Indivisible – Quick Battle Guide

Indivisible just got released today and many people are getting confused about battles controls and mechanics. This quick guide will attempt to explain everything that is needed to win your battles, while people get used to the game in the first days.


So I see a lot of people getting confused about some combat controls and mechanics and creating a lot of thread about it. I played for some hours now, so I will try and put here a tutorial to help you all.

But first, even if you won’t admit it, everything you need to know is explain sometime in the game, even how to use Iddhi bars. So please, stop criticizing the lack of tutorial, it wasn’t an issue for me, it shouldn’t be for you, this game is a lot of fun and the developers did an amazing job.


So you have 4 characters in your party, with each one being assigned to a button. Once your character’s attack bar is full, you press it’s button to attack. By using a combination of attack + up or attack + down, you will use different moves. Usually, up attack will launch the enemy or attack aerial enemies, while down attacks will attack on the ground even against aerial enemies. But some characters will have special moves assigned to these combinations, those can be seen when unlocking a character or when pressing Y on him in the menu.

To choose which enemy you want to focus, just press left or right.

Super Attacks

Most of the characters will have kind of Super Attack, which costs you Iddhi meter to use, the energy bar in the top left corner. You can stock up to 3 bars. To use your super, just press RB + your character’s button.

On your character’s help screen, if you see a rainbow with a number in it, it means it is a super, the number is the number of meter it will cost you.

Ajna can use a special reviving skill by pressing RB + LB. This costs all of your meter, one bar at the beginning, three later in the game. You can use it whenever someone in your party is down. You have to press the buttons at the same time, not holding RB then pressing LB.


When an enemy is attacking one of your characters, you can hold it’s button to guard. This will consume your Iddhi meter. By pressing the button on the exact moment when you are getting hit, you will gain meter instead.

By pressing LB, you can use the Party Block, making everyone in your party block at the same time. This follows the same rules as individual block: everyone will use meter, and for every perfect block you will gain meter instead.

Guard Breaking

Your enemies can guard too. To break their guard, you have to make a mix-up of up attacks and down attacks. If you fail to break their guard, don’t panic, just wait for your attack bar to fill up and try again.

About Ajna’s Combos

Ajna has weird combos when you get all of her weapons. I don’t know how it works, it seems to be quite random, depending on her and the enemies positions. I can’t help you for that, but it isn’t as much of an issue as it can seem to be.

Outside of Battles

You can fight outside of battles too: press LB to guard and X to attack. If you manage to hit your enemy before engaging combat, you will have an advantage. And by blocking it’s attack, you can avoid the combat engaging.

If you get hit outside of battle, two situations can occur: either you are getting engaged in battle, or you are launched by the attack’s knockback. If you are getting launched, by pressing any button you can make a recovery. If you are getting hit in the air, you can recover while airborne, so you won’t drop all the way to the floor. This can be helpful in platforming sequences when you have to wall jump a lot and are getting attacked.

Useful Tips

When holding RB, the super button, time slows down a lot. This can help you breath a little and think about your situation. Do not hesitate to do so when you are having a hard time!

Written by Skwyni

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