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Conqueror's Blade - Guide for New Players (2019)

Written by Salty Biscuit   /   Oct 15, 2019    

Compile of different topic that is relevant to new players that would benefit everyone, and I won't have to repeatedly talk about the same thing to 100 different players over and over and over again....

After Tutorial

Once you have completed the Tutorial, your next goal should be reaching the soft cap level of 60 which allow you to unlock all content in the game. If you have tried to que for siege and it taken ages if never que you into a match, then you are likely not level 30 yet or just are above 30, but it is a time where most player are asleep. For those that are not level 30, it is recommended to level up in Training AI (or play field battle, because of there is a lack of players, AI will fill in, also offer better reward). After obtaining level 60, you would want to work towards lv 100 which will increase your possible loot reward chances, going above 100 just show to other you have some decent units.

Content Level Requirement:

Training AI: 1
Field Battle: 8

Siege: 10 (Recommended 30 for faster que time)
Deathmatch: 15, Time limited Game Mode, Monday/Thursday 10:30pm-1am EST
Free Battle: 15, Time limited Game Mode, Wednesday/Friday 10:30pm-1am EST
Territory War: 15 (Villages) 25 (All fief), Time limited Game Mode, Tuesday/Saturday 10:30pm - 11:30pm EST

Expedition 1: 20
Expedition 2: 40
Expedition 3: 60

Rebel Camp Easy/Moderate/Hard: 30 with 3-5 players (personally recommend 60+)

Game Mode

Training AI


You fight against 5 AI in a field battle setting, so basically capture and hold the point until the bar drop to 0. The AI for this game mode and the filler AI for Field Battle, both are fairly predictable. By this I mean the AI will normally run ahead of its own unit, however they only will wait for their unit if they moved towards a capture point belonging to the AI side, after their troops had gather they will move to the next point. Fair warning however, the AI enjoy to "zerg" you by this, it implies all 5 AI will come directly at you and throw their entire unit line up on top of you. If you are not prepare, your going to be in a world of pain.

Field Battle


Similar to the Training AI mode, this however is a larger scale in term its more players on each team, however if there are lack of player then AI will fill their spot. The objective is the same as in capture and hold the point until the bar of your enemy hit 0. The reward for this game mode is superior than that of Training AI, but about on par with Siege Battle as well.

Siege Battle


Attacker (15), you spawn in front of the castle, your objective is capture each of the point, but eventually capturing the main and final point which ends the match. There are map set artillery weaponry for player to use, as well as the Trebuchet (these can be broken by the enemies artillery) to use by any player ONCE per Siege match. There are also ladders for the attacking team to put up on the walls to scale unit up. There is also battering ram to bust down the front door, however some map will have 2 set of door or a outer door with no ram to use. These door can be broken by you the player easily if you just attack it. Finally there is also the Siege Towers where you can use your unit to push towards the wall to allow allies to mass scale the wall. Few map also have destructible wall such as Augolia, in the attacker side, the front gate, immediate right wall to the gate, you can use artillery to break it open, so you do not need to scale ladders or funnel into the front gate if you manage to secure the outer wall.

Side Note: Map with ABCD (D being final point), if A and B are connected to C, only one of the first two point need to be captured for C to open up, meaning if you manage to Cap A or B, you can try and rush C then rush their main and end the game.

Defender (14), You are to prevent the attacking team from taking over your capture point which increases their time and give them better spawns to attack you faster from. Your castle wall has many artillery weaponry to counter the attacker from outside, however it is HIGHLY recommended to watch your map and ping it, if enemies are flanking/scaling the wall with ladders, as most people are very much blind to the mini map and instead result to being extremely toxic towards other player by pushing their blame off. Unlike the attacker you do not have trebuchet, however you can if you manage to break enough of their artillery, to then target their trebuchet, the less they have, the fewer shot they can use per player. Additionally use the castle building/walls to your advantage to prevent your unit from getting hit by trebuchet, or even better, purposely bait your unit for a trebuchet by a attacker and then pulling them away. You can easily tell if a person is aiming a trebuchet at you by them looking your direction while doing nothing for a few second then randomly start to move around and attack or run away.



No units, just players and attempted cooperation in which team able to get to 30 kills first, winner have a 50% more or less chance to obtain a random skill page that can also be traded on the player market.

