Spyro Reignited Trilogy – All 50 Skill Points Guide

A comprehensive guide that covers all 50 skill points that span out across the Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy with tips and notes on where to find some of these tricky secrets and tasks. Completing a set for each game will unlock the art gallery to view the art design for the characters in the game as you complete the list. Read on to learn how to obtain them all!

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The Spyro Reignited Trilogy has added a few bonus quirks into the remake of this popular PS1 era game by introducing skill points to the game. Skill points are essentially hidden secrets, or more specifically, special in-game achievements that reward the player with completing the specified task and gives out an extra life for your efforts. While these are technically not new as they were present in OG Spyro 3 they have now been spanned out across the entire trilogy.

It should also be noted that skill points are not required for completing each game to 100%. They are however required for unlocking the special art gallery for each game that is tied to completing a set list of skill points for each game. This guide covers each list and is divided into those categories in the exact order the game expects you to complete each skill point. Read on for the tips and knowledge to unlocking each skill point for every game!

Spyro the Dragon; Skill Points, Part 1


Reach tricky platform

The tricky platform in question is the platform close to the exit to the balloonist for the Artisans Homeworld; visible right from the beginning after rescuing the first dragon in the game.

You can make the jump by getting the necessary height from the nearby hill where the two cowardly Gnorcs normally reside on the level. A simple running jump from the hill followed by a well timed flight mid-air should give you more than enough reach to land on the platform.

The tricky platform in question and the hill needed to gain the necessary height.

Stone Hills

Burn the hidden pink tulip

The pink tulip is located on the highland section of the map where the egg thief for this level resides. From the start of the level. make your way through the right tunnel, then head towards the tower with the whirlwind guarded by the shepard.

Once at the top, glide onto the highland and make your way towards where the egg thief is located. The pink tulip will be to the right of the egg thief between two sets of towers in the shade overlooking the precipice.

Town Square

All bulls stuck

There are 8 bulls on this map. you need to stick them all in the ground with your charge attack and using only the charge attack. Do not flame breath them. If you somehow accidentally do flame one, you’ll have to exit and restart the level. Also try and charge them from the sides or behind, if necessary, as the charge attack can be a bit finicky if you attack them from the front.

Show these glorified cows whose horns are not to be messed with!


Scare 6 Gnorcs into tents

Gnorc infantrymen patrol the Peacekeepers homeworld. Fortunately, most of them aren’t seasoned fighters and will flee from you on sight. Allow any you see to flee into the tents to easily score this skill point.

The only Gnorcs hostile on the map (besides the cannoneers) is the one from the start when you enter the world, and the first group you accost in the main area, which become cowardly and flee into the tents once you slay one of them.

Dr. Shemp


Defeat the Peacekeepers world boss without taking any damage; damage that is received from minions or environmental hazards on the map is okay, just don’t get hit by the boss.

As for Dr. Shemp; phase 1 has him coming at you with his staff and attempting to smash you with it, sneak up behind him when he’s pounding the ground and flame him.

Phase 2 is much simpler as he slowly twirls, exposing himself in the process, before quickly smashing you with his staff; flame him when he is exposed.

For phase 3 he’ll swing his staff low on the ground in a 180 degree spin before repeating, jump to avoid the attack, then flame him as he is exposed to finish him off for good.

1. Avoid the initial attack in phase 1, then sneak up on him while he’s pounding the ground.

2. Wait for him to start twirling, then flame his bare tush before he strikes.

3. Jump as the staff comes then roast his butt!

High Caves

Burn hidden painting

As you begin the level, take the route behind you instead of going through the caves with the armored spiders. Move carefully up the hill avoiding the Ice Wizards and Wind Druids projectiles. Once at the top, carefully glide onto the platforms being manipulated by the Green Druids, then glide to the alcove they were guarding. The painting is located off to your right as you enter.

Either make a tightly skewed jump from entrance then flame breath at the height of it, or climb up the steps exiting the alcove to gain the necessary height, then fly towards the painting and use your flame breath mid-flight to burn it and earn this skill point.


Ride a druid platform for 10 seconds

In the Magic Crafter’s world boss area simply ride any of the platforms being manipulated by the Green Druids for 10 seconds to earn this easy skill point.

