Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Huey Guide

This will be a guide on everything you need to know about the huey, however it will gloss over some of the more basic elements of the helicopter.

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What is a Huey?

The huey is a transport helicopter that you can use as the transport pilot, it has two M60 machineguns for defense on the sides, however they cant point fully backwords or forwards.

The Goal of a Trans Pilot

Before you fly the huey, you need to know your goal is not to survive yourself, it is to change the tide of the battle and to get a squad on the ground safely. If you can save yourself and your helicopter and get the GIs on the ground, do it. If you have to choose between getting out and landing safely, choose landing safely.

The Basics

You should take off fairly slowly and fly as low as possible so you dont have to dive to dodge SAMs. If you are a newer pilot use basic controls, if you are comfortable with advanced controls, use them. Since you are practically a paper box with rotor blades, you should avoid flying into areas filled with enemies. If you notice your helicopter getting damaged (skids dont count) or your crew dying, you should get out of there, considering if they die in the helicopter, they’ll die on the ground. If you have a damaged rotor blade, engine or especially tail rotor, you should land at the helibase. Dont fly into spooky’s fire, you’ll get ♥♥♥♥ed up.

How to Land

Landing is the hardest thing to learn, so i would recommend practicing in singleplayer (goto tutorials, then to freeplay). How I land is fairly simple, but pretty effective.

What you do first is find a good spot to land, a spot without many gooks or trees, that is close to the objective. You then need to hit control to lower the collective and turn on autohover, however you should be flying about twice the height of the trees. Autohover is really good at slowing you down. The next step is to use Q and E to spin yourself around. This will let you control where you land and the direction you’re facing. The ideal landing is back towards enemy because you’re protected and your gunners can fire at them. Tap W, A, S, and D to control where you’re landing, even though Q and E can do that also.

If you land to hard, you will destroy bits of your helicopter and probably kill crew members. I would recommend to try to slide if you are landing hard because it will stop some damage. (Just pitch it forward, then backwards).

After Landing

After you land you need to get out as fast as you can, if there are crew members in the back you could wait for them, but I wouldn’t. If you do you’ll probably die. Use second mouse to put up a “Get Out” message to the crew.

For Passengers

Most pilots have some pet-peeves in common. The biggest one is probably people who insist on staying in the helicopter for whatever reason. Pilots want everyone to get out not only so they can get people down but so they can get more points. Another thing you can do to ♥♥♥♥♥♥off a pilot is to shoot for no reason because it gives away the helicopters position and wastes ammo. If a helicopter has to RTB and you’re inside of it, dont get out when it lands. Transport pilots dont care if you are left behind, they will leave you when they want to go (mainly because they cant see you). Dont shoot at the helicopters at the base.


If you here a beeping noise, you have to dive. The best way to do this is to pitch forward and go down on the collective then pitch up when it stops beeping. You cant do what they do in the movies and roll side to side and dodge it. Once it turns to a solid beep, you’re as good as dead.


One of the pilots greatests threats when flying is RPGs. If a rocket gets shot at you, your character will say something about it and notify it. Don’t dive, don’t roll, don’t pitch, don’t do anything except maybe increase speed. The chance is you wont be able to see the rocket until it passes, so you can’t avoid it. If you get hit, tough ♥♥♥♥♥♥.

The Greatest Threats to Pilots

This wont just serve as something to show pilots to avoid, but it can show you how to best counter helicopters. The things are:

  • RPG – Obvious reasons
  • Sniper – If the helicopter is flying by slowly or landing, a good sniper can almost completely wipe out all of the crew. Two good shots at the right time can kill the helicopter. (Pilot and copilot at height). 
  • Sapper – The PPSH is deadly, and is probably the best gun for the VC. If the helicopter is landing and the opening is towards you, spray it down, you might not kill anyone, but you will most likely drive it away. 
  • Machine Gunner – In the same scenario as the Sapper, the machine gunner would probably fare better. The machine gun can be directed towards the passengers or towards the pilot and copilot. One machine gun probably would drive it away also. 
  • Heavy Machine Gun – If you’re not good with any of the classes above, just use a heavy machine gun. If you’ve ever been in a helicopter and been shot at by one, you’ll know why. Not only will it destroy parts, it will do the most damage to parts (besides the rpg) and provides a really, really, bad supressive effect, making it impossible to aim and very hard to fly. 

Written by Tequila.

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