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This page contains tips, tricks, and strategies needed for survival and success in The Outer Worlds.

Tips and Tricks for Surviving

Listed below are several quick Tips and Tricks to get you started in The Outer Worlds.

  • Reading terminals and other notes around the Halcyon can often alter conversations and open up additional dialog with NPC’s that weren’t initially available.
  • The Quick Melee attack is excellent for pushing enemies back quickly and providing enough space to shoot them when trapped in tight situations.
  • Always check the degradation status of your Weapons and Armor while playing, as degraded equipment provides little damage or protection.
  • Tech-based skills such as Medical, Science, and Engineering are among some of the most useful skills in the game. These skills should be prioritized quite highly due to their beneficial features that include on-the-go repairs, unlocking additional Drug Mixing slots, and Tinkering with weapons.
  • Try aiming for specific areas on your enemies during the Tactical Time Dilation (TTD) as this will maim or cripple the body parts. Depending on the weapon, hits to the chest can provide different results.
  • Don’t move too quickly during TTD as the faster you move, the faster the meter will drain.
  • Save time and mark items in your inventory as ‘junk’ to speed up the selling process when you visit the vendor next. Simply select the junk tab to view all the items in one convenient space.
  • Unlock special bonuses every 20 skill points! You can view these bonuses by reading the description of each skill.
  • You will be rewarded with a new Perk Point after every two levels. Once you have acquired five new perks, the next tier of perks will become available.
  • Vendor’s use your best dialog skill to negotiate prices.

Change your Skills and Perks for a Small Fee

Made a mistake while upgrading or simply looking to change up your character? For a small fee, you can choose to refund all of your currently spent skill and perk points by using the Respecification Machine on your ship. Not only does this allow you to reset your character, but it will enable you to start over and spend them in different ways.

The Respecification Machine can be found on the second floor, directly above the workbench in the ship’s cargo hold.

Although the initial cost starts at just 500 Bits, it is important to note that with each new Respec, the price will increase every time you use the machine.

Fast Travel While Encumbered

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys being encumbered, but thankfully with the help of a few life-changing perks, being encumbered is no longer a complete drag.

Unlocked during the first stage, the Traveler perk will allow you to fast travel while encumbered. This is particularly handy for those that like to hoard items, as it allows you the option to fast travel to a location with a Storage Container or Vendor.

If that’s not enough, unlocking Perks such as Pack Mule and Hoarder can significantly alter just how many items you can carry. This in turn allows you to carry more items before feeling the effects of slowing down.

Mark Useless Items As Junk

There’s nothing worse than having to sort through countless items in your inventory that you will never use.

Don’t fear though, as Obsidian has created a streamlined system that helps you manage all of your inventory junk with just a few clicks of a button. To sort your inventory, you can now simply mark each item in your inventory as Junk. This will send all marked items into a ‘junk’ category.

To make things even simpler, all of these items can then be sold to any vendor with one press of a button.

Enable the Quest Updates Display

While it purely depends on your playing style, we highly recommend that you turn on the Quest Updates display in the games UI settings. Turning this feature on will ensure that your Quest Objectives/Notifications are constantly being displayed in the HUD without fading away.

While the feature is initially set to Timed Fade, we found during our playthrough that having this option on made the task of finding objectives and completing quests just that much easier.

Although this option may not be for everyone, it’s a very simple, yet handy feature that will likely be overlooked by many players due to being hidden amongst the rather detailed list of settings.

Change Your Characters Aggression Type

Let’s just say that during my playthrough, I learnt the hard away about the consequences that come with having your characters set to aggressive in a world where every NPC can be killed.

While completing one of the main campaign quests, I manged to accidentally fire at one of the NPC soldiers that were roaming the area. In what started as simple misfire, ended in my Companions going on bloody rampage, slaughtering everyone in the area. This in turn caused several quests to become botched.

This was caused due to my Companions being set to Aggressive, as it allowed them to start targeting enemies as soon as you enter combat. Should they have been set to either Defensive or Passive mode they would have only attacked if they were explicitly told to.

