Brawlhalla – How to Get Get XP and Gold (Easy Method)

In this guide i will tell you the best way to get XP and gold In Brawlhalla.

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Set Up A Private Custom Game

It has to be a custom game because you need to use a certain game mode.

Set the Game Rules to:

  • Dodgebomb
  • 99 Lives
  • Teams off
  • Damage 50%
  • Test Features On
  • Max Players 8

Add 7 Bots on Medium

Easy bots tend to not mix well with Dodgebomb. And hard bots would make it more difficult than it needs to be. The purpose of the bots is because bots have certain programmed tendencies. They all go to one general area making it easy to get Multi K.O.’s, they use their fists a lot so they’re often left open, they are not to good at aiming, they run into your bombs, and they usually hold their throws. Actual players are unpredictable, but because it’s a custom game, you can get Gold and XP from fighting bots.

The reason that you have to use Dodge bomb with all those special settings is because of several reasons. Firstly, the main ways you get Gold and XP is from kills. If everyone has lots of lives, and there’s a while to kill people, your going to get lots of kills. If it was on more than 50% than you would barely get the chance to play. You’d be dead in a second. Secondly, bots are obviously much easier to kill and understand than humans. With humans, its like the lottery. You never know what your gonna get, and its rare to get something good. Lastly, partially related to the first one, Multi K.O’s are the main factor. Not only does it give you tons of kills, but as you start to get double, triple, quadra, and multi K.O’s then it gives you “Titles.’ Such as Berserk, Rampage, Unstoppable, Legendary, and Godlike. These also help you get XP.

Helpful Tip: Don’t rush in. When you do that you usually die or have accidents which cut down on your Total Gold and XP Earned. Stay on a platform with the least bots, throw far shots to hit them when they start to cluster, and use calculated shots.

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