Dead Frontier 2 – How to Level Up (Using Stealth Skill)

Please note: all credit goes to (TF2SP) The Cooler Aya!

Basically a low-key way to cheese your way to the top using stealth skill.

So You’re Having Trouble Leveling Up?

With it you can essentially cheese your way up to lvl 20 nice and easy. It’s a simple skill called stealth.

How Does It Works

With stealth you unlock several abilities:

  • Crouching – your go to for the lvling up. Just having 1 pt of stealth allows you this ability and so long as you keep crouched and out of direct line of sight of the zombies you can avoid aggroing them. Even if you do the rest won’t be affected unless you run or shoot a gun.
  • 10% sneak speed=makes you go faster when crouching making it easier and less tedious as well as less dangerous to get close to a zombie.
  • 5% visibility range=the range zombies can see you (tbh with 100% -visibility range you can almost essentially stand in front of them and they won’t see you for ♥♥♥ until you make some noise). Being able to not be seen by zombies from afar or closer you get means you’ll be less likely to aggro the entire hoarde especially in tight rooms / areas.
  • 5% surprise damage=this is important. You may think 5% isn’t much but it piles up.

I think i should elaborate more on crouch. When you’re crouched you don’t make any noise when sneak moving or meeleeing enemies (guns still make noise. Infact they got a range on the description).

When you’re crouching you can literally walk over any zombies that are lying down and they’ll be none the wiser. As for the zombies standing up they’ll only notice you if you get within their line of sight. I have experimented and sorta get the idea that at low lvls it’s about a 90 degrees being split 45 degrees with their eyes being the line in the middle. However with more sneak or less visiblity range you can actually get in closer and the line of sight angle becomes smaller (around sneak lvl 3 you’ll start to notice this more).


When entering a room, it’s important that you enter crouched. Sometimes zombies spawn facing you directly. They’ll target you as soon as the room loads. They may even rush you in higher lvl areas. Being crouched ensures that you don’t alert the other zombies though. You can just take care of that 1 alerted zombie and then chain kill/incapacitate the rest afterwards.

Stealth Killing Unaware Zombies

When zombies are not aware of your pressence you can land a sneak attack. One of 3 things happens:

  • Zombies can get insta killed. Lying down zombies especially can get killed.
  • Zombie can get incapacitated if they’re standing up. They won’t die but they’ll fall down and either stay down or take some time to move again and get back up (though they can be kept down if you just ignore them and make no noise they won’t get back up).
  • They’ll take massive damage and get stumbled like a normal melee. They’ll be aggro’d; however, if you’re still holding the ctrl key or crouched immediately after the attack the other zombies won’t get alerted (again granted you’re out of their line of sight and don’t shoot a weapon or someone else shoots a weapon).

The % chance zombies will be insta killed or incapacitated depends on other factors like the zombie type, normal or special infected, your lvl, and sneak lvl as well as other skills but general say a lvl 1-4 lvl 1 stealth player and just kick it up from there:

  • Normal skinny females will more than likely die with a successfully landed sneak attack even at lvl 1 stealth.
  • Normal skinny male will also die with lvl 1 stealth. There’s a small chance they can get incapacitated if standing up but lying down they should get one shotted.
  • Normal fat female zombies can die with a lvl 1 stealth or incapacitated when standing up.
  • Normal fat male zombies either get incapacitated when standing or still alive and alerted when lying down. It’s a 50/50 depending on other damage stats but at lvl 4 and below and lvl 1 stealth you’ll more than likely need to land another quick shot to kill them or 2nd shot incaps them and the next shot(s) kill them when they’re flat on the ground.

Special infected (on-fire or burning, bacterial or fly infested, and bloody versions) non-irridiated zombies.

  • Special infected skinny female zombie will more than likely get incapacitated when standing up. When lying down theres a small chance to get insta killed.
  • Special infected skinny male zombies will follow the same suit as skinny special infected female zombies.
  • Any special infected fat male/female zombie will either be incapacitated or males will more than likely get stumbled but then 1-3 hits should incapacitate them afterwards if they don’t die. Irridiated special infected zombies (green glowing ones) usually follow the same guidelines.

This is again only with a lvl 1 stealth at lvl 1-4 for your character. Once your each lvl 5, more damage and clothing stat items, and inc. stealth then you’ll be able to insta kill up to non-irridiated special infected zombies and below easily.

Wonky Mechanics and How to Utilitze Them

There are a couple of ways stealth can be “utilized” with the way it’s setup. This can be said by many other skills tbh.

  • Sneak melee strafing=basically holding ctrl and pressing m2 or mouse 2 or the right mouse click button to push / propel yourself foward. You won’t alert any nearby zombies with noise but you’ll still be affected by visibility range. You can use it to sneak past higher lvl zombies or more infested zombie areas. The faster your melee the more faster and farther you can breeze through an area. Thus investing in melee expert may be a good idea or getting +%attack speed or %weapon attack speed stats and clothing can help you melee your way through an area. Best part is you don’t even need more than 1 stealth to unlock crouching and not alert most zombies.
  • Sneak melee strafing attack=basically the same as 1 but instead you attack zombies and the other’s won’t be alerted. So long as you keep visibility range you can kill or incapacitate an entire room of zombies.
  • Sneak crouch rushing=basically the same as melee straffing but instead with sprinter. When you unpress/release the ctrl key to crouch you get up. It takes about 2-5 seconds for the game to adjust and zombies to be alerted when you take your 1st footstep after the time frame expires. During that time frame you can sprint and not be detected or seen depending on your visibility range. When the time frame expires you can just re-crouch/press the ctrl key again and it resets. You can use this method the same as melee strafing but not as costly with just 1 sprint to unlock the ability and some sprinter speed shoes would be enough.
  • Sneak crouch rushing melee=same as 2 but instead you can melee a zombie then crouch back. So long as you take into consideration your visibility range and stick to the time frame/range, you can kill or incapacitate zombies without alerting them or the rest of the group.
  • Using dodge + stealth crouch for easy infinte continuous dodge. Not sure if it’s just a high dodge skill but i saw a person use dodge and crouching to literally tank a special infected bloody tendril and on-fire fingers boss. Not really sure how it works but if you or Me myself finds out how it works i’ll add it. If it was a glitch/bug then i don’t really recommend using it as it’s prone to patching and a waste to include it in this guide.

Easy Isn’t It?

Once you invest even 1 pt into stealth you can unlock a whole new strategy and tactics. You can loot higher red lvl’d areas (from 10 lvls to higher depending on your other skills and damage stats).

Tbh i’m able to chain incapacitate then kill or chain kill multiple higher lvl zombies easily in lvl 20+ areas with as low as a lvl 5 character. You can pretty much make looting and gaining massive xp amounts much easier.

Best part is that you waste little to no ammo since insta killing or incapacitating zombies with melees is extremely efficient.

It also works with bosses.

You can incapacitate or kill any zombie without alerting the mutant bosses (yes even juggernauts and tendrils won’t be none the wiser). This small plus can help you get a footing for setting up the arena for killing the boss. Also helps if in a party so people can position themselves at the doors so no more zombies will spawn (though it’s pretty useless on chiors it works for literally any other mutant boss).

When crouching bosses are also less likely to notice you meaning you can enter after everyone else and they won’t directly go after you (as it happens about 5/7 times they always seem to target the new person who enters the room).

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