Spyro the Dragon; Skill Points, Part 2

Terrace Village

No electric floor damage

After you rescue the first dragon on this map. Electric floors will be prevalent throughout the remainder of the level. There are 9 total and you need to carefully time when you stand on them.

Pay attention to where the Gnorcs zapping the floors with electricity are located on each floor; it starts off easy but gets more difficult as you progress. As soon as the electricity discharging from one of the floor disperses, make a ramming charge for the Gnorc zapping it to alleviate the danger of taking damage.

Watch out for the other enemies on the electric floors as well! They have the potential to stun lock you and leave you vulnerable to taking damage from the electric floors if you mistime your assault. With a bit of tactfulness and patience, this should be fairly easy to overcome, just be careful or you’ll have to exit and restart the level if you take damage from the electric floor. Once you enter the room with the exit portal, assuming you didn’t take any damage from the floors, you’ll earn the skill point.

Being cautious and dexterous can help with making it through this segment without getting shocked.



Defeat the Beast Makers world boss without taking damage; damage that is received from minions or environmental hazards on the map is okay, just don’t get hit by the boss. An exception to this rule with this boss, however, is that you also cannot get hit by the minions the boss throws at you during this fight. Touching the energy pylons while they are active will also negate getting a perfect rating if you come in contact with them, so don’t!

There are 8 pylons that need to be destroyed in phase 1 and 9 in phase 2; each pylon blinks red twice to indicate it is activating and you don’t want to charge them while they’re active. Take advantage of luring Metalhead’s projectiles into destroying it’s pylons combined with charging them while inactive to bring this boss down in a short matter of time.

Green=safe, Red=danger; time carefully when to strike and take advantage of the boss’s projectiles.

Dream Weavers

Secret room

The secret room that is accessed from the Dream Weavers world is located up the flight of stairs guarded by the two armored fools; you’ll need to shrink them with the cannon before you can progress past them.

After climbing up the steps, continue along the path to Icy Flight until you reach the area with the two time fools. Off to your right should be a platform with a suspicious engraved arch wall. Climb up the platform and go through this wall to reveal its a hidden portal that takes you into a secret room. Once inside, stand on the strange pedestal, and activate it to earn the skill point.

The inside of the secret room.

The pedestal with the suspicious wall.

Haunted Towers

Burn blue wizard hat

There is a hidden blue wizard hat on the level. Its located on a platform high on top of the walls of the bastion where the second flame fairy is located. To reach the hat you need to clear the path of the entrance to the main castle.

Once you have reached the entrance, before entering, look towards the bastion and position yourself carefully, because you’re going to make a difficult glide to the portion of the wall where the hat is located. Once you reach the wall the hat will be waiting for you. Simply flame breath it to earn the skill point.

The blue wizard hat

Glide to the section of the wall without a roof from the entrance to the castle.

Lofty Castle

Destroy hidden stump

The hidden stump is located shortly after the first dragon you rescue on the level. Its on an unreachable cliff on the far left that can only be accessed via supercharge.

Make your way to the large tower where the supercharger is located and free the captured fairies to activate the whirlwind to take you to the supercharger. Then start dashing down the ramp and take the right loop to make a roundabout to the plaza where the stump is located. Make some quick well-timed jumps off the platforms to reach the stump and supercharge through it and destroy it in the process.

This might take a few attempts as some of the jumps are rather tight and the window of opportunity to react is miniscule. You might also accidentally lose some lives as you are highly likely to supercharge off the map during your attempts. Just remember to press jump at the edge of a platform to gain the necessary height.



Defeat the Dream Weavers world boss without taking damage; damage that is received from minions or environmental hazards on the map is okay, just don’t get hit by the boss.

This is a rather simple boss fight, but you need to react quickly as this boss attacks fast. The solution is to constantly move fast by charging at it so that the boss advances its phases to where it becomes vulnerable. Once it moves to one of the giant box platforms, it will stay there pelting you with boxes until you flame breath it, so jump and do that throughout the course a total of three times.

If you were constantly on the boss’s tail and attacking fast, you should have not taken any damage and easily earned the perfect rating. It might seem complicated, but given this is the second to last boss in the game, you should be used to the controls and movement at this point.

