Tower Unite – Character Locations (Halloween 2019)

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Guide to find the locations of all Halloween character spawns during the Tower Unite Annual Halloween Event.

Location #1

Spawn location 1 is behind the Arcade reached by the alley between the Arcade and Games Building.

Location #2

Location 2 is located along the Boardwalk, in front of the Ferris Wheel, and along the fishing rail.

Location #3

Location 3 can be found at the base of the Tower, alongside of the Theatre and in front of Toy Stop.

Location #4

Location 4 is to the left of the Center Fountain, in front of the Laser Tag and Casino Buildings.

Location #5

Location 5 is located on the Boardwalk to the side of the Hot Dog Stand, in front of the fishing area and just behind the Backer Bricks.

Location #6

Location 6 can be found at the very Top of the Plaza Tower, facing the Center Fountain, and directly in front of Project 12.

Location #7

Location 7 is at the base of the Plaza Tower, to the left of the Bowling Alley (if you are facing it) and off to the side of Central Circuit.

Location #8

Location 8 is located on the boating pier, directly behind the Ferris Wheel, in front of Gone Fishin’ and the Poseidon roller coaster.

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