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Mistover - How to Kill The Great Worm (Easy Method)

Written by Jolgame   /   Oct 11, 2019    

How to Easy Kill Great Worm.

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Just Do This

Let's Kill Great Worm

1. Set three character

Shadow Blade, Onmyouji, Grim Reaper + Sister, Paladin (Base)

2. Get Skill

Shadow Blade

  • Sting Hard, Release Power!


  • Muscle Amulet, Paper Turtle.

Grim Reaper

  • Shadow Raid, Stealing Luck, Curse: Inescapaple

3. Let me follow a monster symbol other than the boss (set -> Monster, you, boss).

4. Fight that monster and buff your Dealer and Tanker 3 stack and end.

5. Fight The Great Worm

6. Onmyouji Update the buff until mp reaches 0.

7. If Worm burrow turn Use Onmyouji - Paper Turtle and Paladin - Provoke.

8. First kill allways Great Worm's Summon Last kill Target is Worm.


Written by Jolgame.

Game:   Mistover