Destiny 2 – Gambit Beginner Guide

Whats up danger? You wanting to play some Gambit? Or are you just looking for fun doing bad? Look no further than here Brother. Gambit is an opportunity to make some glimmer by being bad and hunting everything here down.


Gambit is all about time and money, risk and reward. Collect motes and fill up those banks to summon and destroy a super powered Taken called a Primeval. Now I know what you’re wondering: How am I gonna do that? Well by killing things of course. Thrall, dregs, cabal, you name ’em, all to be killed and used to bank motes. Gambit wouldn’t be called Gambit now without a challenge so your pitted against another team to make it all the more interesting. Both teams will be racing against each other to see who can destroy their Primeval first so its a race against time.


Motes are the shinies you find on the ground after killing an enemy and are used to fill up the bank and summon the Primeval. That’s not all that it can do though. These shinies can summon blockers to your opposing side and the bigger the bulk you put into the bank, the bigger the blocker. There is a lot risk and reward in holding a lot of motes though, makes you a bigger target to be hunted or be the big blocker to summon on the opposing team’s bank. Blockers can prevent your opponents from banking in motes so be sure to bank in first. Blockers, if you are wondering, are seperated into three types of blocker: small, medium, and large. Each one of these blockers are able to be summoned in motes of five, fifteen being the max amount of motes you can carry. It is very important to note that You Do Not Drop Motes When Killed which means that if you think you can bank big and end up dying, your more of a detriment to your team than anything. So try not to risk too much into getting a big blocker. Motes are also used to unlock invades.


When there are enough motes in the bank, you get the chance to invade and slow down the opposing team by killing them when they got motes on them. Invading is crucial to this game otherwise it wouldn’t be fun would it now? When you invade you spawn in one of the three different areas on the map, so say for instance Emerald Shore with its Trees, Ruins, and Beach areas of enemy spawns. You get Thirty seconds of invade time so you got a good amount of time to wreak some havoc on the opposing team. The opposing team will also try to kill you as well to cut your invade short so be mindful of your enemies as well. As mentioned earlier, you lose motes when you die and the same goes for the opposing team too, so invading is good to make the opposing team lose their motes more than you do. How you do that is up to the resources you have, like your super or a good sniper to get them from afar.

Primeval Phase

When you fill up your bank completely you summon up the Primeval and then its killing time. You probably noticed your not doing any good damage to the Primeval which makes no sense at all. You see those Taken wizards? Killing those will grant you a primeval slayer buff that caps out at 10. What does this buff do though? It increases the hurt you give to the Primeval and you gradually get more as the phase continues. Invading when Primeval is up will give the Primeval a snack munch on, or in this case, your kills will heal it up. The same also goes for your enemies and your Primeval, they get a kill on your team, the Primeval heals up on your side. So be sure to kill the invader as quickly as possible when you’re being invaded during Primeval phase. Once that Primeval is destroyed, you win the round or game.

Other Things That I Forgot to Mention

Now before you go out there and be bad guys, there are still some underlying tips that are useful for you. There are teleporters or launchers on the maps that let you get from one part of the map to the other. For example, the launchers in Kell’s Grave or the teleporters in New Arcadia. They set you up for unexpected invades or get you around the map to the next hostile encounter. Sometimes a high-value target will spawn somewhere on the map and you can kill it for a ton of motes. On another note, motes do disappear after sitting around a while so be sure to pick them up as they show up on your radar.

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