Fistful of Frags – Shootout Weapon Guide (Tips, Strategies, Combos)

In this guide you can find some thoughts on every weapon in the Shootout gamemode, tips, strategies, combos etc. Also recommended loadouts and a way too long list of tips.

Things You Should Already Know

All credit goes to 8Z!

This is just a primer. If you don’t know how to play at all, you should read another guide (after finishing this one).

About Shootout

  • Your starting loadout consists of 0-1 primaries, any number of secondaries, and 0-1 handgun skills.
  • You get 11 points to spend on the above, and have no benefit keeping unspent points.
  • Win by killing to earn Notoriety (score); but specifically by killing stylishly (weak weapons/multiple weapons) and in a row (killstreak bonus).
  • Earn money over time, by killing, or by pickpocketing with the specific perk; spend them at weapon crates.
  • There are blue, red and yellow crates. Yellow crates heal you a bit when you buy.

About FoF Combat

  • Stand still while you shoot, but keep moving when you are getting shot at. Does not apply at point blank.
  • Respect the kick (press ALT), the most potent and risky move you can make. If you connect, your enemy is damaged, still and helpless for a moment. If you miss, the helpless person is you.
  • Jumping while kicking is even riskier and even more potent.
  • Drink whiskey (glowing bottles around the map). They heal for 25 but make your view drift for a while.
  • Fanning is almost always a bad idea. If you have the handgun skill, two wrongs don’t make a right.
  • Headshots do bonus damage, but not lethal save for specific weapons. They’re not the most important thing in the world.
  • Walking is not that useful now that it’s been nerfed. Definitely do not tap walk – your accuracy will be murdered for a few seconds.
  • However, you can run very very briefly without losing accuracy. Not too useful though.
  • Howl (C+5) or Laugh (C+1) to establish dominance. Bonus points if andele.
  • Spam Pass the Whiskey (X+4). Do it for the memes.

[2*] SW Hammerless


A recent addition and cheapest firearm in the game. Pitiful damage (3-4 shots at close range) but readies extremely quickly and maintains decent accuracy even on the move.


This kills way too slowly compared to other primaries, so it’s best used as a backup weapon when you want more points to spend elsewhere. Alternatively, this is good for dual wielding with a more powerful gun for a finishing shot (or another Hammerless!).


  • Its cheap cost makes this go well with the Dynamite, allowing you some extra perks.
  • Soften enemies with this before following up with Brass Knuckles. Bonus points if you punch a better weapon of your opponent.
  • Dual wield this with the Derringer for some peppy madness.

[3*] Volcanic Pistol


A high-capacity, low damage weapon (3-4 shots at medium-close range).


The high capacity makes it good when engaging a lot of people on a busy server. If you can reliably land headshots, this weapon improves dramatically; otherwise it’s still on the weak side for a primary.


  • Like the Hammerless, this can be a backup for the Dynamite.
  • Wear Boots for a good close-range finishing attack.
  • Take the Left-Handed or Right-Handed perk if you are a headshot guru.
  • If you want to dual wield this, there’s always Ambidextrous.

[4*] Colt Navy


The most well rounded starter pistol, the Navy is a 3 shot at medium range and readies itself quite quickly.


The versatility this weapon has allows you to comfortably take potshots at people, but also be a threat up close. There’s really no wrong way to use the Navy.


  • The Boots are, as always, a strong tool for close-range combat.
  • Handgun Throw is a great close range finisher as well, if you have the points to spare.
  • You can take both this and the Dynamite as well – this is as expensive as you can get.
  • Lastly, I personally love using Left-Handed or Right-Handed for that extra mid-range capability.

[4*] Hatchet


A melee weapon amongst guns, but certainly not to be underestimated. The hatchet does 40 damage and kills in 3 hits (2 if you land a headshot) and has many setups for reliable killing.

You also run faster with this out, so chase people all you want.


Chopping at your enemy alone is too slow – you’ll be kicked away and blasted to bits. There’s a few combos you can do to get a kill:

  • (With Boots) Hatchet + Kick + Hatchet / Throw.
  • (With Derringer) Hatchet + Kick + Shoot in face.
  • Kick + Thrown hatchet headshot (risky!).

