Rust – Halloween Update 2019 (Guide)

New items / commands in the new Halloween event for Rust 2019. Halloween update will come 17/10/2019.

New Items

Create Costume

  • Costume works just like the barrel costume.
  • Same size as the regular crate.
  • You move a tinny bit so that is what can give you away.

Scarecrow Wrap

  • Head-wear that gives you extra luck with the Halloween event. 
  • There is a bug with it atm that it still is saying candy vision from the Easter event.

Halloween Candy

  • During the Halloween event the Halloween candy will spawn on the ground for players to pick up.

Pumpkin Bucket

  • The pumpkin Bucket is use to pick up the Halloween candy from the ground during the Halloween event.

Small Loot Bag

  • The small loot bag is what you can get when you upgrade using 10 Halloween candy. 
  • So 10 Halloween candy = 1 small loot bag (bug has the same description as the Easter egg event).

Medium Loot Bag

  • The medium loot bag is what you can get when you upgrade using 10 small loot bags. 
  • So 10 small loot bags = 1 medium loot bag.

Large Loot Bag

  • The large loot bag is the highest teir of the Halloween event loot bags and can be gotten using 10 medium loot bags. 
  • So 10 medium loot bags = 1 large loot bag.

Halloween in Game Event

  • Works like the same as the Easter 2019 Event.
  • There is still a leader board.
  • The sounds have been changed.
  • The winner gets prizes from getting the most out of the server.
  • Server admin command to spawn the event – spawn halloweenhunt.

Loot from Small Loot Bag

  • Pumpkin basket
  • Metal frags
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Chocolate bars
  • Scarecrow wrap
  • Compound bow – with 10 arrows
  • Bow – with 15 arrows

Loot from Medium Loot Bag

  • Pump shotgun – 12 shotgun shells
  • Radiation suit
  • Spider webs
  • Revolver – with 20 pistol bullets
  • Chain saw – with random ammount of lowgrade
  • Double barrel shotgun – with 5 shells
  • Jackhammer
  • Stone – 2,500
  • Graveyard fence
  • Coffin
  • Crate costume
  • Hqm
  • Grave stone
  • F1 Grenades – 3
  • Wooden cross

Loot from Large Loot Bag

  • M39 – with 50 bullets
  • LR300 – with 20 bullets
  • Mutiple Grenade Launcher
  • M249 – with 50 bullets
  • Rockets – 5 Incendiary rockets and 3 HV rockets
  • Mp5 – 30 bullets

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  1. It’s random loot but you will get one of the items listed.And you will get candy pretty fast so you will have plenty of chances to get the sweet loot.

  2. Oddball and anyon else the candy will spawn in the same direction you pick it up in.So you can kinda go around in a circle and get it all bunched up in the middle.

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