Gnasty Gnorc


This is it! The last boss of the game. All you need to do is not get hit by Gnasty’s scepter blasts during the 1st and 3rd phases. Round up the thieves that have they keys to reaching Gnasty for phase 1 while dodging to the left and right to avoid the scepter blasts as you move up close to the perch where Gnasty is targeting you.

Proceed with the chase sequence in phase 2 and 3 as normal up until the end when Gnasty is cornered. As you are climbing up the platform, Gnasty will let out a quick final blast with his scepter in an effort to rob you of a flawless victory. Sidestep to either the left or right to avoid it and quickly approach and finish Gnasty off with a flame breath attack. Then revel in your sweet victory.

Avoid Gnasty’s surprise attack in the final phase and that skill point is as good as yours.

Congratulations! That’s all of Spyro 1’s skill points earned. Now onto the next game!

Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage; Skill Points, Part 1

Idol Springs

Land on Idol

This can be a frustrating one. This skill point requires you make a landing flight onto the idol in the lake at the start of the level. Once you reach the end of the level, there will be an alternative path you can take that goes up the high cliffs and trees and rotates back to the beginning of the level.

What makes this frustrating is that this gliding section is infuriatingly difficult to stick the landing on the idol. Its essentially a pixel perfect jump/flight from the correct position. If you mess the jump or flight up, you have to work your way all around the level again, which can become quite a chore. Remember that in Spyro 2, you can flutter to gain extra height for reaching platforms by pressing the action button mid-flight.

I imagine this will take more than a few tries. As I struggled with this one for quite a bit. I unfortunately don’t have much other advice to go off of, other than my wishes of good luck to achieving this ridiculously stupid skill point.

This flight is more difficult to stick the landing then it looks!


Perfect in Hockey

Beat the Hockey one on one mini-game without the opposing team ever scoring a single point. You’ll have to do the warm-up match before you can participate in the one on one round. Use that practice to familiarize yourself with the ice physics, intercepting the hockey puck from different angles, and recognizing the movement pattern of the opposing goalie are based on your current position in the rink.

When it comes down to the one on one match, you can flame breath the opposing hockey teammate to slow him down and lessen the chances of ever scoring a point. All in all, this shouldn’t be difficult.


All Windmills

There are 8 windmills total in Hurricos. four are in the first area; one of which is only accessible by taking the long flight path to the factory, three are in the second area, and the last one is located in the third area. Destroy them all to earn the skill point.

Aquaria Towers

All Seaweed

There are 10 stalks of seaweed dispersed throughout Aquaria Towers. The seaweed stalks can only be destroyed by the superflame power-up, as the stalks are all submerged, and you can’t use your standard flame breath underwater. 14 enemies need to be defeated in order to activate the superflame power-up for this level.

One stalk of seaweed is located in the roboshark pit in the second area, three more are scattered within the roboshark infested caverns that you normally traverse with Moneybag’s submarine, the last six are in the optional zone accessed from the first area after restoring all water to Aquaria Towers.

Be careful when destroying the seaweed where the robosharks inhabit as they will instakill you if you get too close to them. Remember that you are also on a timer for the superflame power-up, so you need to swim to the stalks fast, and destroy them before the power-up wears off.

Ocean Speedway

Under 1:10

Beat Ocean Speedway in under a minute and 10 seconds. The best way to complete this course under the specified time is to go after all of the boats first by flaming the first boat that makes a jump off the nearest ramp then circle around the spectator podium and launch ramps, flaming all boats that come around to cut down the time of chasing them significantly.

Next, fly through all the arches, as you are flying through them, try and flame at least one or two of the cars as they come down the track during your flight. By the time you finished gliding through all the arches, flame the car that comes out the tunnel then quickly start supercharging up the track through the tunnel, hitting all the remaining cars.

By the time you finished off the cars, you should have looped back close to the starting area. Quickly charge off of the track and fly through all the rings you initially skipped and wrap up the course with either a couple or few seconds to spare.

Crush’s Dungeon


Defeat Crush without taking any damage during the boss fight. Crush being the first boss fight in the game is not that difficult. You just need to memorize the patterns of this boss when it stands on the pedestals by jumping during the blue shockwave attack and sidestepping the red fireballs. Once Crush has made its attack quickly run up and use your flame breath then step far back to avoid getting piled on by debris.

