Tower Unite – Frequently Asked Questions (Halloween Update 2019)

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This here is a page meant to answer everyone’s questions on the recently released Halloween 2019 update.

How do I get Ghoul Coins?

The Ghoul Coins can be grabbed in two ways. Either…

  1. They are automatically given to you every 8 minutes.
  2. You play games and participate in plaza events except Casino and Fishing.

Where is The Cauldron?

Cauldron is where the fountain is.

Where is The Ghoulcery?

The Ghoulcery is a pumpkin with bat wings and can be found near the fountain where the cauldron is.

Where is The Halloween Character?

The Halloween character spawns at a randomly set location. Every server is different and no character and/or location is the same on two servers.

Where are The Remains?

The remains will spawn on the beach every 30 minutes. It works the same as the Treasure Hunt event except you don’t need the metal detector.

Where is The Maze?

The maze is on the east size of the plaza, on the lower right corner as a question mark if the map is being viewed while holding down Tab.

Where is The Dog / Puppy?

The ghost dog is at the center of the maze.

How Do I Solve The Maze?

Contrary to popular belief, hugging the wall on the right hand side won’t work. Here is another guide that can help.

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