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In Call of Duty: Mobile, the main mode you’ll play is multiplayer. Mulitplayer allows you to play against other players in short game modes pulled from the Call of Duty franchise. Multiplayer will be available to play from the start, whereas Battle Royale will only unlock when you hit level 7.

Learn more about the Multiplayer modes and loadouts below.

Multiplayer Modes

Multiplayer is the main mode of Call of Duty: Mobile. Multiplayer modes will have you working in teams or alone to complete the chosen objective. There are multiple modes to choose from when playing in Multiplayer.


Kill hostiles to earn points, and you’ll always respawn at bast. The first to 10 points wins.

Team Deathmatch

Team up to kill opposing team members and earn points. The first team to 30 points wins.


Capture objectives to earn a steady slew of points. The first to reach the score limit wins.

Search & Destroy

Work in teams to destroy enemy objectives. If you die, you will not respawn.

Practice Vs. AI

Fight against bots to learn how to play Call of Duty: Mobile. You will only earn 10% of the experience when in this mode.

Multiplayer Loadouts

In Multiplayer matches, your loadouts are very important. As you level up in the game, you’ll unlock new weapons, attachments, and more to make your character better. Keeping up with your loadouts and having multiple of them available will make sure that you’re ready for any situation at hand.

Loadouts are only really for Multiplayer Modes. While you can change loadouts in Battle Royale, this is restricted to mainly weapon skins and what class you pick.

The various parts you’ll need to know for the Multiplayer mode are below.

Primary Weapon

The gun you’ll be using the most during matches. There are multiple types, each with varying skills and different attachments to them. Check the Weapons page for more information on each weapon.

Secondary Weapon

Your back-up weapon, should your primary weapon run out of ammo or you need to switch. These weapons include knives, pistols, and more. Secondary weapons do not get attachments. Check the Weapons page for more information on these weapons.

Operator Skills

The special skill you’ll be able to pull off occasionally. You start with a flamethrower, and as you level up, you’ll get more skills to try out. See the Operator Skills page for all the available skills.


While all weapons are, of course, lethal, this category in Call of Duty: Mobile is for Grenades and Mines. You’ll get a second Lethal Weapon slow at level 9.


Special passive skills that offer various benefits. You’ll eventually have room to equip three of them. Check the Perks page for the currently available Perks.


Characters in Call of Duty: Mobile are only cosmetic skins. Pick the character you like most, as no one character offers benefits over another.

Weapon, Item, and Vehicle Camos

Camos change who your items, weapons, and vehicles looks. It’s purely cosmetic; no one camo provides a benefit over another.

Emotes and Tags

Emotes are shown when you win a match, while you can tag certain locations with your chosen tag. These offer no gameplay benefits other than customization.

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