Jump the shockwave and sidestep the fireballs.

Once Crush is down to 4 HP, It will start coming at you directly with its club to smash you. Run around in the arena until Crush is exhausted then repeat the process. The last chase is rather long, so be prepared to hold down the charge button to run!

Be prepared to run once Crush starts coming after you!

Skelos Badlands

Catbat Quartet

Near the end of level with the exit portal there will be a set of steps off to the right that lead to an isolated canyon. Here you will find four enemies called catbats on this level. Grab the rock that spawns from the lava crater and shoot all four catbats with each rock to score this easy skill point.

Skelos Badlands

All Cacti

As you are traversing Skelos Badlands make sure to burn every cactus you come across. There are 7 total scattered across the level.

Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage; Skill Points, Part 2


All Trees

Charge into every palm tree in Scorch. There are 13 palm trees total across the level, two are in the first area, 10 are in the second area; nine of which are a part of Hunter’s minigame, the last palm tree is located at the entrance of the third area. Ram into all of them to claim the skill point.

Fractured Hills

3 Laps of Supercharge

14 enemies needed to be defeated to activate the supercharge power-up on this level; after defeating that amount comes the hard part. You need to run along the road laid out on the path a total of three times without stopping. This requires running through some curvy corners and jumping short unsuspecting gaps onto some platforms.

I’d recommend clearing the path as best as possible before attempting this. Open up all the barricades and remove any pesky Earthshapers standing along the path possible. Once that is done, get some practice on the more difficult sections of the course until you feel you can perfect this. Upon passing through the supercharge power-up on your last lap, you’ll earn the skill point.

Removing any obstacles you can in advance can make this a lot easier!

Icy Speedway

Under 1:15

Beat Icy Speedway in under a minute and 15 seconds. Start by taking out the four paragliders being guided by the snowmobiles in a clockwise fashion. Then perform a roundabout into the arch that leads into the domed building with the pool in the center.

Continue passing through the arches until you pass the seventh arch; supercharging as long as possible during the arch run to maximize your speed. Make sure to supercharge through the snowmobiles as they come around the iceberg to finish them off, afterwards, pass through the last arch.

Once you finished the arches, start flaming every skater and serpent as they appear along the coast, by the time you’ve completed them you should have beaten this course with roughly 10 seconds to spare.

Metro Speedway

Under 1:15

Beat Metro Speedway in under a minute and 15 seconds. Begin the course by taking out the five pigeons laid out on the path until you have the three pigeons hanging out with the jumpers remaining. Once you reach this point, from left to right, take out all the skydivers and
remaining pigeons preferably in one fell swoop to avoid backtracking and losing time.

Next go after the arches across from the right jumper tower supercharging through the first three before reaching the remaining arches and slow signs. Fly through the lowest arch first then wipe out all the slow signs in a loop wrapping up by flying through the last remaining arches. You should finish with roughly 10 seconds to spare if done perfectly.

Gulp’s Overlook


Arguably, one of the hardest skill points to earn across all the Spyro games, if attempted legitimately. Beating Gulp without taking a single point of damage is incredibly difficult, even if you know all the quirks of this boss due to the RNG for good pterodactyl drops and Gulp leading with all of it’s attacks.

The trick to not taking damage in this fight is to constantly move behind Gulp as it cannot attack you from behind. Once you have Gulp in a position it can’t turn to attack is when you want to gather one of the drops to utilize and attack Gulp. Try and utilize rockets and barrels exclusively since bombs are too ineffective; grabbing a rocket first then attacking Gulp with a barrel is a quick efficient strategy.

If you are still struggling against the Gulp fight because you keep getting hit by an unanticipated shot then you can always come back later once you’ve completed the game to 100% unlocking the permanent superflame power-up to cheese this fight entirely.

Gulp’s Overlook

Hit Ripto

Ripto can be seen overlooking the arena during the fight. Once the rockets start spawning pick one up and instead of aiming at Gulp with one, train your sights on Ripto and fire away! Ideally, time this after Gulp has made an attack to reduce your chances of being damaged while aiming at Ripto.

