Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Gameplay Tips


  • Make use of traps as the VC, simply select the trap and look at the ground anf left click. No traps go off on friendlys. 
  • “C” equips your bayonet (if you have one) and changes the type of ammo you are using (if you have different types).
  • If someone has accidently Teamkilled you type NP in chat to forgive the teamkill, otherwise they will get a longer respawn time. 
  • If you are a class with smoke grenades use them! They are needed to advance on ground wihtout being shot at. 
  • VC can climb special pipes on the side of buildings to quickly flank enemies. 
  • As a VC crouching, or laying prone while remaining still will make you “hidden” shown by the green leaves. Recon will not be able to spot you. This effect also happens while in tunnels. 


  • The loach is NOT a combat chopper, it is used for recon. It will auto spot any enemy that is not “hidden” around it for the entire team on the map. 
  • The loach has a radio on it so the commander can be in the back calling in support on the reconed areas. 
  • If you wait until you are in the “green” zone before increasing your collective you will take off much faster. 
  • Staying under 75 meters will ensure that AA can NOT target you, should you notice AA is active alert your teams commander. 
  • Hitting your show hud key while in the air will show any marked enemies and tunnels, very useful for lining up gun runs in the Cobra. 
  • If you go to tutorials on the main menu you can launch an empty map with helis to learn to fly. 


  • Do not call support in front of a point as it prevents your team from getting to the capture zone, instead call it behind to “cut-off” the enemies from reaching it allowing your team to push. 
  • All of the supports have a very large radious, take this into account before calling it in near friendlys. 
  • Do not be afraid to cancel a support if your team is getting mass killed by it. 
  • Canceling a support DOES NOT require a radio and can be done from your map and then hitting “T” to show the cursor. 
  • Ambush deployment, and rapid deployment DOES NOT require a radio and can be used with the “N” key 
  • Calling recon as the US commander can be a “tell” to the VC commander that more support will be on its way, allowing him to premptivly call AA, lasting for 1 minute. 
  • AA can shoot down any air unit including the Napalm Strike, preventing the napalm from dropping. 
  • VC commanders should avoid using ambush deployment unless in the front lines.

Squad Leading USA

  • Stay allive as your squad spawns ON you. 
  • The purple smoke creates an artillery mark on its location 
  • You can place an LZ marker with the “H” key and selecting “Mark LZ” this will allow helis to rearm and repair at its location, and it costs nothing to use nor has a cooldown. 
  • You can mark locations for support by using your binos and left clicking, or holding “B” and clicking. (this is for VC and USA) 
  • Try to place your support marks BEHIND the capture point not directly on it or infront of it. 

Squad Leading VC

  • Place your tunnel close but out of the way of the front lines. 
  • Once your tunnel is down do not be afraid to push as your death will not harm the squad. 
  • Avoid fighting near the tunnel as it will attract attention to it.

Written by Eragoon 78.

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