Destiny 2 – How to Acquire: Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher

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Low Spoiler guide on the the steps to acquire the exotic Truth rocket launcher.

Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher

There is a new exotic weapon available in Destiny 2, and that is the Truth. Similar to its Destiny 1 (Year 3) incarnation, this rocket launcher will track on to targets. This is available to annual pass holders, and requires the completion of a few quest steps. As with our Outbreak Perfected and Whisper of the Worm guides, this should give you enough direction to keep you on the path, while still giving you room to explore on your own. You can also read our review of Truth.

Starting The Truth Quest

You start the quest line, easily enough, by completing a Menagerie run. You should get a quest step drop and instructions to meet up with Petra. When you go to Petra, she will give you a step to complete the weekly Ascendant Challenge (see Charlemagne’s weekly command to see which is currently active). 

Decoding The Map

After the challenge has been completed, there will be four map fragments that need to be found and decoded. There are a number of tasks needed to complete each of the map sections.

Finding The Fragments

The four fragments can be found in the following locations, in any order

  • Any Ascendant Chest in the patrol areas of the Dreaming City.
  • On a Ascendant platform on Nessus, just northwest of the Well of Flame.
  • Killing the Ogre at the end of the Hall of the Exalted in the Jetsam on Tangled Shore.
  • Complete a nightfall.

Decoding the Fragments

As you find the fragments above, you will be tasked with completing the following:

  • Kill 100 Hive on the Tangled Share, though powerful enemies grant bonus progress.
  • Complete a “Corsair Down” mission in the Dreaming City, and return the badge to an outpost.
  • 50 rocket launcher kills on Nessus while Ascendant.
  • Nightfall with 100 power handicap.
  • 60 rocket launcher kills. 
  • Three nightfall completions. 

Open The Ascendant Chest in the Prison of Elders

Now that you have a completed map, head on over to the Prison of Elders strike (the standard strike will do, does not have to be Nightfall or Vanguard strike). There are a number of Awoken artifacts that require being Ascendant to see. There are at least nine artifacts identified, through you need to activate a minimum of four. If you trigger five of them, the rest will be hidden until the strike resets.

  • Just before the train area, next to some boxes outside.
  • After the drop to the second train area, behind the group of pikes.
  • In the tunnels of the third train area.
  • On top of the train rails in the third
  • Just before the last train room with the Vex, on top of some pipes in a hallway.
  • In the far corner of the Vex room.
  • Under the scorch cannon spawn in the arena.
  • Close to where mine B spawns in the arena, near the outside ledge.

As you activate the artifacts, it will enable platforms at the end, after the boss has been defeated. Jump across the platforms to find an Ascendant Chest and open it to retrieve your “new” Truth. You should receive a notice to go see Werner 99-40, as Calus has a message for you.

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