Being too formulaic won’t help you. Mix up kicking, throwing and the Derringer to outplay your opponent’s options. Remember that any three attacks of yours can kill a full health enemy.

Picking up other weapons can also give you a fighting chance, and surprise the enemy who expected a melee-only opponent.


  • You will be kicking a lot with how close you fight. The Boots are mandatory.
  • Do you like throwing your hatchet? In case you miss or lose it, the Brass Knuckles keeps you from being an unarmed target.
  • Not the throwing type? The Derringer and its combo may suit you better.

[4*] Sawed-Off Shotgun


A dual-barrel shotgun needs no description – walk up close and pump them full of lead. Capable of doing up to 60 point blank (thus a two-shot), and readies quickly.


A low skill floor close range weapon, but doesn’t work the best while alone. Works best when you have something to dual wield with.

Comboes with Handgun Throw for a potential kill – but it might not be lethal if your shot didn’t connect well.

Comboes with Derringer, though also prone to being not lethal.


  • Handgun Throw is a good combo – shoot and throw for a kill, though this is risky.
  • If the Navy is not your type, you can also bring the Dynamite with this…
  • Dual wield with the Derringer for a one-two punch.
  • Since you want to dual wield as much as possible with this gun, take Ambidextrous.

[4*] Bow


A curious oddity among various firearms, the bow shoots arcing arrow projectiles instead of hitscan bullets. As a result, it is difficult to use but does good damage as long as you charge it fully. It’s also a one-hit headshot, deadly in the right hands.


The bow is best at medium range, where you aren’t pressured into firing too quickly. Try to predict movement and aim ahead a bit – but it all comes with practice.


  • Brass Knuckles if you inevitably get into a brawl and don’t want to be a sitting duck.
  • In the same vein, Boots helps.
  • If you’re not a punching person, the Knives can be thrown for a close-range fighting chance.
  • The Derringer is also a backup and finisher weapon to consider.

[5*] Remington Army


A more costly but precise weapon, the Army has higher accuracy and damage at the cost of an extra point and slower handling. Compared to the Navy, it is a 2 shot at medium range instead of 3.


The Army is better at mid-range combat, so keep your distance and fire away.

If you have the Boots, an opponent after being kicked can be finished off with a well placed headshot.


  • Wear your Boots and kick away anyone who wants to get personal.
  • Handgun Throw is a panic option if you want, but I find it optional.
  • As with the Navy, Left-Handed and Right-Handed make you more precise.

[5*] Mare’s Leg


Where the Army shines at medium range, the Mare’s Leg shines at close range. It does a preposterous amount of damage (up to 70 bodyshot), and has 1-shot potential on a point blank headshot.

The tradeoff is its lower accuracy and slower firing speed, which have to be compensated with.


This gun is better the closer it is to your enemy. Get up as close as you can without being shot, and try for a headshot or a bodyshot + kick combo. Think of yourself like the Terminator, and get real personal with your enemies. When close enough, you don’t even need to bother with stopping to aim.

At medium-close range you can still 2-shot, but it’s slow and you are outclassed by the other pistols.

This gun is heavy, so you can throw it for a good chunk of damage even when uncharged.


  • Boots is mandatory here as well.
  • Handgun Throw is an excellent finisher for when you can’t get close enough to kick.
  • Left-Handed is good if you want a better chance at headshots.

[6*] Yellowboy


The most expensive primary and the only rifle, the Yellowboy is a high capacity rifle suited for medium-long range engagements. Its damage is unfortunately low (3-shot medium-long range or 2 on headshot), but you got plenty of rounds to spare, right?

Only available in Teamplay, apparently


Stay real far back and plink. If someone gets close, either try a risky headshot or switch to your backup options (I hope you have one).


  • Kicking does wonders to keep your enemy away, and you know what the Boots does already.
  • The Derringer is always a reliable backup choice, as long as you have weakened the enemy first.


[1*]Handgun Throw

Hold F and click to throw your handgun, causing damage based on charging time. A good finisher tool when your enemy is low or you run out of ammo, but particularly good for the Mare’s Leg who needs that extra push.