Canyon Speedway

Under 1:10

Beat Canyon Speedway in under a minute and 10 seconds. Begin by taking out five of the rams that are laid out to you on the path. As the bikers are beginning to approach, flame the one making a jump off the ramp, then supercharge down the track stopping on the sixth biker.

Next fly through the rings from the opposite intended route then proceed to eliminate the remaining three rams. Quickly make a roundabout and take out the biker that passes by, then supercharge back down the track through the tunnel until you reach the vultures.

Start roasting them until the last biker comes into this area. Finish that off, then eliminate any remaining vultures. If done efficiently, this track can be done well under a minute.

Ripto’s Arena


Defeat all three phases of Ripto without ever taking any damage. Phase 1 & 3 are no problem. But phase 2 can be a nasty roadblock.

For phase 1, just constantly attack Ripto by charging or flame him to interrupt him, this will force his AI to always target you with the scepter, and keep him from claiming the orbs as easily for the first phase.

Attack to interrupt Ripto and gather the orbs.

Phase 2 is where things get tricky. Ripto will now lead with all his projectiles similar to the Gulp fight, so you will need to move erratically to evade them. Not to mention that, much like the Gulp fight, the RNG here is fickle, or should I say, stacked against you in this one. Seriously, Hunter actively sabotages this fight for you by dropping the orbs close to where Ripto can pick them up instantly. You need to gather the orbs and progress through this phase quickly if you want a perfect attempt. Pay close attention to the sound effect for when Ripto attacks with his scepter to anticipate when to dodge.

Act quickly, gather the orbs, and watch out for Ripto’s attacks.

If you managed to get pass that phase unscathed, then you are in the home stretch. The only things to worry about for phase 3 is the homing fireballs that are best evaded by making a sharp turn left/right from where it is coming towards you. Be careful to also not accidentally fly into Ripto as that will kill your momentum and cause you fall into the lava if you don’t recover fast enough; which can be rather galling as you are so close to an easy victory. Remember to lead your fireball shots and Ripto will be as good as done for.

Dodge the homing fireballs and time your shots to bring Ripto down for the count!

That’s all of Spyro 2 skill points down. Just one more game to go!

Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon; Skill Points, Part 1

Sunny Villa

Flame all trees

There are 8 trees total on this map, or more specifically, potted plants that you need to be burned. They are scattered throughout the main map and appear nowhere else in the level; so no need to tear apart the the skate course or the bonus section involving Sheila. Just scour the outskirts and you’ll find all eight trees needed for this skill point.

Sunny Villa

Skateboard course record I

Beat the course record for this map by scoring more than 3200 points during the session. Once you have completed both the minigames for Hunter you are eligible to attempt the skateboard course record for Sunny Villa. Points are earned by performing various skateboard stunts from spins to flips, and rolls, as well as chained combos for an even greater score.

For this course, a few chained spins on some ramps from left to right followed by a couple chained flips and rolls should be more than enough. Use the ramp at the highest elevation close to Hunter for the flips and rolls. Remember to perform each type of stunt with a different input to maximize your score as repeatedly using the same stunt and/or directional input reduces the score the more its performed in a single session.

Chaining stunts together plus performing special stunts can give you a massive score. Provided you stick the landing that is…

Either do the therefore mentioned above, or attempt one of the special stunts that can score huge in a single performance, but can be incredibly difficult to stick the landing safely. As long as you score higher than 3200 points on the course before the session expires the skill point will be yours.

Molten Crater

Assemble tiki heads

You need to have Sgt. Byrd in advance before you can attempt this skill point as the area is initially closed off until you free him from the sorceress in World 2.

Once he is available. Return to Molten Crater and enter his bonus area; you’ll be tasked with returning the heads to the members of the tiki lounge. But before you do just that, take them all into the center of this area and assemble all the heads in a roughly straight line. If you organized them correctly as indicated by the picture below they should start dancing temporarily.

Molten Crater

Supercharge the wall

The wall in question is in the bonus area containing the two egg thieves and the supercharger with the entrance being held ransom by Moneybags. Once you’ve gained access, and are at least on pursuit for the second thief, the supercharger will be active.

The wall that needs to be destroyed is around the left corner from where the supercharger is located. Gain some build-up off of the ramp then make a downward curve towards the wall to break it and earn this skill point.

