Destiny 2 – Tips and Tricks for New Players

Tips and Tricks for New Players

Don’t make multiple characters of the same class. Some loot drops are on a per class basis, which means if you do, for example, a raid on 2 characters of the same class, only the first one will get loot. All three classes are viable in both pvp and pve, there is no need to worry about shooting yourself in the foot by picking the “wrong” one.

Take a moment to explore the user interface. There will not be any tutorial for this, the game simply expects you to look. In particular focus on the director and the character menu. Be sure to look at the tabs at the top of these two screens.

To view major objectives such as the next campaign mission, open the director (solar system map) and press E.

Objective icons will also appear next to the destination they are on. To read more about these, go to the individual planet map and hover over the quest objective icon. As a general rule of thumb, most things in this game have some sort of description that pops up when you hover over them.

When you first begin, the game is solo only for the first couple of missions. After that, it can be played either co-op or solo.

Completing each campaign unlocks more side quests, destinations, and activities, but do not be afraid to do side quests as you go, explore, or complete a public event. Later parts of the game will go smoother if you know off the top of your head what planets each enemy type spawns on, and where.

Public events are a good way to get some xp fast. Each one has a secret objective that will turn it heroic. The loot isn’t groundbreaking, but it is necessary to do heroic public events for some late game side quests, some heroic events are faster than normal events, and you get a significantly larger amount of xp on completion.

Do not feel pressured to play pvp if you don’t want to. This is a majority pve game, and while pvp can be fun, it is not technically necessary.

All gear below legendary (purple) rarity is not worth keeping unless you want it for sentimental value. Most legendary gear is not worth keeping unless you really like it and use it all the time. Do not be afraid to dismantle items, but keep an eye out for legendary items with randomized perk combinations that you like. You can view descriptions of what each perk does on the details page of an item, and you can view more in depth statistics and lists of possible perk combinations on third party sites such as Light GG and Destiny Item Manager.

Take older guides with a grain of salt. Many are never updated, and may contain wrong information. Pay attention to what your game is trying to tell you first and foremost. If a guide says to do a quest in order to unlock something, but you have access to that thing and have never done that quest, this is because the quest the guide is talking about was either removed or is no longer the prerequisite for accessing the thing.

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