[2*] Tracking

See a trail for enemies that lasts briefly, nice for awareness but not necessary. A luxury pick if you have 2 to spare, more useful for close-range loadouts.

[2*] Pickpocket

Steal holstered weapons or money when punching people in the back, at the cost of getting half of regular income. If you’re going all-in on Brass Knuckles, this is the best pick, otherwise safe to ignore.

[2*] Heavy Loads

Thrown objects disarm enemies and cause extra knockback; you don’t drop objects on damage. A luxury perk as well, but works better when you’re using Brass Knuckles.

[3*] Brass Knuckles

Turns your fists from a last resort to a dangerous threat. Disarming your opponent can turn the tide of a fight, while the extra damage lets you hurt more.

You can either bring this for backup with a long range weapon, a second option for close range weapons, or don’t bring a primary at all and go all-in on fists – it’s surprisingly fun!

[3*] Knives x3

Knives are bad melee weapons, maybe even worse than fists. They are, however, perfect when thrown, and you get 3. It does about 1/3 damage, and may help you if you need a close range tool.

[3*] Boots

The kick is to be respected, and this makes your opponents respect it more. The extra damage enables for a lot of lethal setups, and the knockback bonus (while small) helps get enemies off you. A must pick for almost every loadout.

[4*] Derringer

Two shots in a tiny package, does 30-45 damage per shot. Another good finisher for high damaging weapons like the Mare’s Leg or Hatchet.

[6*] Dynamite

Explosives are fun. You get two and they give a lot of Notoriety on kill. If you like them, use them along a cheap primary or melee; otherwise just stick to the guns.

Remember you can always buy more from blue crates for just $25.

Handgun Skills

[0*] Ambidextrous

Accuracy bonus when dual wielding at the cost of lower single weapon accuracy.

Self-evident: take when you want to use two guns.

[1*] Right-Handed

Accuracy bonus when only using right hand, at the cost of lower dual wield accuracy. Fanning instead becomes an accurate aiming mode.

The benefits of aiming is questionable (it slows you down just like fanning, making you a easy target) and honestly somewhat of a crutch. However, if aiming feels right to you though, be my guest.

[1*] Left-Handed

Higher accuracy bonus when using only left hand, at the cost of “much” lower dual wield accuracy. The dual wield penalty is not honestly that high but the accuracy bonus sure is great.

I recommend this over Right-handed for almost every situation, unless you dual-wield all the time or have somehow fallen in love with aiming.

[2*] Fanning

Terrible accuracy, but much higher fanning accuracy. Unfortunately, fanning is bad, and the extra cost makes this even less worth it. Why?

Blue Crate (Low Tier)

$15 – Hatchet

Cheap as hell. You can either buy it as a backup weapon or something to run fast with.

$25 – SW Hammerless

Dual wielding two of these is fun. You know what’s also fun? The more powerful weapons down below.

$25 – Dynamite

Damn this is cheap! If you’ve seen teams grouping up, buy this and make a bang. At this price tag there’s no reason throwing some at every moment.

$30 – Bow

Why are you buying a bow?

$35 – Sawed-Off Shotgun

An excellent choice to dual wield with, and goes particularly well with high damage weapons like Mare’s Leg, or another Sawed-Off Shotgun.

$40 – Smith Carbine

The Smith is to FoF what the Scout is to CS – a light long-range rifle that can one-hit on headshot. If you are in a position to snipe, this is the cheapest option available. Even if you only get a bodyshot, your enemy will be weak enough to be followed up by almost everything.

$45 – SW Schofield

There was a time where this was a starter weapon, and man those were fun times. The Schofield combines the best parts of the Army (good damage and precision, full cylinder reload) and Navy (fast firing and good handling) into one reliable package.

One makes you dangerous, two makes you unstoppable. If there was only one reason to go for blue crates, it’s this.

Red Crate (Medium Tier)

$30 – Portable Whiskey

Are you a team player? Do you want to get on the good graces of your teammates or just to get them to stick around longer? Pass this whiskey around (no dizzying side-effects) and keep them alive! They’ll be there to save your life (sometimes) or be a bullet sponge (all the time).

