Netsoccer2 – Basic Guide

This guide contains some basic stuff about the game.

Getting Started

Launch the game and click on “Register” in order to create an account. You will be redirected to the official website.

Once you have an account, proceed to login. Note that you can tick the option “save settings” if you want to save your username and password so you don’t need to type them every time you launch the game.


After logging in, your new home is the lobby.

At the top, we have three main buttons: “Play”, “Stats” and “Misc”. Let’s have a look at them.


“Play” is where we literally play the game. Here we have four options: “Free practice”, “Training”, “Team matches” and “Challenge”.

Free practice

Free practice is a game mode designed to train your skills alone. You can do whatever you want there. Nobody will disturb you.


In “Training”, you can train and improve along with other people. Just choose a server and click on “Join” — don’t forget to choose a server based on your region.

Team matches

“Team matches” is where official matches take place. Those matches affect team stats (team rankings) and player stats.

Here you can join a match involving your team by clicking on “Join” (if you’re part of a team) or you can watch a random match by clicking on “Spectate”.

Naturally, after creating an account, you will have no team. If you want to play official matches, you need to join a team or create your own team and invite other players.

You can accept invites by accessing your own player page (Stats -> Your player name) and send invites to other players clicking on the “Invite” button on their profiles (you can find their profiles through the search bar in the lobby’s upper right corner).


Here we can check which teams are online, how many players are online in each team and we can also create official matches (challenges) against other teams.

You can create a challenge clicking on the team which you want to play against and then clicking on “Challenge”. After that, you’ll need to choose the kits and the server the match will be played on.

Note that both teams need to have at least 5 players online, otherwise an official match (challenge) can’t be played. The match won’t start if there isn’t at least 5 players in both teams.

By the way, most of the matches in this game are 5 vs 5. However, you can try 6 vs 6, 7 vs 7, 8 vs 8, 9 vs 9, 10 vs 10 if you have enough players and they are up to it.


Here we can check info about our own players, our own team and also stats about players and teams. “Create team”, “(Your player’s name)”, “Player stats” and “Team stats” are the options here.

Create team

“Create team” is where you create a team. If you want to create a team, just click there and choose a proper name.

If you have a team, note that the option “Create team” will be replaced by your team’s name.

Click on your team’s name to access its page. There you can look at the team details such as the squad, kits, badge, team’s ranking, number of matches played, number of wins and so on.

There are three possible roles within a team: “master”, “admin” and “player”. Masters are users that take care of the team. For instance, they can invite or kick people, change team details, give roles to other users, create matches against other teams etc. Players and admins, on the other hand, don’t have a lot of privileges — the only difference between players and admins are the fact that admins can create matches against other teams at their convenience.

Your player’s name

Click on your player’s name to access your player’s page.

There you can accept invites from other teams. If a team invites you, a warning will automatically appear in the lobby chat. Then you just need to go to your page to accept or decline the invite.

At the right of the screen, there are some options to personalize your player. You can choose your preferred skin tone, shoe color, hair color, number and also a body model. Note that only your body model will affect your in-game experience — each body model has its own advantages and disadvantages that will be talked about later. Other changes are purely cosmetic stuff.

You can also check your player’s “Vip index”. The vip index works as a identity for your account. He is very useful when you want to transfer vip or receive vip from other players and it also comes handy when you want to identify anyone who changes usernames often.

In “Text” and “Logo URL”, you can write a text and choose an image for your profile. Just insert whatever you want to and click on “Save changes”.

In “Manage account”, you can change your username and password.

In “Transfer vip”, you can transfer “VIP” days to other players. You just need to know how many days you want to transfer, the receiver’s vip index and the receiver’s username.

In “Leave team”, as the name suggests, you can leave your team.

At last, note that there is an option named “Looking for team” which purpose is to subtly advertise that you’re looking for a team. However, it’s not usual neither very effective to use this tool. The best way to find a team is to simply message team masters asking for an invite. You can also ask for invites in public servers. Don’t be shy. There are a lot of teams willing to accommodate and help newcomers.

