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Indivisible - Character Combat Guide

Written by Jakapoa   /   Oct 9, 2019    

Documentation of moves and uses for all characters.


This guide is here for anyone having trouble understanding how certain moves work, or for just finding out what character does what. I tried to be as clear as possible with the descriptions so everyone can understand. Characters are listed by order unlocked.

I've gone out and listed the following for each character:


  • Health, Attack, and Speed.


  • What the character is mainly used for (e.g. healer, AoE attacks, etc).

Recommended Position

  • What position in the party the character works best in.

Move List

A simple list of what attacks a character has.

  • Normal - The attack executed when pressing the character's attack button.
  • Down - The attack executed when pressing the character's attack button with the down button held down.
  • Up - The attack executed when pressing the character's attack button with the up button held down or held up for controllers.
  • Special (1 Bar) - The attack executed when holding the focus button + pressing the character's attack button once.
  • Special (2 Bars) - The attack executed when holding the focus button + pressing the character's attack button twice.
  • Special (3 Bars) - The attack executed when holding the focus button + pressing the character's attack button three times.
  • Airborne - If an attack can hit airborne targets.
  • Area - The direction of an attack. This dictates the direction enemies must be aligned in order to be hit at the same time.
  • Iddhi Generated - The amountof iddhi generatedby an attack. Documents the first attack and the follow up attack if different.

Move Usage

A detailed description of each move.

Basic Gameplay

How I use the character. Probably the most opinionated part of this guide, but I tried to keep it as factual as possible.


Any potential combos that I've found while writing this guide.

Obviously, this game just came out. I haven't unlocked all the characters yet, nor do I have to time to plow through this game in one sitting. I'll be adding characters as I go through the game, and updating already documented characters as more information is discovered. Feedback would be appreciated.

Defining Some Terms

I use some terms that might be confusing for some people. This mostly relates to how I define a character's role.


The direction an attack's hitbox travels. They can either be horizontal or vertical.

  • Horizontal

The direction of most attacks. The hitbox of the attack travels from right to left, and damages any targets that are horizontally aligned. Prime examples are Anja's Normal Follow up attack, Phoebe's Normal attack, and Tungar's Special attacks 1&2.

  • Vertical

The direction of most AoE attacks. The hitbox of the attack extends up and down from the character, and damages any targets that are vertically aligned. Most attacks that effect a vertical area also have a large horizontal area as well. Prime examples include Dhar's Normal attack, Razmi's Special 3 attack, and Anja's 3rd Normal Follow up attack.


Any character who's gimmick relies on supporting other party members rather than attacking. 

AoE Damage

Put simply, they do damage to multiple foes with one attack. Examples include Dhar's Special attacks and Zebei's Up attack.

Burst Damage

Characters that deal damage in large "chucks" rather than constant quick attacks. A prime example is how Dhar's Down attack let's him store attacks to power up high damage attacks.


I use "Face The Enemy" formation, which makes it so that my party is always oriented the same way. Front is front, back is back, and top & bottom are "sides".

The Four Basic Stats

Every character has a balance of three stats: health, attack, and speed. These three stats are balanced in a way that keeps every character balanced.

For example, while Razmi and Phoebe may have high attack values, they're speed is next to nothing.


Health determines how much health a character has. Typically, characters that have healing abilities have lower health.


The base damage a character's attacks have. Characters with high attack values are able to output damage in the thousands, albeit with long recharges in between.


How fast a character's attack charges recharge. Characters with a higher speed stat are able to spam attacks at a fast rate.

Base Iddhi

Every character generates a small amount of iddhi when starting an attack. Characters with higher attack values usually have a lower base iddhi.

Attack vs Speed

The one thing that everyone in the comments keeps asking about. Sure, some characters have higher attack, but those with higher speed can also output just as much damage. Characters like Yan can actually have a higher damage output than the likes of Phoebe and Razmi because their attacks just recharge so fast. Not to mention that characters with higher speed generate iddhi faster than slower, hard-hitting characters.

Iddhi Building

On the top of the battle screen, you'll find

the Iddhi meter. You can fill the meter by executing attacks. Once a bar is filled, you can use a character's special attack. Each character has three special attacks, each attack costing 1-3 bars.