Free Battle


Field Battle, but no leadership cap, but only 5 unit selected cap, meaning you can literally bring 5 Golden Era units. There is no kit damage as well so there is no fear of losing your kit by chance if your squad is wiped. This mode is basically free xp and loot.

Territory War


This basically is world map fight for fiefs, you need to be in a house/alliance, and if your house liege or seneschal declare on X or Y fief, you can attack. HOWEVER, follow your superior direction for this as, this more so a hardcore PVP game mode which last 1 hour, +30 minute for on-going battles when the initial 1 hour had ended. Only Saturday TW actually matter as, when the day reset everyone in your house, if your house manage to own a fief, get a paycheck... however the paycheck depend on your rank, the majority will be Knight rank and really won't end up with much silver payout. With that said, instead of you are in a raider type house who attack and does not defend, you can earn much more silver this way. HIGHLY recommended that you join your house discord and also HIGHLY recommended for you to get on at least 15 minute before the war start. Fighting in fief, depend if it is a village vs a City/Fort, is reflective of the Field/Siege Battle game mode. KEY factor is, you have 1 life, if you die then you will be automatically kicked from the battle within 5 second, after exiting in defeat you have the wounded debuff which last 2 minutes or so which mean no one can attack you, but you cannot attack anyone either.

Expedition 1


  • White Elk Fort - Defend your commander from enemy forces which spawn in waves/sequences.
  • Frontier Camp - Defend your commander from enemy forces which spawn in waves/sequences.
  • Skylark Fort - Similar to Siege battle, everyone also spawn with 1 trebuchet (Highly recommended to use on the enemy AI artillery on their walls), the allies artillery are AI controlled, however the player can also control and use them at their own choice. Goal is to kill your enemies and eventually push into their main area killing the boss then capture the point.
  • Capture the Village - Attack the village, kill the enemy AI, watch out for AI controlled artillery, and setup to capture the final capture point of the map, which will spawn 1 boss and some squad of units.

Expedition 2 & 3


  • Westwood - Similar to Capture the Village, but without a capture point you and your team bust into a village fortified by many enemy squad and eventually rescue 5-10 villagers who will then gather into the center of the village for you to defend. Wave 1, enemy will come from the south (Infantry + Musket range support enemies). Wave 2, Enemy will come from the west (Infantry + Pikes + Archer support). Wave 3, Enemy will come from North (Cavalry + infantry + musket) and South (Infantry/Pikeman). Wave 4, Enemy will come from North (Cavalry + Infantry + Archer) and East ( Infantry + Archers). Wave 5, Enemy attack from all side, however North, South, and East will send in cavalry to attack you, with many many infantry type units as well as a boss or 2.
  • Skylark Fort - Similar to Siege battle, everyone also spawn with 1 trebuchet (Highly recommended to use on the enemy AI artillery on their walls), the allies artillery are AI controlled, however the player can also control and use them at their own choice. Goal is to kill your enemies and eventually push into their main area killing the boss which will then end the game.

Side Note: Unlike Expedition 1, the enemy resupply point will open up after your team which usually is the AI, start to push the ram/tower towards the wall which will spawn several squad of cavalry and infantry units, the door which open and spawn these enemies is also where the resupply point is for you to capture.

Game Mode (Rebel Camp)

Camps Easy/Medium (minimal 3ppls), Hard (minimal 4ppls). Minimum Level Requirement: 30 (Recommended 60+).


  • Spear Milita or Demense Spearman (Protect against range, demense spearman also can brace against cav, Spear milita are better against just guarding against range)
  • Ironcap Swordsman or Sword Milita (assault troop to kill archers)
  • Demense Pikeman or Pike Milita (anti cav)
  • Silver Era Archer (80 range+)
  • Ironcap Musket or Demense Crossbowman (close quarter range)

From spawn, use silver tier archer with attack area to focus fire down archers on the high ground, then move shield units up with archers behind and began to push to A, from capture QuarterMaster first. Once ready move troops in place and start capping A, enemy will spawn to attack you. After A is capture move cautiously up to point C, as a boss can spawn. After you manage to push up to C, and same as A, capture the QuarterMaster first, BUT send someone preferably a melee user to go up to the final point, kill both of the Hawcha and return back to C, then setup with a unit of pikes or just the demense spearman because calvary will usually spawn when C is being capped. After C has been capped, move up forward, clearing units and the archers as before, making sure that the range units have 80% ammo (unless it musket) and setup on final point. Boss will usually spawn as well.

