Our Lovely Escape – Cold Ramen + In the Rose Vine Endings

I suppose the images contain slight spoilers…

Choices Made

Character: Male (not sure if this actually matters).
Food choice: Spicy Yuzu Ramen.

  • You’re right.

Food choice: Order spicy Yuzu Ramen (again).

  • Reprimand Lissa.
  • Ask how she feels.
  • Passed email minigame.

Enter Mayu Route.

  • Sleep together.
  • Okonomiyaki.

Continue to either In the Rose Vine or Cold Ramen End.

In the Rose Vine End

  • Leave.
  • Forget it and let her sleep.
  • Give her the tonkatsu ramen.

In the Rose Vine End.

Cold Ramen End

  • Fight through it.
  • Forget it and let her sleep.

Cold Ramen End.

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