Info on building Iddhi
  • All attacks generate a base amount of iddhi on activation. All calculations take this into account.
  • The amount of base iddhi generated is character dependent. It will be listed on the character's page.
  • Follow up attacks typically generate an extra (1) iddhi. This is shown in a character's move list.
  • Special moves do not generate iddhi.
  • Damage does not factor into iddhi generation. Generation is determined by the attack and number of targets hit.
  • Breaking the guard of a shielded target generates 30 extra iddhi.
  • Attacking shielded targets generates 50% less iddhi.
  • Any target that is knocked up into the air and then hit while in air will generate 3-5 extra iddhi.

Iddhi Build Charts

The following charts measure roughly how much iddhi can be generated from a single combo with a character. All calculations were performed in the training arena, against the single target practice and 5-target practice.

  • (air) denotes that a target should be hit while still in the air.
  • All of Qadria's attacks include the bonus follow-up attack.

While this only measures at attack level three, I've found that at levels 4 & 5 the rankings remain almost the same. Refer to a character's section for how much iddhi is generated on a per attack basis.

This helps you understand a general ranking of what characters are decent at building iddhi. Combine this with the speed of each character to understand how fast each character can build iddhi.

Single Target Iddhi Generation (lv.3)

Measured against a single large unguarded target.

Crowd Iddhi Generation (lv.3)

Measured against 5 regular targets.


Ajna's attacks change as the game progresses. I will create the basic move list now, and wait for all unlocks to document everything.

Latest weapon unlock at time of writing: Spear.

Attack level at time of writing: 5.


  • Health - 3 stars
  • Attack - 3 stars
  • Speed - 3 stars


  • Primary: Damage
  • Secondary: Mixed

Recommended Position


Move List

Anja has two move lists, as Anja has many follow up attacks that are independent of her first attack. Some follow up attacks have extra follow up attacks. They are documented in the combos section.

First Attack


Anja punches the target.

  • Airborne: No
  • Area: Horizontal - Small

Replaced by axe.


Anja crouches down and jabs the target.

  • Airborne: No
  • Area: Horizontal - Small

Requires axe.

Up (Unarmed)

Anja performs a spinning kick that hits targets in a wide area.

  • Airborne: No
  • Area: Horizontal - Medium

Requires axe.

Up (Axe)

Anja crouches down and launches the target up with her axe.

  • Airborne: No
  • Area: Horizontal - Medium

Requires axe.

Special (1 Bar)

Anja performs a set of palm strikes on the target, ending with an axe chop.

  • Airborne: No
  • Area: Horizontal - Small, Vertical - Medium

Requires axe.

Special (2 Bars)

Anja performs a set of palm strikes on the target, ending with two axe chops.

  • Airborne: No
  • Area: Horizontal - Small, Vertical - Medium

Requires axe.

Special (3 Bars)

Anja channels her energy into a beam that shoots across the field.

  • Airborne: Yes
  • Area: Horizontal - Extreme

Follow Up Attacks


Anja knocks the target down with her spear.

  • Airborne: No
  • Area: Horizontal - Medium

Requires spear.


Anja chops the target twice with her axe.

  • Airborne: No
  • Area: Horizontal - Medium

Requires spear.


Anja shoots her bow at the target.

  • Airborne: Yes
  • Area: Horizontal - Small

Requires bow.


Basic Chop

  1. Any Non-Special Attack
  2. Any Follow up Attack
  3. Normal Attack

Anja will chop the target with her axe. An oddity as it doesn't pull out her spear like her regular Normal Follow up attack. This attack has a medium sized vertical hitbox.

Explosive Shot

  1. Any Non-Special Attack
  2. Up Attack
  3. Down Attack

Anja will shoot the target with her bow, and then cheer as the arrow explodes. This attack has a small sized horizontal hitbox. 



  • Health - 3 stars
  • Attack - 3+ stars
  • Speed - 1+ stars


  • Primary: AoE Damage
  • Secondary: Burst Damage

Recommended Position

Front or sides.

