The Outer Worlds – How to Use the Holographic Shroud

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How to Find and Use the Holographic Shroud

When it comes to stealth in The Outer Worlds, The Holographic Shroud is arguably one of the most essential tools that all players should be utilizing to it’s full potential. Unfortunately though, due to the ID Cartridges often being hard to come by, many players have simply overlooked this rather powerful tool.

First obtained during the Passage to Anywhere mission, the unique holographic tool can be found in the Captain’s Quarters, which is located on the second floor of The Unreliable.

So, now that you have obtained the tool, you are probably wondering, how do you use the Holographic Shroud when you have obtained at least one of the ID cartridges? Well, in short, the Holographic Shroud will work automatically in restricted areas that you own the ID cartridges for.

Once the Holographic Shroud is activated, you will have a short period of time to navigate through the area undetected. It is worth noting though, that the more that you move, the quicker that your disguise wears off. You can track your ID’s charge by watching the purple bar at the bottom of the screen.

Should you become undisguised while inside a restricted area, simply wait for a guard to find you and talk your way out of the dialog test. During this time, your ID cartridge should have enough time to recharge.

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