The Division – Some Tips for the Solo Build

The most players prefer cooperate with others to go to the Dark Zone or fulfill missions on the high levels. It is much easier but you can choose the solo play if you like operating by yourself or you haven’t many friends. Post-apocalypse New York is very dangerous place, it’s crowded with different enemies and other players. You need to be ready for various unexpectedness’s and difficult tasks.

Firstly your stamina attribute should be improved as high as it can be. Depending on your style of play you need to combine it with other attributes. You must go to the Firearms if you prefer the shooters. Skill Power may suffer but you will mete out definitely more damages. If you do this very well it will not be even noticed.

If you doesn’t like this way of play you can improve the Skill Power with spec of Electronics. It means that you will need more time to chip away your enemies before they start to go down. But your characters’ skills will be much more effective and you will cool down significantly faster.

The Support Station is very important place for lone players. Med packs are limited but they are good fast fixes. However they are useless if you are going down. In this case Life Support mode will be very helpful, it will revive you automatically when it is necessary.

There are some options for your second skill but all of them are focused on crowd control. You can use Seeker Mine modded with the airburst, StickyBombs with a Flashbang mode, etc. But Turret is considered the most effective. The Zapper Turret Mode will enable it to shoo t with electrical darts to shock and damage numerous targets.

Survivor Link is one of the special skills but it’s the most preferable. It will increase speed and resistance of damage for your character. You can use it to make the final push on your enemy or escape alive if it’s the only way to survive.

When it comes to talents, critical save is sure necessary for you. You should use the med kit when you have low health for increasing resistance of damages by 40 % during 10 sec. Adrenaline – to get the overheal you should use the med kit when your health is not full. Strike Back is effective enough if you choose definite style of play.

You can combine, match and get better to find your own playstyle. But there is one thing you must know – the “challenging” difficulty of all missions will be impossible to complete for you. You will have to find some other players for doing it.

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