Friday the 13th: The Game – Gameplay Tips

Tips For Counselors

  • Communication is key to survival. If you manage to find people or find a walkie talkie, don’t hesitate to make a plan. 
  • A footnote for the above point, keep unnecessary radio chatter to a minimum and only to relay important info; if it is critical info, like where a gas can is, wait until you know Jason is away so that he doesn’t suspect that you are pushing for an objective and react. Otherwise, constant chatter just gives you away. 
  • Other counselors are marked as white circles on your minimap, or white arrows if they are far away. 
  • Use compass directions to help people locate things; this is very helpful to counselors who can’t find a map. 
  • If you have a pocket knife, it’s handy to let your team know so that they know that you can tank a grab. Jason will be stunned with a pocket knife, so there is no need to stick around or try to stun him again. 
  • On your minimap there is a small circle that emits from the center. This shows you how much noise you are making. Noise appears as blips that Jason can see. If you are trying to hide, keep an eye on your minimap to see how much noise you are making. 
  • Be aware that even the characters with the highest stealth can still be detected by Jason’s sense ability if he is close enough. Even though you are sneaky and make less noise, give him a wide berth if he’s nearby. 
  • Jason’s ability to detect you relies on two things: your stealth and your composure. Stealth helps you make less noise, making it hard for Jason to find you via blips. Composure makes it so you don’t gain fear as quickly, meaning Jason has a harder time sensing you (more fear, easier sense). If you are having trouble escaping Jason after being found, consider a counselor with higher composure instead of stealth so you can’t be sensed as often. Stealth characters are designed to never be found at all under the right conditions. 
  • If you pick a character with less composure but a lot of stealth, sneak in places that has and may have low activity such as trails and cabins with no objective near them. At the very least, it gives you a good chance to gear up in peace. Otherwise, being in areas that Jason may frequent could be dangerous depending on your level of fear and if he is actively sensing. 
  • Hiding spaces in cabins is a good way to escape Jason, as long as you broke line of sight long enough. Make it look like you exited out of the cabin to increase your odds (open door or window), or make it look as if you never entered the room at all (close the door behind you and not lock it). Higher composure will also help so he can’t sense you in the cabin from outside. 
  • Avoid repairing things with a low repair skill, unless you are just that good with QTE. If you fail, it will create and audible sound that Jason can hear. 
  • Keep an eye out for cabins with red and white radio towers; this is a visual indication that there is a radio inside to call Tommy Jarvis. 
  • Sometimes, acting as bait will help your team survive. For instance, you have a character with high stamina and your teammates have stealthy repair characters. Use your speed to distract Jason while the other counselors repair something. 
  • If you are looking for parts for a car, boat or phone box, check the cabins closest to the objective first. In most cases, at least one part is found in a cabin nearby. The other parts, however, are more randomized. 
  • Avoid gathering too much fear (being in the dark, being chased by Jason, being alone, and getting hurt). It will allow Jason to more effectively sense you. You can track your fear level by your counselor’s expression. You can reduce fear by arming yourself, remaining in lit areas and being with other counselors. 
  • If you see a dead body in the distance, avoid it unless you can afford it. It will not only make you more fearful, but it will also stagger you, making it easier for Jason to catch you. 
  • There is a button that allows you to completely reverse your camera to look behind you. Use this to remain aware of what is behind you without having to turn the camera manually. 
  • Characters with low strength should take a firearm over a melee weapon. But, a melee weapon is better than nothing. 
  • Blunt weapons, like pipes or a baseball bat, are better at actually knocking Jason down; bladed weapons , like axes or machetes, are more for reducing his health, which is more for the “Kill Jason” objective. 
  • The large cabin on the map is usually the place of highest contention, as it will usually spawn with a car or a phone. If you spawn there and aren’t ready, it’s advised to make some distance. 
  • Keep track of Jason’s ability unlock sound cues (the Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma, as the game calls it). Sense will unlock first, then shift, then stalk, then rage. If it is early in the game and you haven’t heard a second cue, you can assuredly run away from Jason easier since he doesn’t have shift. Conversely, if you hear the fourth cue towards the lategame, keep your ears open since Jason can now stalk and surprise you. 
  • If you have a firearm and are about to shoot Jason, try to cut down the time between aiming the gun and firing so that Jason doesn’t have time to react. This can take practice, but this makes dealing with Jason easier. 
  • Jason cannot be stunned while he is doing a killing animation; don’t waste your ammo. 
  • YOU CAN hurt other counselors. Make sure they are not in your way when you shoot and line up your shot carefully if you are trying to hit Jason when he’s holding someone. 
  • Look out for condensed patches of leaves. These are traps hidden by Jason and can hurt you greatly. 
  • Jumping out of a two story window hurts enough to slow you down. Avoid doing so or have a med spray handy. 
  • Use radios in a clever manner. They will make noise that can’t be differentiated from you by Jason. You can turn one on as you leave the cabin to throw Jason a red herring, or you can use reverse psychology and make Jason think you have left while you hide in a closet. 
  • Place bear traps in front of places you know Jason will go to if he chases you (in front of doors or around a corner). It is helpful to let your team know that there are traps down, as counselors can be hurt by them too. 
  • If you are being chased by Jason and see other counselors remaining stationary on your minimap, try not to drag them into your chase by running near them. In most cases it is a stealthy counselor trying to hide until Jason leaves. But, if you are not feeling so compassionate, you can forget that and make Jason switch targets. 
  • While being chased, get to the nearest cabin. If you sprint for too long, you will run out of stamina with no way to get it back, making you DEAD easy prey. If you manage to get into a cabin, it will buy you some time to regain stamina and try and think of a plan. 
  • One pinch to the above tip: once it gets to the lategame, cabins become less safe. Jason can freely bust through locked doors and he can use Stalk to surprise you. 
  • Stalk makes it so the music that normally plays when Jason is nearby doesn’t play until you see Jason. If you know Jason has it, keep your head on swivel and listen for his heavy footsteps. 
  • If you are hiding in under a bed or in a closet, use Hold Breath wisely. You make an audible sound when breathing in and a very audible sound when you stop holding. I’ve managed to hide from Jason without having to use it at all, but that may be thanks to high composure of my counselor. 
  • Both the car and the boat are stupidly sensitive. Be careful when you are driving and avoid using a lead foot. Even at a modest speed the car can outpace Jason. 
  • If you hit Jason with the front side of the car, he will just smash it down, forcing you to restart it. Avoid hitting him head on. 
  • Be able to adapt and find a new objective. If a Jason catches wind that you are pushing for the car, for example, he may camp it. It is then that you will need to adjust your strategy, perhaps changing focus to another objective.

