated Trajectory” medals earned in the Crucible (defeat three opponents with grenade launcher kills in a single life).
  • 1x points for Quickplay, 2x for Iron Banner, 3x for Competitive.
  • No Second Chances: Reach Fabled Glory rank.

Breakneck (Before The Storm – Drifter)

  • 500 auto rifle kills in Gambit/Prime.
  • 100 auto rifle multikills in Gambit/Prime.
  • 150 challenging enemies defeated in Gambit/Prime.
  • 40 Gambit/Prime matches completed.

Loaded Question (Countdown To Zero – Zavala)

  • 500 fusion rifle kills in strikes.
  • 1000 arc kills in strikes.
  • 40 strike activities completed.

The Recluse (From the Mouth of Babes – Shaxx)

  • Complete “The Stuff of Myth” triumph.
  • 100 Crucible Wins (Competitive and Iron Banner grant more progress).
  • Reach Fabled Glory rank.

21% Delirium (By Your Bootstraps – Drifter)

  • Complete “Notorious Hustle” triumph.
  • 75 multikills in Gambit/Prime.
  • 350 Envoys and Primevals defeated.
  • Reset Infamy rank.

Oxygen SR3 (Redeployment – Zavala)

  • Complete “The Best Offense” triumph.
  • 1000 precision final blows in any strike activity.
  • 500 orbs generated in any strike activity.
  • 75 Strikes and Nightfalls completed.

Revoker (In Your Sights – Shaxx)

  • 300 sniper rifle final blows in the Crucible.
  • 50 precision sniper rifle final blows in the Crucible.
  • 3500 Glory points earned (total points earned, losses do not deter progress).

Hush (Hush, Little Baby – Drifter)

  • 1000 final blows with a bow in Gambit/Prime.
  • 500 precision final blows with a bow in Gambit/Prime.
  • 600 medals earned in Gambit/Prime.

Wendigo GL3 (A Gift for the Worthy – Zavala)

  • 1500 grenade launcher kills in playlist strikes.
  • 500 grenade launcher multikills in playlist strikes.
  • 15000 points from defeating enemies in playlist strikes.

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  1. Some of these infos are false, for an example The Mountaintop is way easier to get now, less kills and only 5 medals.

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