The corner you need to supercharge around and the wall that needs to be destroyed.

Seashell Shore

Catch the funky chicken

Strange task this one. You have to destroy a specific fodder on this map. The so-called “funky chicken” (despite it clearly bearing more resemblance towards that of a duck or a juvenile goose) is located close to the golden seashell containing the exit for this map.

It can be found dawdling around there and the entrance to the drain pipe minigame. Look for it around that general area described and ram it to claim this skill point.

The funky chicken in question (Even though its obviously a duck!).

Icy Peak

Glide to pedestal

While traversing the bonus section with the egg thieves and the supercharger be sure to glide onto the pedestal in which one of the thieves normally resides upon before putting up a chase to gain a skill point here.

The pedestal you need to glide onto from both close view and a distance.

Enchanted Towers

Skateboard course record II

Similar deal to what you had to do in Sunny Villa, but this time you need to score higher than 10,000 points. While this may seem like an astronomical amount, this skateboard course has numerous long ramps that can send you soaring through the air allowing you to chain multiple stunts to score big, and is by large, much easier than Sunny Villa’s course.

Just remember to stick your landing and this whole course will be a breeze. Be sure to also utilize the special sections of this course that give you a score boost as well.

Spooky Swamp

Destroy all piranha signs

There are 8 piranha sign total on this level, with the majority of them close to the edge of the swamp. Burn all that you come across to gain this skill point, here be piranhas!

Sgt. Byrd’s Base

Bomb the gophers

Arm yourself soldier, because you’re going gopher hunting! Bomb every gopher you accost or shoot the dastardly rodents when they least expect it with your lock-on missiles, but be sure to not get too close, or they will retreat into their holes for protection. Eradicate all 8 gopher on this level to earn the skill point.

Frozen Altars

Beat yeti in two rounds

For this skill point you have to beat the yeti in the second boxing match in under two rounds or less. You know, that one minigame in Spyro 3 that gives the whole definition of minigames a bad reputation, and pretty much no one likes at all….. yeah… that one.

Never fret! For what seems to be an abominable pain in the rear is alleviated with a simple exploit in the AI. You see, in the second match, the yeti is much more aggressive and protective of its lower body, but with some quick inputs, you can trick the AI into letting its guard down.

Use a combination of quick jabs from the charge button followed quickly by a body blow attack from the jump button once it begins guarding high to catch the yeti off each time. Rinse and repeat with this strategy; by the time the second round approaches, the yeti should be close to KO status, and easily be finished off.

A combination of quick jabs followed by a body blow will always throw the yeti’s AI off in the second match.

Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon; Skill Points, Part 2

Lost Fleet

Skateboard record time

Beat the skateboard race in under a minute and 45 seconds. This will take some practice, particularly because of how fiercely botched up this minigame is from the original.

For the safest and quickest way of making it through this race course, I would advise performing all stunts exclusively for the large ramp at the end of this course as the height from it will give you more than enough turbo if you perform multiple chained stunts while in the air. Remember to stick your landing carefully, and mix up your style of stunts as repeated use of the same stunts lessens the amount you receive.

Perform all stunts on this ramp exclusively to rack up a large quantity of turbo.

Performing stunts anywhere else on this course is extremely risky and you can’t afford to risk wiping out more than once on the entirety of the race course since you get set back every time you wipe. Avoid all the other ramps entirely as any type of jump will decimate the speed and momentum of your skateboard. Stick to ground as much as possible to maximize your acceleration and be sure to ram into any crabs that get in your path to build up some turbo.

Limit the amount of time you spend in the air and keep your jumps to a minimum to maintain a constant acceleration of speed for this course.

Once you have a steady supply of turbo built up, begin using it to zoom through the remainder of this course. Keep about a quarter supply of turbo in your skateboard in the event you need it for an emergency boost. And whatever you do, DO NOT use the turbo while in the air as their is a high chance you will overshoot the ramps and platforms from the boost, that means you avoid the paths and ramps that require turbo boosts to be reached. As long as you follow all these instructions, you should manage to make it under the course record and score the skill point.

Fireworks Factory

Find Agent 9’s powerup

You need to have freed Agent 9 in world 4 and completed his level before you can enter his bonus section for this level. Once he is available, return to the end of Fireworks Factory and enter inside to find yourself in a special first-person shooter homage.

