Gensokyo Night Festival – How to Find All Stone Items

All Scarlet, Verdure, Crimson and Azure Stones in this Early Access Stage 1 – Gensokyo Nigh Festival.

Gensokyo Outskirts

Right at the beggining, all the way to the top. Keep holding Dash to get there.

Top of Gensokyo Outskirts – West of OldPath, same area where you fight Rumia. There’s a Bell, hit it enough times and the Stone will come out.

Through a small hole at the top of Gensokyo Outskirts – Limestone Cave.

Near Entrance

Top left of the Near Entrance – Ten Temple Gates.

Near Entrance – Forgotten Shrine.

Right above the rock blocking the tunnel at the Near Entrance – Tunnel Entrance.

Top of Near Entrance – Old Path Entrance.

Fake ground at the Near Entrance – Closed Road.

Hidden passage above the Shrine Approach Tunnel, at the Near Entrance.

Old Path

At the Old Path – Water Fall. A hidden entrance from below.

At the Old Path – Tiny Plunge Basin, there’s a Stone inside of a water mill. Use Bomb (Downwards, X) while Sparseness fully charge to frozen the water at the right time to be able to get it.

Hidden hole above Old Path – Waterfall Sound Rock Face

Old Path – Riverside Square. Kill this Yokai bunny.

Hakurei Shrine

At the Hakurei Shrine – Shrine Approach Tunnel Entrance, hidden hole from below.

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