Other Information

Attribute points

which you earn from level 1-60, I personally prefer just putting half the points (36) into strength, and the other half into agility, this way I can use multiples weapon effectively and honestly it just easier this way.

Requisition Order

these are use to gather resource node to bypass "collection prohibited" or gather from empty resource node at a 50% less resource rate. Secret Vault can randomly give you these or doing your daily 5 battle quest will earn you 2/day.

Weekly Questing

is highly recommend for you to complete at least to Tier 3 reward of 4 for the fact of, doing so would mean you be obtaining at least 3 fragile skill page which are used to give you a specific skill page of which you want. Tier 3 require 100 total pts from doing your weekly objectives, while 4 require 150, there is about 200-215 pts from all the possible weekly objectives combined so there is leg room for those who want to try and get the 4th reward.

Armor/Armor Penetration:

  • 500 armor 1000 penetration 1000 damage = 500 damage
  • 500 armor 1500 penetration 1000 damage = 666 damage
  • 500 armor 2000 penetration 1000 damage = 750 damage
  • vs
  • 500 armor 1000 penetration 1000 damage = 500 damage
  • 500 armor 1000 penetration 1500 damage = 750 damage
  • 500 armor 1000 penetration 2000 damage = 1000 damage

Basically you want 2-3x the penetration of your enemy armor, with the rest going into your damage, to do reasonably well against them.

Migration Token

are used to move your camp from the your current to another. Using the token to move into a fief within your region only cost 1 token, however moving your camp across any other region then the one your currently in will cost you 3 token. These token can be randomly obtain from the loot cache in the world map, secret vault rng, or buy from the apothcary for 5k silver each.

Treasure Exotic

are atm useless, and can be sold to the NPC for 1,000 silver each (Musk (Hide), Amber (Timber), Silk (Cotton), Garnet (), Turquoise ()

Kits/Resource Node Gathering

Gathering raw resource with a 5 lv 7 (bottom vet tree) serfs will give you 56 labor aka max labor currently possible. Will let you harvest the most for your bronze spent on any resource node, after harvesting said node, you will also obtain collection xp which is used to increase your gathering result through "research" of Technology tab which is found in the same UI as Unit/Unit Tree. A side product of gathering said raw resources, you also randomly will gather exotics which can be used to craft higher tier materials for better artillery weapon or unit kits. Making these materials also cost silver (2/green, 5/blue, 20/purple). After invested in these materials you can then spend a bit more silver into making unit kits which save you bronze... however doing this entire process is highly recommended for player who thinking long term. Short term however, raw resource is used to complete your weekly 20 fief quest, but each day reset you can repeat the same quest you done on X or Y fief the other day until you hit the 20 cap.

Roaming Rebel

These AI enemies are all around the map, orange and red, red are aggressive type which will pursue you if you are close giving you option of, fighting, attempt to flee, or pay them off with a small amount of bronze. The orange ones are passive, you can actually mug them, yes MUG THEM. There is no real point in fighting them unless you are after getting rebel trophy which are only useful in doing fief quest.

Crafting Armor/Weapon

Go to the Smith, you can craft your weapon/armor. Crafted equipment give you random roll of bonus stat, the higher the rarity the more bonus stat it can have. Additionally, if your equipment durability has been repaired from Excellent > Good > Worn, at the stage when it worn and show up as breaking in your UI, go to the armorer who has the option of reconditioning. To recondition, you need to un-equip your equipment into your inventory and have the same crafting requirement (blueprint as well) to fix the item back to full, doing so also offer a option to either keep your armor with the same rarity and stat. Or select option B which roll for new stat and can also be a higher/lower rarity.

Salvaging for materials

To best salvage for materials for equipment crafting, to obtain unbound material your best bet would be the random drop from reward of matches. To obtain bounded material (also unbounded, but not recommended), go speak to the Horse Seller, this NPC sell horse and horse armor, buy horse armor and salvage them at the Smith. Certain armor type and depend on rarity will grant you more or less material, as well as certain materials, ie armor A gives metal ring, but armor B gives steel plate instead. Doing this is the easiest way to obtain bound material, but will cost you quite a lot of bronze doing so, at the same time you can do this exact same trick to obtain unbound material, but that would be very difficult as silver is a fairly limited currency you can earn each week. There is also the smugglers in the AI captial town of each region who also sell unbound white material at 100 silver each, which is strongly NOT recommend on buying from.

Written by Salty Biscuit.