When you have cleared the first room of enemies, and before you advance to the next room, look up towards the ceiling close to the exit and you’ll notice a strange switch. Shoot it to reveal the power-up: a golden ray gun equipped with automatic fire capability; temporarily replacing your standard ray gun until it’s ammo capacity diminishes entirely. Enjoy clearing the remainder of this bonus section with this fun little secret!

The hidden switch and the golden ray gun revealed.

The golden ray gun in action; vaporizing swarms of rhynoc ninjas!

Charmed Ridge

The Impossible Tower

The “Impossible Tower” in question is the one located in the section off to the right of the ridge in the second area where there appears to be nothing perched on top of it. In order to even make the flight to the tower you need to access the ruined tower to your left.

Once you have made your way up the ruined tower, climb up the scaffolding for some additional height, and be prepared to make a long flight with a tight landing as you’ll barely make it onto the edge. This might take a couple of attempts so make sure you got the extra lives to spare in case you falter or mistime anything! It’s difficult, but isn’t anywhere as difficult or frustrating as the glide onto the idol from Spyro 2.

The Impossible Tower viewed from the ruined tower you have to glide from to reach it.

Charmed Ridge

Shoot the temple windows

This skill point is tied to Sgt. Byrd’s bonus section where you have to dispatch the cat witches in the temple. During any of the three waves of combat, you’ll notice four stained glass windows inside the temple atrium with two windows on each side. Just shoot your missiles at them and once they all shatter you’ll score yourself a skill point.

Bentley’s Outpost

Push box off the cliff

Halfway through the level where you have to push a box aside in order to advance, instead of stopping once there is enough of a gap to fit through, just keep pushing it until it goes tumbling off the cliff to score yourself a skill point for going the extra mile.

Desert Ruins

Destroy all seaweed

Once more, in Spyro 3, you are back at it with destroying stalks of red seaweed. The underwater bonus section is located deep inside the ruins near the end of the level just up the set of triple ladders and various hazards. You’ll need to utilize Hunter’s pet manta ray and use its projectiles to destroy all the seaweed stalks.

There should be 7 stalks total if I recall correctly. I would advise dispatching all the annoying rhynoc shark riders first as they’ll constantly fire homing torpedoes at you. Once the coast is clear start scouring the underwater ruins as some of these seaweed stalks blend in perfectly with the environment. Many of them are packed closely next to the columns and pillars, just search thoroughly and you should be able to find them all.

Haunted Tomb

Swim into the dark hole

Near the beginning of the level as you begin traversing deeper into the tomb you’ll notice a small channel of water coming out of dark hole. All you need to do is exactly described to score yourself an easy skill point.

Dino Mines

Hit all the seahorses

The seahorses its referring to aren’t the ones you encounter normally on the level, but specifically, in the bonus section with the underwater tunnel. There are 4 total and most of them are located close to the ground. Best advice would be to stay close around the center and charge at them on sight while being cautious of the tunnel hazards. If you miss one, you can easily restart by running into any hazard.

Dino Mines

Hit the secret dino

In Agent 9’s bonus section coming up near end of the arcade shooter segment where you accost three dino gunslingers following a quick screen transition you may notice a red dino sneak past behind them. Quickly shoot it before it disappears to earn the skill point. If you missed your chance, either exit the bonus section from the menu and re-enter to get another shot at it, or exit and re-enter the level entirely if you already finished the arcade shooter segment without hitting the secret dino.

Shoot the red dino before it escapes!

Agent 9’s Lab

Blow up all palm trees

Traverse through this level normally until you reach the segment where you receive the tutorial for utilizing grenades. Once you have some in hand, start backtracking through the entire level and blast every pineapple-esque palm tree that you find into smithereens!

There are 7 palm trees total. Three are located around the firing range, another two can be found along the rhynoc tunnel gauntlet, the last two are in the sealed off section that contains the optional minigame for shooting the rhynoc jet skis; which requires tossing a grenade over the barrier to hit a button to deactivate it for entry. Once every single one of them has been destroyed the last skill point is rightfully yours!

And with that, that is also the last Spyro game completed… well, for skill points anyhow. Congratulations!

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