Move List

Move Usage

Neutral Attack: Grounded Slash

Dhar slashes at the target. This will hit multiple targets if they are close enough, which is almost always. This attack can be comboed with either another Neutral attack or Up attacks in quick succession, but does not deal any extra damge however. This attack benefits from Dhar's Down attack.

Picture 1 is a non-boosted attack. Picture 2 shows a boosted attack.

Down Attack: Earthen Fury

Dhar stores one attack in order to power up another attack. You can gauge how much power you've stored by the amount of stone orbiting Dhar. Each attack consumes one charge of the stored power.

Here's how it interacts with Dhar's attacks:

  • Neutral: Attack hits four times for each target hit (excludes airborne targets)
  • Up: Attack hits twice.
  • Special: Does nothing.

Strangely, Dhar's Normal and Special attacks appear to not work properly when used on airborne foes. The charge is consumed, but the damage remains the same as a regular attack. I also couldn't find a difference in the damage of boosted special attacks while writing this. It's either bugged or has a specific trigger.

Up Attack: Stalactite Spike

Dhar jumps into the air and slashes at the target. This attack does not hit multiple targets, despite how it looks. This is an easy way to bring airborne targets down into melee range.

Picture 1 is a non-boosted attack. Picture 2 shows a boosted attack.

Special Attack (1 Bar): Groundpound

Dhar slams the field with a giant stone sword, hitting everything in the area. This includes airborne foes.

Special Attack (2 Bars): Earthbreaker

Dhar slams the field with a giant stone sword, hitting everything in the area. This includes airborne foes. This does around 60%-70% more damage than special attack 1.

Special Attack (3 Bars): Terraquake

Dhar slams the field with a giant stone sword, hitting everything in the area. This includes airborne foes. This does around 60%-70% more damage than special attack 2.

Basic Gameplay

Dhar is great because he can deal out high single-target damage and has AoE attacks that can hit a lot of targets at once. He even has an up attack that works on the first attack looking at you, Anja. He's a flexible damage character that can work well in a variety or situations.

Dhar's only minor drawback is that he does need to charge up before he can deal some solid damage. This is minor mainly because of how fast his attacks recharge. For being listed as a 1.5 speed, he attacks recharge at a rate closer to that of a 2 or 2.5 speed.


Basic Combo

  • Down Attack.
  • Down Attack (skip if attack level is lower than 4).
  • Normal attack.
  • Normal attack.

Use this when you just need to deal damage. Boosting Dhar's normal attack will make it hit four times. Adding in the fact that it is almost guaranteed to hit all targets on the field, you can deal out a lot of damage quickly with this combo.

Razmi (& Bon)


  • Health    0+ stars
  • Attack    4 stars
  • Speed    0+ stars


  • Primary: AoE damage
  • Secondary: Healing

Recommended Position

The back.
Can be moved to the sides if another character needs to be in back.

Move List

Move Usage

Neutral Attack: Bon

Bon flames a target for a good amount of damage. The attack can hit airborne targets.

Down Attack: Glare

Razmi curses the target, causing them to have a longer wait between attacks. From what I was able to measure, each curse level causes the target to attack ~33% slower, up to 100% slower at level 3. You can tell what level curse a target has by how dark it is shaded.

Pictures show the color difference between a level 1 and level 3 glare.

Up Attack: Pounce

Bon launches upwards from the ground to the target. This means that if you target an airborne target with foes below it, it will hit both. It does slightly less damage than her Normal attack.

Special Attack (1 Bar): Calming Aura

Razmi heals the party for a large amount of health. Use this when you're in trouble. If you're using Razmi as your main healer, you'll be using this a lot.

Special Attack (2 Bars): Vengeful Spirit

Razmi launches Bon forward across the field, hitting everything in his path. This attack is devastating against large groups of foes. It also knocks down airborne foes.

Special Attack (3 Bars): Hellfire

Razmi calls in an orbital strike unleashes Bon, having him rain down fire on the target's side of the field causing massive damage. Like special attack 2, this hits everything, but does more damage and looks insane. For those that can never have enough fire.

Basic Gameplay

Razmi excels at dealing with large groups of foes. Special attacks 2 & 3 can hit multiple foes read: everything at once, and up attack can as well to a lesser degree. She can even heal a good amount of health for just one bar too, making her a good all-around character. I am unsure yet if Razmi works well enough as a lone healer (she's probably fine).

