Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Create a Class

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Creating a Class in Modern Warfare is key to making the experience feel unique to your play style. Your class determines the weapon you’ll be using on the battlefield, the attachments on that weapon, what secondary weapon you’ll be using, what perks you can equip and of course which lethal and tactical grenades you’ll be launching at enemies.

When you first boot up the game, you won’t be able to create a class or edit a loadout as it’s refereed to in Modern Warfare. Instead, you’ll be using the game’s default loadouts until you reach level four. At level four, the Edit Loadouts option becomes available in the Weapons tab of Multiplayer.

How to Create

Select the Edit Loadouts option and you’ll be brought to a screen with five custom loadouts. Select one of these and you’ll be brought to a screen that shows what Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Perks, Lethal grenade and Tactical grenade you’re using.

To edit these, select each option. Within each option, you’ll be able to select a weapon or perk or grenade you’ve unlocked and for weapons, customize them by tabbing over to the Gunsmith option.

The Gunsmith is where you’ll add attachments, camouflages, charms and stickers to your weapons. The Perks tab is where you’ll determine which three perks you’re taking onto the battlefield. The Lethal tab is where you select your throwable with killing power and finally, the Tactical tab is where you’ll select your tactical grenade.

Edit a loadout to your liking and when you’re ready to take it onto the battlefield, back out to the main Multiplayer screen and jump into a match. When the match begins, you’ll be shown a screen with your five loadouts.

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