The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Power Level Archery / Bows

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This is a simple beginner level guide for quickly leveling your archery skill in theHunter: Call of the Wild. It is also a great method for making quick cash.

Power Level Archery / Bows

  • 1. Equip bow with 420g arrows (tracer optional), Scent Eliminator spray and the Deer “Bleat” Caller.

  • 2. Walk/run to any lake/river in the southeast region (Cheelah or Mount Leviathan) of the Layton Lake District Map (do not use an ATV) and try to arrive at 0500 in the morning.

  • 3. Apply Scent Eliminator spray (repeat every 30 minutes).
  • 4. Look for Blacktail Deer tracks near the water.
  • 5. If no tracks are found, go back to step 2.

  • 6. Very Important: Find a tree near the Blacktail Deer tracks that provides “grayline” concealment while in the crouched position while also providing yourself the clearest visibility of the target area (pay attention to wind direction to avoid your scent from blowing in the direction of the deer).

Example Tree:

  • 7. Begin spamming the Deer “Bleat” Caller while remaining still (there is no penalty for spamming it).
  • 8. Listen for footsteps.
  • 9. When you begin to hear footsteps getting closer, get your bow out and watch for deer approaching.
  • 10. Kill any and all deer within range (less than 30 meters) regardless of quality while using accurate shots (remain in position and do not chase after deer).
  • 11. After shooting the deer, continue spamming the Deer “Bleat” Caller (do not harvest any deer at this time).
  • 12. Stop spamming the Deer “Bleat” Caller after 5 minutes of hearing no more footsteps.
  • 13. Harvest all of the dead deer.
  • 14. Go back to an outpost/tent and restock.
  • 15. Repeat.

You can typically harvest 7 to 20+ Blacktail Deer at a time in one location with this method. No need to be concerned with need zones or hunting pressure. Hunting pressure will eventually go down. Just continue hunting in different locations in the area.

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