Glare works best for bosses, or targets that already have long waits between attacks.

Razmi's major drawback is her small health pool. You'll need to watch her health closely to know when to drop some healing.
She also has one of the lowest speeds of all the characters. Her attacks can take a long time to recharge if you blow them all at once. This also makes comboing harder.

Razmi's minor drawback is that she doesn't become powerful until you get three meter charges. Having your only source of healing eat the entire meter is a pain, and not to mention that you don't get her devastating AoE attacks. She becomes much better later on.
Also note that because Razmi lacks a downward attack, she can not break guarded targets.


Unsure. With her slow speed, most of the time you'll be saving Razmi's attacks for when you're able to use her special. Her up attack works well with other party members, but the recharge on her attacks makes comboing with her a pain.



  • Health 1+ stars
  • Attack 2 stars
  • Speed 4 stars


  • Primary: Airborne target damage
  • Secondary: Burst damage

Recommended Position

The back.

Can be moved to the sides if another character needs to be in back.

Move List

Move Usage

Normal Attack: Straight Shot

Zebei shoots three individual arrows at the target. These arrows do moderate damage. This attack very rarely hits multiple targets.

Down Attack: Cluster Shot

Zebei shoots three clustered arrows at the target. These arrows do slightly less damage than the normal attack. However, there's a high chance that the attack will hit targets that are clustered together.

Picture 2 shows two targets being hit at once.

Up Attack: Spread Shot

Zebei shoots six arrows downward at the target. These arrows do slightly more damage than the normal attack. The main feature of this attack is how the arrows spread across the enemy's side of the field. If an arrow collides with a foe's hitbox, it will do damage well duh, that's how games work. It can potentially lead to some arrows not hitting anything due to the spread.

Do note that an arrow can only hit one target. Once it collides with something (terrain or foe), it will not deal damage anymore.

Picture 1 shows how arrows can miss the targets due to the spread (the bat higher up can also evade the shot).

Picture 2 shows the shot angle of the attack.

Special Attack (1 Bar): Arrow Hail

Zebei shoots three barrages of his down attack at the target. The arrow cluster contains 5 arrows, for a total of 15 arrows shot.

Special Attack (2 Bars): Arrow Blizzard

Zebei shoots four barrages of his down attack at the target. The arrow cluster contains 5 arrows, for a total of 20 arrows shot.

Special Attack (3 Bars): Arrow Avalanche

Zebei shoots eight barrages of his down attack at the target. The arrow cluster contains 5 arrows, for a total of 40 arrows shot.

Basic Gameplay

The main use I find for Zebei is to deal with airborne targets. All of Zebei's attacks will hit airborne targets without fail, allowing you to set up combos with ground based party members who can't reach those targets. Use the normal attack to down lone targets, and the down or up attack to down multiple targets.

Zebei's minor drawback is the simplicity of his kit. There's not much potential to branch out and set up fancy combos that I've found yet. I find that it's more efficient to only bring him out when I know I have to deal with airborne foes, as there are better options for facing only ground foes.


These combos focus on damage to airborne targets.

Icicle Shower

  • Down Attack
  • Up Attack
  • Up Attack
    (Attack with melee party members)

This combo is mainly here to help set up attacks for your other party members. Use down attack to knock down the airborne target(s), then follow up with up attacks to pelt everything on the ground. You can then use other party members to combo off of the downed target(s).



  • Health    1 star
  • Attack    1+ stars
  • Speed    3 stars


  • Primary: Healer
  • Secondary: AoE Damage

Recommended Position

  • Front for ground battles.
  • Sides if there are airborne enemies.
  • Avoid the back.

Move List

Move Usage

Normal Attack: Water Blast

Thorani shoots a single water projectile at the target. The puddles will form around your target and directly behind Thorani. Usually, one attack will create one puddle at the target and one behind you. I recommend using this move when you want to have an even spread of puddles around the field. This can hit airborne targets if there is enough distance between Thorani and the target.

Picture shows puddle distribution after three normal attacks.