Friday the 13th: The Game - Gameplay Tips

Tips For Jason

  • Morph is a less effective shift in a pinch. If you need to catch a counselor who is just leaving the house, use this to close the gap. 
  • Sense is made to detect people with fear. Noises generated by counselors are visible without it. Players with high stealth make it hard to pintpoint their location, but if they lack composure they will be easily spotted by sense. 
  • Break windows and doors if you can afford the time. Counselors are hurt each time they go through broken windows. 
  • If you pass by a generator, destroy it. It makes most cabins in the area dark, causing stress for counselors or forcing them to use an easiliy spotted flashlight. If a counselor is in a cabin when the power goes out, they will be audibly startled, giving away their position. 
  • Doors that only have a lock can be broken down with one swing, so break them down if they try to lock you out with them. 
  • While shifting, you can end it by pressing Attack or Grab. Doing so will immediately end shift and do the action. This is the basic way to do a shift-grab. 
  • While attempting a shift-grab, try to place yourself a little bit in front of the counselor so they run into your grab. More often that not they will escape if you end your shift behind them. 
  • If someone does a stand off with you with a gun in hand, use your shift to close the gap quicker than they can react. 
  • Counselors with blunt objects can knock you down, which wastes precious time. Wait for them to swing at you then make your move. 
  • Throwing knives can be thrown through windows. 
  • Press and hold the Throwing Knives button to aim the knife; letting go will throw it. Press grab to exit aiming. 
  • Punish counselors who run in a straight line with throwing knives. 
  • If you find a counselor in the water or on a boat, abuse the fact that you move wickedly fast while in water and drown them. 
  • If you can’t find where counselors are, check cars, boats and phone boxes. They need to use these to escape and will have to go around that area eventually. 
  • Some counselors will wait out the match by camping in one hiding spot. You can counter this by busting every generator on the map to have each cabin go dark. The stress of the darkness will eventually outweigh the composure of hiding, creating fear and availability to be sensed. 
  • You can end sense early by pressing the Sense Button again. This allows you to control your cooldown. 
  • Stalk can be used to surprise counselors who are in cabins, as their line of sight (their only way to detect you then) is limited. They can literally round the corner and run right into you without time to realize that you were there. 
  • Moving while using stalk lowers its effective time, with running degrading it faster. If you remain still the ability will last for MINUTES. 
  • If you suspect that a counselor has a pocket knife, wound them to the point that they are grabbing their arm; if they so happen to have a knife they won’t be able to run far enough. Alternatively, you can just kill them with your weapon. 
  • Certain grab kills require flat ground, including any that throw the counselors to the ground (the axe neuter is a prime example). Have a few grab kills that still carry the counselor (like the choke) to have something to fall to if the terrain isn’t allowing other finishers. This is important because counselors will eventually break out of your grasp. 
  • Be passively aware of where you are when you grab a counselor for a kill, as context kills may be nearby. Some examples are windows, open doors, the toilet, the fireplace, trees with short branches, coat hangers, and ankle high rocks or stumps. Context kills will be marked with a circle when you go near them. 
  • Place traps in front of repair objects so that counselors have no option but to run over them to repair the object (place one in front of a phone fuse box, for example). They are hard to see and can only be disarmed by using up a pocket knife. You can also place them in front of windows so that it catches the counselor when they jump out. 
  • Traps you place are highlighted on your map as red symbols. Use this to tell if a counselor has tripped one. 
  • You cannot replenish traps, so don’t waste them. Knives, on the other hand, can be found throughout the map. 
  • Remember that some chases are used solely to distract you while other counselors repair objects. If you find a group of counselors, focus on the ones with the high repair skill or the stealthy ones to ensure that their progress is hindered (they are also easy chases, too, since their stealth or repair skill sacrifices speed and stamina). 
  • Don’t be dissuaded by Jasons who can’t run. Wounded counselors are still slower and knives exist to prove that. Some Jasons can counter the slow movement with other abilities, like Spear Jason’s quicker shift cooldown. 
  • Less hit points means that it will take less hits to remove your mask, which is required for them to kill you. It is a hard objective for them to complete, but be aware that it will be easier for them if you have less hit points. 
  • If you hear Pamela (Mom) say that she is being “taken”, immediately go to your spawn point. What she is telling you is that someone has stolen the sweater from your shrine, which can be used to stun you and even set you up for your death. 
  • Camping objectives is a double edged sword. Counselors won’t go near it, but you won’t be able to check other objectives. Distribute your attention across all objectives. The only exception is a completed police escape, where it wouldn’t be a bad idea to corner counselors there. 
  • If you kill a counselor with a repair item, it can usually be safely assumed that that objective is compromised, since other counselors will need to find the dead body, which is bad for them, and they might not even know where that counselor died. But, discord and other methods of communication exist, and sometimes they will get lucky. 
  • Eavesdrop on conversations that the counselors are having, as it may tell you what they are up to. Stalk is handy for this. 
  • Be aware of what the counselors are saying to their pals. If they say something like “he’s by me”, then you may not be by someone else, meaning that other counselors may not be nearby. 
  • Remain aware of bear traps that counselors set. You can peek at the above section to see where they may leave them. 
  • One of my tips for counselors is to avoid dead bodies as it will raise their fear and stagger them. Abuse that. 
  • Cabins will most likely not light up during sense if a counselor is in a hiding spot. If you suspect someone is still around, don’t hesitate to nudge a few of them. Sometimes, if you nudge the counselor’s hiding spot, they will gasp. Of course, don’t waste too much time. 
  • Eric J.r Lachappa’s tip: Leave a trap at the entrance to your spawn area. That way the counselors have one extra, and potentially fatal, obstacle they must face if they want the sweater.

