The Terrible Old Man – 100% Achievement Guide and Walkthrough

Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining all achievements!


The Terrible Old Man is a very short point and click adventure with five story-related and one missable achievements. This guide contains major spoilers which are mostly not marked.



Three for Two

  • That’s quite a deal!

Location uncovered!

  • The old man won’t know what hit him.


  • What’s in the trunk?

Open Sesame

  • The riches are within grasp.

The End

  • Our players meet their demise.



  • We all have our dreams.
  • Speak with Silva after getting the beers.


Talk with the barman.

Open your inventory (top of the screen) and give two dollars to the barman.

Talk to Silva.

Speak with the barman and exhaust all dialogue options.

Talk to the locals at the counter and choose:

  • Where does the old man live?
  • No.
  • We wish to interview him for the local paper!
  • The Kingsport Commune.

Approach and talk with the woman.

Talk with the locals again. Choose:

  • We wish to interview him for the local paper!
  • The Kingsport Daily Star.
  • Talk with Ricci.

Try opening the trunk of the automobile.

Talk with Silva and ask him about the key.

Use the trunk key to open the trunk.

Open your inventory and use the spyglass on the window.

Give the masks to Silva and open the gate with the crowbar.

Watch the final cutscene.

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