Space Robinson – How to Upgrade Your Armor

Guide to how to get all of the necessary components needed to upgrade your armor in Space Robinson.

Freeing Sunday (Sandy)

To upgrade your armor, you first have to save sandy.

This is done by getting sent back through a wormhole by the Crystal Boss at least once and playing through the game again to the Snowy outpost. She is trapped in a bluish crystal block (pictured above) and you can free her by breaking it with your wrench.

She can then be found in Colony 21 in the room beyond the farm.

Finding the Proton Accelerator

Sandy gives you the hint: “They say the last Proton Accelerator is hidden somewhere in Colony 21, but we couldn’t find it.”

The can be obtained by breaking a part of the Colony’s outer wall in the front.

Finding Liquid Crystal

Sandy gives you the hint: “I think there was a special furnace for melting crystals in the Collapsed Caves. But I’m not sure.”

This is much more difficult to figure out, but one of the glowing yellow displays can give you the message:

“Diary of Senior Miner Xu. Entry 15.##”A couple of days ago we found the entrance to a collapsed cave system in the desert plains near Colony 21. It was under one of those fragile stones. We couldn’t go deep into the caves – there were too many blocked passages. We have to go back and continue to study the caves. What if there’s something interesting in there?”

So, to find the Collapsed Caves, you must go through the first two levels of the desert area, breaking all of the breakable light tan blocks along the way. You do not need to destroy the triangle bushes or exploding plants. After destroying the last block in the second level, a pinkish purple portal will open up, taking you to the Collapsed Caves.

Inside the caves, you will be faced with a few rooms full of enemies with one floating red sphere (pictured above) in each room. Eventually, you will stumble across the “special furnace”(pictured below). Interact with it and you will get the liquid crystal item.

Finding Ultralight Titanium

Sandy gives you this hint: “To make Ultralight Titanium, all you need to do is take a piece of titanium and heat it up properly.”

This is more straight forward than the liquid crystal. It is found in the second area of the tropical zone. There is a bluish stone that looks very out of place. If you shoot the block with a fire weapon will eventually break, dropping the item.

Finishing the Armor

After you collect the last artifact required, return to Colony 21 and the armor will be waiting for you in front of Sandy.

Sandy has this to say about the armor: “You worked hard for this – and so did I. Try your new armor on! I installed a cutting-edge damage control module.”

“Any damage received when the module is active will lead to a temporary disconnection and a rollback to your previous bodily state. Have fun!”

What this means is that when you roll (the game refers to this as a “jump”) you will leave an after-image behind that will stick around for a few seconds. While this after-image is present, any time you would have received damage, you are instead transported back to the after-image and given a second or two of invincibility. This has no cool-down and can be used as often as you can roll. If used correctly, this makes you nearly invincible.

Now that you have the armor, you have the ability to finish the game for real! Play through the game to the final boss and this time when he throws you through the wormhole… well I guess you’ll just have to find out what happens on your own!

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