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Citadel: Forged With Fire - How to Create the Extract Spell

Written by Bud   /   Oct 21, 2019    

A guide for the current version of Citadel Forged With Fire on how to create the Extract Spell at level 1. It includes detailed instructions for the beginner player as well as a quick 10 minute video. If you don't like to read guides that explains everything.

How to Create the Extract Spell Video Guide

Best Start Location

I started the game in all three of the safe castle spawn locations and I have discovered that the one on the farthest left (Western most location) was the best place to start the game because it has the key material used for making the spell; the Nature's Essence. The name of the Castle is Raincourt.

First Quest: Getting a Weapon

In order to use any spell in Citadel, you need to bind it to a weapon. This is very important, I was thinking spells shot out of your hands or mind or something, they don't. So I included this section in the guide so that if you are just starting the game you can be sure to take the first quest the NPC has for you inside the Safe Zone spawn location.

Quest Dialog Box to get your first weapon, a Stone Head Axe.

The materials you need for the Axe are laying on the ground under your feet! Pick up the stone and the wood by pressing E

When you are done speak with her again and you will receive a Stone Head Axe.

Nature's Essence

In Citadel, spell making requires a minimum of two things: a weapon to bind it to and your choice of a spell essence. There is only one spell essence that requires no item in order to create spells and that is the Arcane (purple) type, which is the default type of spell essence.

To make the Extract Spell we will need Nature's Essence, a crafting material harvested from orb-like nodes in the world, dropped from creatures or harvested from tress while collecting wood.

For this guide I suggested you start the game at the western Safe Zone spawn location because it was very close to a Nature's Essence resource node. If you did start there or can travel there, go out the left gate. Once you go out the left gate stay to the left and walk alone the edge of the rock until you see a bubbling green pool of liquid.

Do not go in the liquid.

Work your way down the rocks until you get to the location shown in the image. With your Stone Head Axe equipped, hit the green orb (the Nature's Essence node) by clicking your mouse button. You will receive Nature's Essence as loot while you do this. The orb disappears after the Nature's Essence resource is completely depleted.

Creating Extract

This step here was the whole reason why I made the video to begin with. I found some video's for Citadel, but they were 2 years old and the spell crafting mechanics had changed. In fact I thought it was a mod because the screen I was seeing was so different. I assumed I was playing a vanilla version of the game and set out to make a guide for it. Little did I know there are no mods yet for the game, the process itself had changed.

Familiarize your self with this image below. It includes in the top left corner your newly harvested Nature's Essence that you collected using your Axe, the Spell School - Utility, and the weapon you will bind the spell to - in our case the Stone Head Axe

Step 1

Right click on the Nature's Essence from your inventory (press I or C to access your inventory then on the top click on the Flame icon - Spell Making)

Step 2

Select the Utility Spell School (the red icon in the image with the gear shape) by clicking on it.

Step 3

Select whether you will use the left mouse button or right mouse button to deploy the spell. In this case I am using the left button. Also notice the icon between the two button icons, its the Axe we got from our first quest. If you have another weapon you would like to bind it to instead, you can press the 1.2. 3 or 4 buttons on your keyboard or use the mouse wheel to cycle through them. The icon will change depending on what weapon you are selecting.

Step 4

Finally, press the Craft Spell button (the blue button located above the weapon selection) and you will see the spell Extract now fills the area of the mouse button you chose to have deploy the spell.

Using Extract

Now you have your Extract Spell! In order to use this spell, have the weapon you bound the spell with equipped, in our case the Axe. Point the reticle (mouse cursor in the middle of the screen) at the item you wish to harvest. Finally, hold down the mouse button and extract the materials from the node until its gone. If the node didn't disappear then you did not get everything from it.


Some of the things I have found so far that you can use the Extract Spell on are but not limited to (the release version is coming soon and it may change):

  • Trees.
  • Rocks (including rare rock nodes for obsidian, iron ore and gold).
  • Trees.
  • Crystals.
  • Mushrooms and all.
  • Essence Orbs (Nature's, Dark, Light, Storm, Frozen and Fiery).

Written by Bud.