Divinity: Original Sin 2 – How to Get Insanely Rich (During the Tutorial)

If you do not like exploits then you might not want to read this guide. Other then that its probably not a glitch so.

It is very quick to do, and depending on RNG will get you very rich indeed somewhere around 200-300 gold. At no cost! This is a lot for just starting out.

How to Do It

After the witch knocks everybody out, simply kill them. Don`t worry! After the boat crashes all you need to do is walk down a bit and see the red prince standing there and you will see that everybody does not stay dead.

However you do get a very large amount of fairly valuable loot!

Happy “killing”!

Bonus! (Not Exploit)

Look out for golden cups, they are worth a lot of gold, so far i have found 2 of em on the ship.

Written by Endgunner

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