Player stats

In “Players stats”, you can check which players have more goals, assists and played matches.

Those stats are based on official matches (challenges) and can only be registered if there are at least 5 players in each team when a goal is scored.

Team stats

In “Team stats”, you can check which teams are the best ones. The more ranking points a team has the better it is.

Your team earn “ranking” when it wins matches and loses “ranking” when it’s defeated by another team. If the result of a match is a draw, the team with less ranking points will be favoured.

Misc / Settings

In “Misc” we have only one option, which is “Settings”.

Here you can:

  • Activate or deactivate the sound during matches.
  • Activate or deactivate “slow moving” — “slow moving” is a feature that makes your player move slower when the mouse cursor is next to him.
  • Assign a key to perform the slide tackle action.
  • Choose between “OpenGL” ou “DirectX”.
  • Choose between “Fullscreen” ou “Modo janela”.
  • Choose a field to be used during your matches.


  • There is a search bar at the lobby’s right upper corner. Through it you can search for players and teams. Just type whatever you want to and hit enter. You can click in “Adv Search” if you want more specific criteria.
  • You can also access users and teams by clicking on their respective names in any area of the game. For instance, you can access a player’s page through the list of players currently playing in a training server. You just have to click on his name in the player list.



It’s recommended to try the mode “Free practice” in order to test your skills if you’re playing for the first time.

Netsoccer is very a simple game. It’s really easy to play Netsoccer.

You control your player with your mouse. Your player follows the cursor.

You can pass the ball and try some low driven shots right clicking with your mouse. You just have to aim your cursor and right click:

You can perform long passes, cross the ball and also shoot left clicking with your mouse. Just left click,hold depending on the desired power and aim with your cursor. Note that the closer your cursor is to your player the higher the ball will come out:

You can slide tackle by pressing “W” on your keyboard (remember that you can change the assigned key in Misc -> Settings):

This is a good way to tackle players, but note that you can also tackle them right clicking (standing tackle). Just get next to the player and right click.

If you receive a long pass or a cross, you can head the ball holding the right click button:

Server commands

  • F1: help
  • F2: answer a private message
  • F3: public chat
  • F4: team chat (server)
  • F5: send private message (type the name of the player in the first box and the message in the second one)
  • F6: send a message to a team (type the name of the team in the first box and the message in the second one)
  • F7: team chat
  • F8: change kits colors
  • F9: hide chat
  • F10: clear chat
  • Esc: open menu – useful to leave the server
  • Type / team: checks how many players are online in your team
  • Type / info (name of a player): checks information about a specific player

Note: you can message your own team, other people, other teams and type the commands /team and /info when you’re out of a server too. You just need to type anything in the game’s chat lobby selecting the option that you wish in the scroll box located at the left (options “To ownteam”, “To person” or “To team”).


“VIP” is an in-game purchase that allows you to customize your character. Through VIP you can:

  • Change your skin tone, shoe color, hair color, pick a number and change the body model of your character;
  • Change the name of your character whenever you want to;
  • Choose a picture and text to display in your player profile.

Most of those perks don’t change your gameplay experience, except for your character body model:

  • The option “Large” allows your player to win headers easily and has a large hitbox when compared to “Normal” and “Small” players, however “Large” players are slower than “Normal” and “Small” players.
  • The option “Small” has more pace than the options “Normal” and “Large”, but doesn’t have a very noticeable hitbox and isn’t as good in the air as “Normal” and “Large” players.
  • The option “Normal” is like a balanced body model. It’s quicker than “Large” players, but slower than “Small” players. Also, it’s taller than “Small” players and has a better hitbox when compared to them, but it’s shorter than “Large” players and has a worse hitbox when compared to them.

It’s important to make clear that Netsoccer isn’t a “pay to win” game. You can easily win matches and have fun without spending money. Your ability matters more than anything. In addition, it’s possible to transfer VIP between accounts anyway, so you can experience how it is to be a VIP if you know someone willing to gift you.

You can buy VIP clicking on the button “Buy vip”, which is located in the upper corner of the lobby.

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