Down Attack: Water Wave

Thorani runs up to the target and hits it with a wave of water. The vast majority of puddles will form around the target, with a few forming between the target and Thorani's position in the party. Use this move when you want to surround the opponent's side of the field with puddles.

Picture shows puddle distribution after five down attacks.

Up Attack: Sparkling Water

Thorani activates all puddles on the field, causing them to have two effects:

  1. Heal Allies
    Any ally that touches a puddle (or is already touching a puddle) will instantly be healed for a decent amount of health. Most of the puddles that you'll be using for healing will be near the party. However, you can activate Thorani's up attack while another character is attacking a foe surrounded by puddles to heal that character while dealing damage to the foe.
  2. Harm Foes
    Any foe that touched a puddle will take a moderate amount of damage. While the primary focus of this attack is to heal allies, this is also a good way to deal out some aoe damage across the entire field.

Pictures show both functions of the up attack.

Special Attack (1 Bar): Drizzle

Thorani shakes her hair and surrounds the area around her with puddles. This move is best used when you need to dish out a lot of healing. The best position to use this attack from is the front, as it covers the area where almost all movement will be happening (from both allies and foes). Using it in another position could create puddles that would never be touched.

Special Attack (2 Bars): Melt Away

Thorani melts away into a puddle of water, removing her from the field. She can not be targeted or damaged, and reappears about 5-7 seconds after the attack is used. The puddle automatically activates, letting you position a healing/damage puddle anywhere.

Special Attack (3 Bars): Rain Shower

Thorani summons a rain could for ~10 seconds that acts as a mobile active puddle. This means that any ally that moves past her (or is next to her) will be healed, and any foe that runs past her (or attacks her) will suffer damage. The damage and healing is reapplied once every second.

Once again, having Thorani in the front position will benefit you the most as everyone (friend or foe alike) must move past her to attack (excluding ranged attacks). Use this move as a better alternative to her 1 bar special, as it can output more healing than regular puddles can.

Basic Gameplay

Thorani excels at healing characters that are constantly attacking/moving. Therefore, she's best for players that like to attack with characters continuously instead of attacking with every character all at once.

For a focus on healing:

  • Have Thorani attack first.
  • Use her normal attack, as the puddles land inside your party as well as in front of any foe you attacked.
  • Remember to save your last attack to activate your puddles, so you can heal any ally about to attack.
  • Use Special attack 1 for a quick burst of healing around the party.
  • Use Special attack 3 for massive amounts of healing.

For a focus on damage:

  • Use her down attack, as the puddles land mainly around the foe(s) you attack.
  • Use special attack 1 to create a damage zone around the party.

Thorani's main drawback is that she is an indirect healer. You have to plan on where your puddles will land and where your characters are moving in order to heal them.

Also note that because Thorani lacks a up attack, she can not break guarded targets.


These combos focus less of damage and more on healing.

Raging Stream

  • Down Attack
  • Normal Attack
    (Attack with melee party members)
    (While party members are attacking) Up Attack

This will heal all the characters that are attacking the target, while also dealing a small amount of damage. I recommend using this as your main form of attack, as it gives your party a constant source of healing.

Alternatively, you can replace your third attack with a normal attack if you don't need to heal your party at the moment.

Pure Waters

  • Down Attack
  • Special attack 2
    (Attack with melee party members)

By activating special attack 2 after using down attack, you can leave a large permanent puddle that can be used by other characters while they attack for easy healing. This also damages foes touching it.

Showers of Life

Special Attack 3

  1. (Have every party member attack with their close range attack) + Down Attack
  2. (Space out the attacks so every party member remains close to the target for as long as possible)
  3. (Use as many attacks as possible)

Use this when you need to heal every party member at once with no failure or puddle movement. By timing your attacks right, you can have your whole party run past Thorani first for 1 heal, then have her join the rest of the party at the target to constantly be healing them. Space out your attacks so you can hold your characters next to Thorani as long as possible. Since Thorani will be down one attack from activating the special attack, she will run back first. Use this to then heal your party as they run back into their positions.

This combo is slightly spotty, as the healing is only triggered once per second. This is more of a guaranteed way to heal the whole party or just use Ginseng.





Ginseng and Honey


Written by Jakapoa.

Game:   Indivisible