Jey’s Empire – The Undercover Agents Guide

At least you will know how to best use your undercover agents at Jey’s Empire.

Undercover Agents Basics

Undercover agents are one of the best weapons of your arsenal:

  • They “cost” you few agents, it’s a cheap action.
  • They are great at giving you good information about an organization.
  • They allow you to influence an organization from the inside.

But they have drowbacks:

  •  They need time to be really efficient
  •  They do a dangerous job and can be eliminated

An undercover agent has a level that represents his rank in an organization. He begins with the rank zero and has no influence. With time, he will climb the ranks and his level score will rise to a maximum of 20.

It’s a long way, but fortunately they are shortcuts:

  • If you help an organization with the action “help”, your agent will gain levels faster.
  • Some of your special agents in charge gives bonuses to your agents in some cases.

With Mickey White, your agents infiltrated in the Ku Klux Klan will gain levels faster. With Barney Dimbster, your agents infiltrated in the Mafia will gain levels faster.

The level of an agent influence his ability to not being discovered, to gain useful informations, increase the strength of the legal case your are building and to influence the organization.

Undercover agents of levels < 10 are not really useful.

A Dangerous Job

These agents may die!

Some organizations are more dangerous for your undercover agents than other. Those dangerous organizations are those with a high violence score, the wary ones, and the paranoid ones.

Your agent may gain some traits during his perillous duty:

  • Threatened cover: Your agent will be less efficient and if the organization is violent he may well be “terminated” next time. It may be the moment to stop his mission.
  • Borderline agent: your agent is far beyond the boundaries of the law that the legal strength of the case will be ruined. The good side is that he will be less suspected to be a federal agent.

Agents under the direction of Mickey or Barney will be less likely to lose their cover, they get the “borderline” trait instead (if they are in the klan for Mickey, or in the Mafia for Barney).

When an agent die, the Threat score of the targeted organization will increase. So think twice before sending another agent to his fate, infiltrating this organization.

When you make some arrests in an organization, the cover of your agent will automatically becomes threatened. He will still be able to operate, but with more risks for himself.

Subversion and Other Funny Games with Your Agent

Yes a skilled undercover agent can transform the Southern Christian Leadership Conference into a dangerous terrorist organization. It won’t be easy, it will take time, but it is doable.

Undercover agents unlocks to interesting actions:

  • Radicalize: this action will increase the violence level of an organization (sometimes its Action score too). It can turn a legal organization into an organization you can arrest. (reaching a violence score of 3 will often do the trick)
  • Create Dissent: this one will lower the activity level of an organization. it’s perfect to destroy an organization from the inside.

Don’t play that kind of game with the Mafia: the result will mostly be a blood bath and a skyrocketing level of threat.

Creating dissents is one of your coolest weapons against the Ku klux klan: Mickey White gives a huge bonus to this action. In fact he can destroy a klavern in a few months.

To have some success in those actions, you will need a skilled agent or an organization that as yet some internal dissents.

Trying to create dissent if your agent is low level, will only threaten his cover.

Undercover Agents and RPG

If you play in 1957, try to infilrate the McClellan comity: it will unlock some dialogues with Adonis Lunarc, one of your best agents.

This RPG dialogue will give you a lot of options about the Mafia and the McClellan comity.

After that, the same agent will infiltrate the Bobby Kennedy team and later the Weatherman and other New Left groups.

It will be the occasion to learn a lot about this part of American history, by earing the reports of your agent.

Later in the game, “BM”, another undercover agent will teach you a lot about the Black Panther Party. (And help you destroy totally this organization).

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