ATLAS – How To Defeat Kraken Boss (Solo and Duo)

Quick guide with all the useful info to solo/duo the Kraken boss. I couldn’t find any good info online so i’m making this guide to help others on their 1st kill.

How To Solo / Duo The Kraken!


Use a Brig with 6 Large Cannons inside the Gun Ports on 1 side of the ship. Use the Medkit ability to remove all Torpor and avoid falling asleep or wake up a teammate. Use guns to kill a Tendril every now and then before entering it’s electric field and taking Torpor damage. Takes 3 Large cannon shots to destroy a Tendril. Keep the crew set to Fire At Will whilst you are attacking Tendrils, so that they will kill the electric tendrils whilst you are stunned and can’t use the wheel.

For the Normal Kraken fight on Official Servers after collecting all Power Stones, I haven’t been against the Hard Mode version of the Kraken yet.

Hey, thought i’d make a quick guide to help players out since me and my teammate couldn’t really find that much useful info to our questions about the Kraken boss for our 1st attempt ever. Also on our 1st attempt our ship got sunk and we learned a lot from our mistakes >.>

Ship Setup

So, I highly suggest using a Brigantine ship with 3 large speed sails (or whatever you want to use, we used 3 large speed sails), 6 Large Cannons on each side of the ship (inside the Gun Ports), and you can just use 6 on 1 side if you plan on using 1 side of the ship only. We killed it with some mistakes and wasted cannon balls and we had 50 Cannons balls remaining, started with 500 Large Cannon Balls. (Might need like 750+ maybe? Our ship kills the Tendrils in 2 shots with large cannons, but a normal ship with no buffs would kill it 3 shots i believe)

We were also using a lvl 35 Brig with like 20 points into damage buffs, some crew size and some weight.


We used Hide Armour (Potentially decreases Torpor damage, no idea if it actually does..), like 10 Medkits each (only used like 2-3 of them), food (it’s raining so u don’t need water), could take Carbine Rifles to shoot the Tendrils whilst staying outside of the Electrified Tendrils (not sure if that’s a good idea though, might take too long whilst solo/duo. Would take about 5-6 shots with a carbine maybe.), planks and gunports to replace the broken ones if they do get destroyed, several repair hammers and plenty of resources for repairs (we took 3k wood and 300 metal, other stuff is light enough to take plenty. I suggest taking 4k wood, 400 metal, 4k thatch 5k fiber, and some leather to repair sails). And a Bucket in case you need to empty out water from the ship.


You can buy a skill respec for 250 gold at the NPC who sells lvl 1 Crew at a Freeport.

If your driving the ship, get the crew skills and fast cannon reload feat. Then max out healing perks and maybe rifle reloading perks, and repairing skills. Also put 90% of your level up points into HP, so that you have 220+ HP, then some into Weight for carrying planks n stuff.

Boss Attacks

Most importantly, after the 1st couple of times you kill all the tendrils and do damage to the boss, the Tendrils will start randomly doing lightning attacks on the ocean, electrifying large parts of the ocean around that Tendril, you will take a lot of damage from it over time and you won’t be able to use the steering wheel, this attack also damages everything on the ship, such as chests/cannons (very minor damage, stuff like preserving bags will get destroyed). It will also apply Torpor damage to you and your teammates, and as far as i know, there’s only 1 way to remove the Torpor so that you don’t fall asleep, and that is by using a Medkit’s healing ability (the final medkit skill that’s expensive to unlock), it will heal you by a lot and also remove all Torpor. However it has a long cooldown of about 2-3 minutes, so try not to use it too much and try to time your ship movement so that you don’t run into the electric tendrils during their attack.

Try to keep up speed to outrun the Electric Ball attacks, don’t worry too much about avoiding them though, they only do 120 damage a hit, and will hit the back plank most of the time so just focus on repairing that plank if you are solo.

The Tendril slam doesn’t seem to do much if anything, don’t worry about it.

Try to avoid taking too much damage from SOTD too much, and maybe take a longer route in certain situations if you need to (just don’t crash into them and get stuck, pay attention to where you are heading and if you will lose wind at a bad time).

How To Fight It

I suggest focusing on driving in 1 big circle around the Kraken and staying on the outside of the Tendrils (Attempting to go behind a Tendril will push you away from the boss and rotate your ship randomly), just drive in a circle around the boss whilst being within large cannon distance of the tendrils so that your cannons can 3 shot each Tendril and you sail past it (Have 3 cannons set to a different Station Order so that you can select them separately and not waste ammo).

Have your crew / cannons set to Fire at Will, so that when/if you drive through an electric field your crew will destroy the Tendril as you sail past it, since you can’t use the wheel yourself to command them to attack it whilst being stunned by the electricity field.

When you are being hit by the lightning tendril, you will be stunned, meaning that you can’t use the steering wheel or reload weapons. You should be healing yourself with a medkit during this, and using the medkit ability to remove all Torpor if you are close to falling asleep.

Also i suggest not repairing too much due to the metal cost, wait for the planks to take like 1k-4k damage first, then repair. If you do run out of supplies don’t worry, just keep on fighting the boss and replace any planks that get destroyed (may have to wait a minute or 2 to be able to place a plank)

After all Tendrils are killed, the Kraken will collapse and a massive blue barrier/shield will appear around it, now you are able to get close to the Kraken’s head and you can start shooting all of your cannons at the blue barrier/shield to do damage to the bosses main HP, after a certain amount of damage you will get pushed back pasted the Tendrils and all Tendrils will respawn, now you just repeat the same tactics until the boss reaches 0HP and dies.

Also you only have 1 hour to kill the boss after it spawns, so try not to take too long killing the tendrils or missing too many shots on the shield barrier.

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