Friday the 13th: The Game – The Basics for Both Counselor and Jason

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  • Weapons have different stats. If you want to full list, look it up online, but the short version is you’ll want to use the Bat, Pot, Pan, Wrench, and Stick if you want to have the highest chance of stunning Jason. 
  • Having your flashlight on will help reduce your fear, especially when out in the dark by yourself. 
  • Be sure to check the corners of houses for gas and the battery as it’s sometimes very well hidden and not easy to catch while just walking by it. 
  • Characters with 10 stealth don’t have to hold their breath when hiding under beds, they won’t be panting heavily like others do. They might still “oh god please don’t find me”, but I’ve had cases where that does and doesn’t happen on the same character. 
  • You can disarm traps. All you have to do if crouch next to it, but get extremely close to it and then hit your action button. 
  • Bathrooms will most of the time have medsprays, this is usually the extra room in the back of some cabins. Make sure to check them! 
  • Slow climbing over windows does little to no damage to you. Don’t be afraid to slow vault over a few, especially if you have a medspray. 
  • Some maps have a little bulletin board with maps inside of them. Simply walk up to it and press your action button in order to take one. 
  • If you’re a 10 stealth character, jogging will not make any noise. Sprinting however, will. 
  • The higher your strength, the easier it is to break out of Jason’s grasp. So if a smart Jason is just wacking you instead of grabbing you, it’s probably because you can break out of their grasp in less than 2 seconds. 
  • Tommy Jarvis will not spawn until at least 2 people are out of the game. This could be 2 escaped people, or 2 dead people, or even 1 escaped 1 dead but not any less. 
  • High composure will NOT prevent your counselor from screaming when seeing Jason nearby, you will do it regardless. 
  • If your screen had its hud very faded or completely gone, Jason will be able to sense you. That is your fear, the higher it is, the harder it is to hide. Get into a lit building, with your flashlight on and then try to hide once your fear is very low or gone. 
  • Seeing a dead body will not raise your fear if you keep your flashlight on after being spooked. Even on the 1 composure counselors it does next to nothing as long as your flashlight is on. 
  • Both the gas and battery can spawn inside the barn. Just because you don’t find it ever in the barn, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Check the barn. 
  • Jason can be juked while he’s shifting (teleporting). When he shifts and you know he’s close to you and about to grab you, just start turning sharply in a bunch of different direction and it’ll be almost impossible to grab you. I’ve been shift + grabbed very few times when following this strategy. 
  • While driving, if Jason is in front of you and you really can’t juke him, don’t be afraid to backup. It’s nearly impossible to stop the car while it’s backing up, some people will even backup the entire match just to about being stopped. 


  • Break the power in each area, a counselor’s fear will be increased significantly when in the dark without light. They can counteract this with flashlights, but you’ll be able to see their little light poking through doors and such if they’re close enough in the dark. 
  • It’s wise to just whack characters with high strength as it’ll be hard to get a grab kill with that. The higher their strength, the easier it is for them to break out of your grasp. 
  • You are not likely to be stunned by a counselor unless they are using a Stick, Pot, Pan, Wrench, or Bat. Even if you eat a hit, if they’re not using those weapons it’s not likely that it’ll stun you when they do. 
  • If you’re having trouble finding someone because they have 10 stealth, just try teleporting around and listening for a “AHHH!”. Every counselor will scream when they see you. Use that scream as the way to find them. 
  • There isn’t really a best way of finding counselors set on camping in one spot the entire game. But the easiest way to find ones hiding in closets and under beds is to break all the power like I mentioned in a previous tip, and then waiting for their fear to go up enough that you can finally sense them. This doesn’t work for tents though, for that you should just check all the tents. 
  • Don’t worry about people killing you. It’s already hard enough to knock off your mask in an environment where you aren’t literally letting them. 
  • Use your traps on the small cabins. For the bigger ones, there are way too many windows that the counselor will just pick a window that isn’t trapped. But on the smaller cabins, there’s usually only 2 windows, so just trap one, and break the other. 
  • If a counselor is just waiting on the other side of a trap for you to step on it, just shift over it and then grab them. You don’t HAVE to step in traps. 
  • Use your weapon and throwing knives. You don’t HAVE to grab them immediately. If they’re good at juking you from shift+grab, then just hit them until they’re weak and then grab them. Even if they have a knife to stab you, now they’re injured and have to either heal or just accept their death. 
  • You get so much more points wise if you use different kill animations and even more if you get an environment kill like putting a counselor on a coat hanger, smashing their head in a door, etc. 
  • If you aren’t sure where an environment kill is, when you pick up a counselor you can see the little interaction circles for most environment kills even when you aren’t near them, give your area a good scan before just using one of your grab kills. 
  • This isn’t at all listed, but for Part 9 Jason, his Shift is faster than any other Jason to my knowledge. It ends about as fast as the other Jasons, but it’s way faster than the others. 
  • Even if people wiggle out of your grasp, you can get back up to chase them almost immediately. Seriously, you’re stunned for about 3 seconds. The only thing that stuns you for long is being knocked down, shot, or stabbed. 
  • Their are many types of envirnoment kills, here are a lot of them. The toilet, a tree branch, a tree stump, the edge of a small table, coat hanger, an open door, a window, a railing, a medium sized tree, a fire place, and camp fires. Those are the ones I currently know of, so be sure to look around for more as you’re rewarded with the most possible points for killing someone using the envirnoment. 
  • If you’re having trouble with one person, don’t just keep following them. Leave them alone and move onto another objective. I’ve found that most Jasons that just stick on one person the whole match tend to only kill maybe half of the counselors at the most. You can teleport very often as Jason, use that ability to move onto others. 
  • Use your Stalk ability to lure people out. Pop it and try to talk to the survivors to help you with putting the battery in the car or something, this has worked out so many times that it’s actually hilarious to me. Even if you don’t wanna do that, Stalk will remove the music counselors here when you’re nearby, so just wait for them to come out or surprise them by giving them less time to react to you being in the area. 
  • Throwing knives are so powerful, if you’re already hit a counselor, then 1 throwing knife will usually do the trick in slowing them down. If they’re slow, they can’t really juke you or run away. Like killing counselors in a barrel. 

I hope that this list was at least somewhat helpful to you in becoming a better Friday the 13th player. Stay safe out there…or make sure others don’t.

Written by Otter.

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