While this may be inconvenient for some, it can guarantee that accidents like this will never happen again.

To change this mode, select your Companion in the menu system and navigate to their summary tab. Form here, select your desired mode in the first section that is listed as Behaviors.

Tinker and Modify Your Weapons

Unlocked through the Science skill at level 20, Tinkering and Modifying your armor can provide them with special abilities such as protection from specific damage types and unique skill bonuses.

Although the cost of Tinkering continually increases with each new upgrade, it is a great way to turn your favorite old and under-powered weapons into something new and more powerful.

Adding Modifications such as muzzles and scopes can also improve your weapons damage capabilities and provide unique bonuses such as increase critical damage.

Side Quests Are Hidden Amongst Conversations

If you want to succeed in The Outer Worlds, you are going to need to communicate with just about every NPC on Halcyon, as you will quickly come to learn how a simple conversation can turn into several side quests.

Unfortunately, unlike games such as Borderlands, The Outer Worlds does not display the location of side quests as they are usually hidden amongst conversations with NPCs.

To ensure that NPCs are not withholding side quests, make sure that you speak to them about every possible dialog option they have to offer.

Always Upgrade Your Companion’s Weapons, Armor and Skills

Is your Companion losing health too fast or struggling to kill enemies? Make sure their weapons and armor are up to date with the best gear.

It is essential to ensure that their gear hasn’t been degraded, as this will affect their level of performance quite significantly.

If they do have items that need repairing, this can be done through vendors, workbenches, and even in your inventory should you have the Novice Engineering skill unlocked.

Upgrading your Companion through perks is also another important feature that should not be overlooked, as this will provide them with additional bonuses that can significantly enhance your playthrough.

You would be surprised what some new weapons and armor can do for your companions and overall playing experience.

Use Armor Bonuses and Consumables to Bypass Skill Requirements

Keep in mind that armor, consumables, and status effects can play a significant part in raising or lowering your skills without having to actually spend skill points.

If you look at your armor, you will often find that they offer skill bonuses, which get added on top of your current skill level.

Such an example would be if you are trying to hack a terminal, but your character is only level 50 in hacking and requires a level of 55. Should you have a piece of armor or a consumable that offers a bonus of +5 in hacking, you will now be granted the required level needed to hack the terminal.

Should you become unsure of your bonuses, you can always check by viewing your characters Skill section. Any skill bonuses will be added on top of your characters current skill level and will then be displayed next to it inside of parentheses.

If you are trying to make use of a skills’ passive bonuses, just be sure to run a check by your gear, as this will ensure that they do not provide any disadvantages.

Need Space? Store Your Items Inside Lockers

Not ready to part ways with your Pre-Sliced Bred or Purpleberry snacks just yet? Free up some of your inventory space by storing items inside the set of lockers near your ships entrance.

If that’s not convenient enough, you can also stash your items inside of any lootable crate around Halcyon – just remember where you store them!

Don’t be Afraid to Pick Up Everything you See

As you can imagine, The Outer Worlds is a hoarders dream, as Halcyon is full of items that you can pick up and steal from other characters. While there may be weight limits, Perks such as Pack Mule and Hoarder can increase this limit drastically.

When it comes down to it though, all you really need is a good stack of lockpicks, consumables, and ammo to get you through this often unforgiving world. Pair this with a great set of weapons and armor and everything else can be sold to vendor’s or vending machines for some extra Bits.

Breaking Down Weapons and Armor May Be More Beneficial

Before you start selling your unused weapons and armor though, you may want to consider breaking them down into parts.

While you may think that you don’t necessarily get many parts for breaking the items down, it is important to remember that the degradation process can happen quite quickly. Especially if you do not have access to a high Engineering skill that can slow the progress by turning items into Pristine condition.

While it’s entirely up to you, we found that by breaking down our unwanted weapons and armor, it helped us to keep not only our equipment but also our companions gear constantly repaired and performing well.

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