Fortnite – Jump a Motorboat Through Different Flaming Rings All Locations

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Flaming Rings Locations

For one of the Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 1 Challenges you need to “Jump a Motorboat through different Flaming Rings” as part of the Dockyard Deal mission.

There are more than 3 Flaming Rings around the map but I show an easy path to 3 different Flaming Rings. Given the Motorboats are not very common spawns, you will want to find one and then start in the location I’m in at the beginning of the video.

Simply head to one of these locations, find a boat, and drive it through the ring.

To make it through the rings, you’ll need to boost your Motorboat off a ramp or off a ledge. To boost your Motorboat, simply press B/O on your controller.

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