War Thunder – How to Angle Armor

A guide to learning how to angle armor and finding out how effective your armor is at an angle in War Thunder.

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Learning Your Tank’s Armor and Opponent’s Armor

When you get a new vehicle, you will need to first understand how much armor it really has. Learning where you might want to angle your armor at it’s most potential. Go into Armor view in the hangar below the tank’s stats. You will find how thick your armor is and how effective it is when you are at a certain angle.

It is also vital to learn your opponent’s armor thickness and effectiveness when angled, this way you will know where to fire at. Explore around the different nations, click on other tanks and use the Preview button to look at the tank’s stats, modifications, and armor.

Learning How To Angle and Using The Environment To Help

Now, angling is pretty much what it sounds like. You angle the armor so then your armor effectiveness can go to its full potential.
If you are using a lower-tier tank in the 1.0-1.3 Battle Rating, your armor isn’t really good enough to ricochet shots, however, certain tanks in that BR can take in minimal damage when angled.

The image below is an example of good and bad angles.

Using The Environment To Provide More Armor Effectiveness

Self-explanatory. Taking cover in or near bushes, terrain (such as hills, rocks, etc), and trees can help you with your armor. It can cause visibility problems with the opponent, making him(or her) to not know where to hit. Making them mess up a shot, and possibly causing minimal or no damage at all.

The image below is an example of using terrain to its potential.

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