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Destiny 2 - How to Increase the Power (Guardian Gear)

Written by user7791   /   Oct 3, 2019    

This guide is to help new and veteran players become better acquainted with the new gear upgrade system of Destiny 2.

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Guardian equipment is the only protection from the darkness attempting to steal your light and lay waste to the Last City. As you advance in your adventures, so too must your equipment advance. This increase of power will allow you to steel yourself against the coming darkness and protect our solar system's last hope, The Traveler...


You'll first need materials before you can upgrade the equipment. These materials are gathered by looting the corpses of enemies in the field, dismantling Guardian equipment, opening chests, or rewards from planet side missions. Dismantled items may include glimmer, legendary shards, and enhancement cores. There materials are then exchanged with Banshee-44 to acquire an upgrade module. The module is used to upgrade a single equipment item; gun, shoulders, helm, etc.

Activate Item to be Infused

First, you will need to target the item in need of the upgrade. Hover the cursor over the item and then right click it. This will open a new screen pertaining to the item.

Item Status

The new screen lists benefits of using the items.

Energy Level, Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, and Strength for Armor.

Energy Level, Attack Power, Impact, Range, Stability, Handling, Reload Speed, Rounds per minute, and Magazine size for Weapons.

Infusion Location

Infusion of an item to another for power increase will require you hover over the Infuse box.

Item Selection for Weapon Infusion

Move the cursor down to the items made available in a new list below the infuse box. The items can be infused with the currently activated weapon by holding down the F key.

Infusion cost one upgrade module. Upgrade modules are acquired from Banshee-44 for the price of solar system reputation marks, glimmer, and legendary shards. Visit Banshee-44 at the Last City on Earth for a more thorough listing of obtainable items.

Equipment Energy Level

Upgrading the Energy Level of your equipment allows you to add modifications to the item. The upgrades cost materials found in the game world. A combination of Glimmer, Legendary Shards, Enhancement Cores, or Enhancement Prisms.

Advancing the Energy Level

Advancing the energy level unlocks new modification slots. Limited modification slots can be activated before the available energy is fully used, so choose carefully.

Not to worry if you make a mistake. The modifications can be overwritten.

Exotics are the Exception to the Rule!

Exotics are an exception. They do not have a light force to increase or modify, but they can be infused to other equipment for a reduced price.

Written by user7791.

Game:   Destiny 2