Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Use Attachments

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Attachments in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are your key to making your weapon feel like yours exclusively. With a decked out gun, every piece of the weapon will have been a deliberate choice by you. It’s your favorite optics, your favorite stock, your favorite grip and so on.

Using Attachments

To use an attachment, you first need to head into the game’s Multiplayer menu. Once there, tab over to the Weapons page and select the Edit Loadout option. This is where you can edit your custom loadouts.

When you know what gun you want to add attachments to, select the weapons and then select the Gunsmith option right beside the weapon’s name. The Gunsmith is where you’ll customize your weapon.

At this screen, you should see a number of attachments ranging from the Muzzle to the Optic to the Stock and more (or less) depending on the type of weapon you’re adding an attachment to. Select the type of attachment you want to customize and you’ll be shown all of the attachments of that type that you have unlocked.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have many unlocked as quite a few attachments don’t unlock until extremely high weapon levels in the game. When you highlight an attachment, you can read a short description explaining the attachment. You’ll also be shown the Pros and Cons as well as the statistical changes an attachment will make.

An attachment can affect Accuracy, Damage, Range, Fire Rate, Mobility and Control. Because there are so many attachments in Modern Warfare, and because so many of them can drastically change a weapon’s look, feel and play style, we recommend swapping new ones in as often as possible to narrow down your options of which attachment works best for you.

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