Friday the 13th: The Game - Gameplay Tips

Additional Counselor Tips

  • Sometimes you are able to hear counselors scream in the distance and even hear them dying. Use this to determine where Jason is in relation to where the sound is coming from and where the counselors are in that direction. 
  • Sprint only when you very well need to. Not only does it make noise that Jason can track, it also stresses out your counselor, making them more vulnerable to sense. If you are trying to complete an objective while Jason is away, move slowly and covertly so that Jason doesn’t catch you, otherwise he may compromise the objective by camping it. 
  • Adding to the above point as well as a previous point, low stealth characters (Vanessa) do not mix well with high stealth characters (A.J.). A stealth character’s job is to maneuver around the map undetected, while a low stealth character even jogging will give them away easily. If you notice a high stealth counselor is around and you aren’t at least a 6 in stealth, do them a favor and keep moving so the noise you make doesn’t draw Jason to them. 
  • Jason knows exactly where every objective is; keep this in mind when you think you are being stealthy, as being near an objective can be risky if he is a Jason that isn’t preoccupied and routinely checks objectives. 
  • If you are in a hiding spot, the cabin you are in will not be lit by sense. Use this as an escape tactic, but be sure to not arouse suspicion that you are there, such as trying some of the above tips about hiding spots. Otherwise, the fact that you are hidden by sense is balanced by the fact that Jason one-hit kills you while in a hiding spot. 
  • If the cabin has no power, hiding spots are less effective against sense. I am unsure if having low fear increases your chances. 
  • Sometimes it is better to leave a repair item near the objective if you feel a chase is imminent, as to avoid running off with it and having Jason kill you, therefore losing the item in most cases. For instance, if the pressure is on, you can leave the car keys next to the car so that someone else can pick them up if needed. 
  • Cabin bathrooms nearly always have a med spray in them. 
  • Pocket knives are able to disarm Jason’s traps. However, once you use one, it is gone. 
  • Along trails and roads you may run into a large map of the camp; a map will always be available to pick up from there. 
  • If Jason is using throwing knives, put blockages in between you and him (trees, mainly) to avoid getting hit. 
  • Don’t forget you have a flashlight. Keeping it on will help reduce your fear gain. Of course, turn it off if you feel you will be spotted. 
  • Jason with rage is more vulnerable to bear traps in front of doors, since he can’t see it in enough time to avoid it as he koolaids in. 
  • Camp Crystal Lake is a unique map as it lacks a main lodge (the largest building). Another unique factor is that is has a shooting range (bow and arrow symbol), a mechanics shop (wrench and screwdriver) and a boat house (oars). The shooting range always spawns with a shotgun; the mechanics shop is a potential spawn for the fuse box; the boat house most likely has a boat part if the boat is in the game. 
  • The flare gun can not only stun Jason but also marks him on the map for a breif period. It will show on the minimap as well, even if he is far away.

Written by R34LM.

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