Prison Run and Gun – 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a simple guide that will help you achieve 100% completicion in Prison Run and Gun. Videos included!

Main Achievements

First Key

Collect a key

Key Manager

Collect all the keys


Finish the game

There are total 30 levels in game, each containing 1 key hidden inside the special box:

Here is a video showing complete playtrough with all keys collected:

  • Key #01 (0:35) – Trigger only the first mine. The second one will fall allowing you to destroy platform above the box (box already collected on video) 
  • Key #02 (1:02) – Hard to miss, the box is just in the top left corner of the room (box already collected on video) 
  • Key #03 (2:05) – Tricky jump, be careful to not trigger the mine and destroy the platform before reaching the box. It’s much easier when you drop your weapon first (box already collected on video) 
  • Key #04 (2:45) – After collecting a weapon head back to the bottom of level, shoot the switch and activate it. Now you have to take an elevator and reach the top of the stage with your weapon. Destroy brick wall, drop weapon, collect the box and avoid mine explosion. 
  • Key #05 (3:35) – Activate the 2nd switch and jump back on the elevator with your weapon. Destroy brick wall and get the box. 
  • Key #06 (4:15) – Easy one, just wait for the suicider and shot him down when he reaches the platform above the box. 
  • Key #07 (4:45) – Don’t destroy the big crate, just drop the weapon, jump on the crate and you should reach the box from there. 
  • Key #08 (5:20) – Just destroy the platform under the box using your gun. 
  • Key #09 (6:05) – Tricky one. You have to destroy the turret using the mine, so shoot the bricks and let it fall into elevator. Drop weapon, quickly jump down and trigger mine befor it reaches the turret (otherwise the mine will fall from elevator before exploding). Also be careful to not lose your helmet, you need it to destroy platform under the box. 
  • Key #10 (7:10) – Just lure the suicider down and use his mine to blow the platform 
  • Key #11 (8:15) – Using the suit bounce from suicider’s head to reach the box 
  • Key #12 (9:35) – Carefully destroy only the small crate left to the red barrel. Throw your weapon on the big crate to reach the key box. 
  • Key #13 (10:25) – Destroy the barrels next to weapon chest. Get a helmet and drop down the rolling barrel. Shoot the barrel to make it roll in the direction of generator. 
  • Key #14 (12:10) – Just destroy the big metal container using a gun or granade 
  • Key #15 (12:40) – Jump on the drone to reach the box 
  • Key #16 (12:55) – The box is inside the metal container. Use the drone’s mine to destroy crates blocking the path and then blow the container with a granade. 
  • Key #17 (14:05) – In order to destroy the crate blocking path to the key you have to take hit from falling barrel. Wearing the helmet will prevent you from dying. 
  • Key #18 (14:35) – Just use a granade to blow up the generator. 
  • Key #19 (15:40) – Detonate the drone close to platform. 
  • Key #20 (16:50) – Using a suit bounce from 1st suicide to destroy the left door. Bounce from the second one to reach the key box. 
  • Key #21 (17:55) – Just under the 1st elevator. 
  • Key #22 (18:40) – Inside metal container at the beginning of the level. You can use your jetpack to destroy it.
  • Key #23 (20:00) – Inside the building, use granades to destroy barrels and crates blocking the path. Remembe that you can only use 2 ganades here, you gonna need the last one later. 
  • Key #24 (21:00) – That’s the tricky one. The box is locked inside metal container above the starting location. To get there you’ll need the jetpack that’s inside the building. To blow up the container try using jetpack explosion. 
  • Key #25 (22:00) – After destroying the generator with drone get to the top of building using drones or jetpack and activate the switch. Wait for the saw until it destroy few crates so you could reach the box. 
  • Key #26 (24:02) – After jumping on the crate pile (and triggering the mine) quickly jump on the platform to your left. Getting on that platform will spawn a flying suicider that will destroy crates blocking path to the box. Don’t go back for it (it’s impossible to reach the platform again without jetpack) so continue the level untill you find one. Now you can jump back to the place where you left the box and collect it. 
  • Key #27 (25:00) – Right top corner of the map. After the flying suiciders attack pick up granades and destroy the crate pile to your right. You can only use 2 granades here. 
  • Key #28 (26:35) – Simply use jetpack to reach the box. You should have at least 2 jetpack charges left after collecting the key. 
  • Key #29 (27:35) – Just under the elevator. That’s the last one, there is no key in 30th lvl.



You can unlock this achievement by collecting any new weapon. The 1st weapon is located in 3rd stage. To pick it up you have to destroy brick wall with other gun.


To get this achievement you have to destroy a box in upper right corner of the tutorial level (2nd room where you get your first weapon) and jump into that small hole in the wall.

Blind Corner

Can by unlocked by destroying the crate in upper right corner of the 14th level. You need at least 3 granades for that. First one to destroy small crate blocking the jump, second for destroying the brick wall and last one for the crate. Then touch the wall behind it.

Nothing Here

That’s the hardest one. You have to destroy that crate below your starting location in 25th level. First you have to reach the end of the stage and blow the generator blocking a path. After that return to the beginning and smash the crate with jetpack explosion.

I Know Every Corner

This one should unlock after finding all the secrets mentioned before.

Written by Noxis.

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