$50 – Coachgun

A full-length shotgun that can kill very easily in two shots. Unfortunately, it also only has two shots. Not the best weapon considering you will be left vulnerable, but works much better when you have teammates to finish enemies off.

$55 – Colt Peacemaker

If the Schofield is a blend of the Army and Navy, the Peacemaker is a powered up Navy. They handle almost identically, but the Peacemaker has more pep (2-shot medium-range) as well as the coveted one-hit headshot. Whether that is worth the extra $10 over the Schofield is up to the user.

It’s totally worth it because of the spinning draw animation.

$55 – Black Dynamite

The upgraded dynamite has a bigger and more lethal blast. Probably not worth more than double the price, but if you have money to spare and love explosions…

$60 – Spencer Carbine

The solid middle child of long range rifles, the Spencer does 60-70 reliably on bodyshot and can one-hit headshot medium range. You can rarely go wrong with something as powerful as this.

$70 – Machete

By all means an upgraded hatchet, the Machete does 60 instead of 40 – allowing for a 2-shot, but not quite 1-shot+kick. For this reason and the price tag, I think this isn’t the wisest purchase; but it’s still a highly potent weapon for the melee enthusiast.

And if you’re the throwing kind, this thing has a one-hit headshot and ~70 bodyshot. Sweet.

Yellow Crate (High Tier)

$40 – Volcanic Pistol

The price tag of this is surprisingly high, but it’s because it’s a good addition to any existing arsenal. Either as a fierce finisher or a steady stream of damage, the Volcanic works poorly alone but amazingly in pairs.

$50 – Dynamite Belt

Another curious weapon, the yellow dynamites thrown by this is infinite, has a short fuse, but also weak and with a small blast radius. A fun gimmick if you’re into that sort of thing, and it’s relatively cheap so feel free to experiment (or use it as an expensive heal).

$55 – Machete


$60 – Pump Shotgun W1893

Remember two sections above where the Coachgun was berated for having only 2 rounds? Well this has triple that, and is just as deadly. Clean house against multiple enemies, or just feeling like lobotomizing your brain and blast some dudes? It’s all here.

Your mere presence will be intimidating, as your opponents won’t have room for error – two shots (3 if you’re that bad) and they’re history.

$65 – Sharps Rifle

If the Henry is the Scout, then the Sharps is the AWP. One hit kill on everything, and also bearing the only scope in the entire game. I really don’t need to talk about how great it feels to delete people from existence. It’s really heavy and slow though, so don’t get caught out of position.

$75 – Colt Walker

A somewhat inaccurate and ridiculously slow to reload revolver, but it’s a one-shot at close range, and very dangerous close-medium still. Has the best multi-kill potential out of all weapons in the game.

Bonus points if you use this with Left-Handed for that extra accuracy.

Recommended Loadouts

By no means exhaustive, and you should modify as you see fit.


  • Hatchet + Boots + Derringer: Do the Derringer combo, quick and easy.
  • Hatchet + Boots + Brass Knuckles: Brawl with woeful disregard to your axe’s ownership.
  • Hatchet + Boots + Knives x3: Throw a lot of things.
  • Brass Knuckles + Boots + Knives x3 + Tracking: Full-on brawler. Scavenge every weapon and cause a mess.
  • Hammerless / Volcano + Brass Knuckles + Boots + Handgun Throw: Mix up fists and pocket pistols for an unorthodox style.
  • Hammerless + Derringer + Boots + Tracking + Ambidextrous: pew pew pew.


  • Navy + Boots + Tracking + Handgun Throw + Left-Handed: Flexible in all situations, as default as it gets.
  • Mare’s Leg + Boots + Handgun Throw + Left-Handed: My “Terminator” loadout. Bonus points if you get a second Mare’s Leg and blast people’s faces off.
  • Sawed-Off + Boots + Derringer + Ambidextrous: A one-two punch for the bold.


  • Army + Boots + Tracking + Left Handed: Also flexible, but more geared towards longer range engagements.
  • Yellowboy + Derringer: One trick pony whose trick is “shoot and don’t get shot at”.
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